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Google Maps Training

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Google Maps Training

Google Maps API Course

Google Maps Course from QTSInfo will let you know about Google Maps API. You can build data visualization, street view panoramas, nifty locations, and many other things. You can calculate the distance between two places or you can get directions by using the API. You can get the jobs of mapping manager mapping analyst, map analyst, and many more.

Course Overview

Google Maps API course will help you in making different types of web mapping applications. JavaScript developers can do the course as Google Maps API is a JavaScript library that helps the developers to use the power of Google Maps.  We have developed the course curriculum according to the industrial standards and you will get the knowledge of everything related to the subject. We will also provide job placement and resume development facilities.

Google Maps API course Key Features

  • Mock test sessions will help you to learn about the questions that will come in the real exams
  • Mock interview sessions will help you in facing the real interview
  • Demo classes are arranged prior to the course
  • Our courses are available at an affordable price
  • Get various types of jobs after pursuing the course
  • Our support staff will answer your queries 24/7

Who should take Google Maps Training?

Fresh college graduates and experienced professionals can pursue the course. Web developers and designers can also do the course as it is related to javaScript.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Core Objects
  • API Key
  • DOM Elements
  • GMap2
  • Initializing referencing locations
Creating a Sample Map
  • Setting Up Basic HTML Template
  • Creating a Map Object
  • Passing Map Properties
  • Loading the Map
  • Map Types
Google Map Control
  • Panning and Zooming
  • GOverviewMapControl
  • Modifying standard controls
  • Creating custom controls
Google Maps Overlays
  • What is Google Maps Overlays
  • Adding a Marker
  • Animate a Marker
  • Icon Instead of Marker
  • Polyline
  • Polygon
  • Circle
  • Infowindow
Google Maps Events
  • Event Listeners
  • DOM and GMarker Events
Services and AJAX
  • DHTML and AJAX
  • XML and data parsing
  • Geocoder Web Services
  • Street View objects
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Local Search
  • Basic KML
  • Placemarks
  • Descriptive HTML
UI/UX Practice
  • The Markers
  • The Info window
  • The Browser compatibility
  • Character encoding
  • XHTML and VML
  • Memory Leaks
  • Upgrades and Updates
  • The Localization

Google Maps Training FAQ’s:

1.Who will teach us the subject?

We have professional trainers who have extensive experience in this technology. They will help you learn all the concepts and also advise you on how to successfully complete the project.

2.How will this course affect my career?

Many companies are starting to use the Google Maps API. Since it is easy to use and brings great benefits to businesses, there is a growing demand for certified web developers. The course will also help you get a good job.

3.Will I be able to get a job after completing the course?

Yes, we do offer jobs to students who complete the course.

4.How do I become proficient in using Google Maps?

You will need to register for the course and learn about Google Maps. We offer this course at an affordable price and at a time that is convenient for you.

5.Is there a demo course available?

Yes, we have a demo course available for you.

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