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XPath Training

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XPath Training

XPath Course

The latest version of XPath is XPath 3. XPath is a query language whose job is to select different nod3es present in an XML document. You will learn different concepts of XPath from the course that is being provided by QTSInfo. In this course, you will be given the knowledge of identifying complex locaters in an XML document through XPath. The jobs that you can get after pursuing the course include QA Engineer, XPath professional, JavaScript developer, and many more.

Course Overview

OurXPath course will let you know all the concepts of XPath 3 the latest version of XPath. All tewh concepts of XPath from basic to Advance will be taught to you. You will know about its importance in the field of automation. SVG elements, shadow DOM, and many other concepts are included in the course. Our trainers have developed the course curriculum and every essential thing is available in the curriculum.

XPath Certification Key features

  • Demo classes will be arranged before starting the actual course
  • Mock test sessions will be arranged to make you familiar with the questions that come in the exam
  • Mock interview questions will let you know about the questions that you will be asked in the real exam
  • XPath tutorial will be provided to you
  • XPath interview questions with answers will also be provided to you
  • Our support staff will be available24/7

Who should take XPath Online Course?

The course can be done by those people who already have the knowledge of Selenium and want to enhance their skills. Test automation engineers can also do this course.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction and Basic concepts of Xpath
  • What is XPath?
  • How to write an XPath and what are the XPath functions?
  • How to select the correct platform to install SelectorsHub and write & verify XPath?
Normal Xpath and Relative Xpath
  • Write XPath using XPath functions.
  • Learn to write Relative XPath with Axes?
  • Learn to write Relative XPath without axes.
Xpath for special types of Elements
  • XPath for SVG Elements.
  • XPath for Shadow DOM Elements.
  • XPath for iframe elements and iframe.
  • XPath for invisible dynamic Elements.

XPath Training FAQ’s:

1.How are coaches selected?

Coaches are selected on the basis of their experience. We also check the grades of the students trained by the trainer. If we get a high number of positive marks, we select the candidate as a trainer.

2.Can I get a recording of the lesson if I miss it?

Yes, you will receive recordings of all missed lessons.

3.Can I get an Xpath guide?

Yes! We will provide you with an XPath tutorial that you can use to study and review. We will also provide you with the Hyperion oracle training material in pdf format for you to read.

4.How can I take up the course?

You need to go to our website and select the course. Then you need to select the program and make a payment to start the course.

5.Does the Xpath course have a refund policy?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the demo, we will refund your registration fee.

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