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XML Training

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XML Training

XML Course

XML course from QTSInfo will let you know about various aspects of XML an how to use the language to make interactive and dynamic webpages. You will learn different technologies along with XML and these include XSL Schemas, XQuery, DOM, and many others. The course will let you know the ways of creating different types of XML documents. You can perform frontend development and the end of the course. The jobs that you can get after pursuing the course include XML developer, Java developer, and many more.

Course Overview

Our XML course will let you know about all the aspects of the Extensible Markup language. You will be able to develop different kinds of applications through XML. You will connect your apps to the databases if required. There are a lot of concepts that you have to learn to become an XML developer.

Our instructors have developed the course curriculum which will help you to learn all the concepts. We will provide different facilities like job placement, resume development, and others.

Who should take XML Course Online?

  • Course is available at an affordable cost
  • Course curriculum covers all the essential things about XML
  • Course will open a good amount of job opportunities
  • We will provide support 24/7
  • We will provide the facility of mock tests and mock interviews
  • We will hold demo classes also
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Course curriculum / Syllabus

  • Elements, Attributes and values
  • XML Standards and terms
  • Looping and Conditional processing
  • XSLT Style Sheet and root template
  • Create and Apply templates
Patterns and Expressions
  • Conditional Selection
  • Absolute location paths and descendant
  • Xpath for accessing and selecting nodes
XPath Functions
  • Number and String manipulation
  • Arithmetic Functions
Formatting Objects
  • Images and Page templates
  • Page layout
  • Create and Style blocks
  • Defining attributes
  • Defining elements
DTD Entities
  • Parameter Entities
  • General Entities
  • Internal DTD
  • External DTD
XML Schema
  • Annotating Schemas
  • XML Schema
Simple Type Element
  • List and Union type
  • Custom Simple type
  • Text, date, time and number simple type
Complex type element
  • Element Only
  • Empty Element
  • Mixed Content
  • Text Only complex type
  • Namespace prefix
  • Defining namespace
  • XQuery and XML Query language
  • XML and databases
  • Working with Ajax
  • RSS, Atom, content syndication
  • Web services

XML Training FAQ’s:

1.How can I benefit from this course?

This course will provide you with sufficient knowledge for the role of an XML developer.

2.How many sample interviews do I need?

There is no limit. Mock interviews will take place until you are sufficiently qualified for a real interview.

3.Is there a demo class?

Yes! Demo classes are also available.

4.What happens if I am unable to attend a class?

You will receive a video recording for that class.

5.What is included in the mock tests?

The test contains questions similar to those in the real test.

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