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XSLT Training

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XSLT Training

XSLT Course

XSLT can be expanded as Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations. XSLT course from QTSInfo will let you know about transforming one XML document into another XML document. You can also transform the XML documents into HTML with the help of XSLT. After transformation, these documents can be further converted to PDF files. W3C Consortium has designed the language which is used to process the XML documents as and when required. This is a comprehensive course and you will learn all the concepts of XSLT along with some concepts of XML. The jobs that you can get after this course are XML developer, Software developer, XML/XSLT developer, and many more.

Course Overview

We provide instructor-led live training to our candidates. They should carry an electronic device and should have a fast internet connection so that they can attend the class easily. Our instructors have developed the course curriculum which consists of all the concepts of XSLT and required concepts of XML. Our classes will be held as per the schedule that you have chosen. We will provide the facility of theory and practical classes. Our instructors will guide you on the ways of installing the required software so that you can perform your practical classes and practice afterward.

XSLT Certification Key features

  • Demo classes will be arranged so that you can get the knowledge about the quality of teaching of our instructors
  • The course will be completed as per the course curriculum
  • Get XSLT tutorial for further reference
  • Get knowledge about all the concepts of XSLT technology
  • Learn the ways of transforming XML documents
  • XSLT concepts will be taught with different examples

Who should take XSLT Online Training?

The course can be taken up by those people who have just started using XML. Experienced XML professionals can also take up this course to enhance their skills and get better jobs, designations, and increments.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

  • Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)
  • transforming and formatting XML
  • XML document basic rules
  • The basic concepts of XSLT
  • xsl:output
  • xsl:template
  •  xsl:value-of
  • Transforming original XML into a set of nodes
  • the general terms for manipulating node trees
  • Selection of required nodes for transformation through path matching
  • xsl:apply-templates
  • xsl:template match
  • nested templates
  • xsl:copy <comment> and <element>
  • default templates
  • parameters
  • xsl:if
  • xsl:choose
  • xsl:for-each
  • xsl:sort
  • xsl:output
  • xsl:attribute
  • xsl:attribute-set
  • xsl:comment
  • xsl:processing-instruction
  • xsl:text
  • xsl:value-of
  • xsl:variable
  • xsl:include
  • xsl:import
  • xsl:apply-imports

XSLT Training FAQ’s:

1.Is the training directly related to my job?

Yes, the training is directly related to your job and you are guaranteed a job upon completion of the course.

2.What certificate will I receive?

You will receive a certificate of completion of the course.

3.Are the salaries high?

Yes, depending on your qualifications you may receive a higher salary.

4.Can you provide me interview questions for XSLT certification?

Yes, we can provide you interview questions for XSLT certification.

5.Will the certification affect my resume?

Yes, the certification will affect your resume and open up many job opportunities for you.

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