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JavaScript Training

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JavaScript Training

JavaScript Online Courses

JavaScript Training is a course from QTSInfo in which you will learn about everything related to the language. JavaScript is considered as number one language making enhancing the functionality of a website. You can build games, websites, apps, and other things with the help of this language. The JavaScript course will help you in upgrading your skills and you will become a professional developer. You can get freelance as well as full time jobs of web designer along with other JavaScript jobs after pursuing the course.

Course Overview

JavaScript professionals are in high demand nowadays and this JavaScript developer course will help you to enhance your skills. Our experienced instructors will teach you all the theoretical portion of the JavaScript course with a certificate and you will also be able to get the facility of practical classes. Besides this, dummy projects will also be given to you which will help you in getting the knowledge of each topic in depth.

JavaScript Certification Key features

  • Get the facility of demo classes
  • Mock tests will be conducted to give you an idea of real exam questions
  • Mock interview sessions will be conducted to give you an idea of real interview questions
  • Get the help of our support team 24/7
  • Get different JavaScript jobs after this JavaScript certificate course
  • JavaScript tutorial will also be provided to you

Who should learn JavaScript Course Online?

The people who will be able to enhance their skills after pursuing the course are as follows.

  • Web developers
  • Web designers
  • Website owners
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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Getting started
  • Goals and objectives
  • Course outline
  • Computing requirements
  • Prerequisites
  • How do I communicate?
  • How will I learn?
  • How will I be graded?
  • Navigation buttons
  • Menu tree
The need for scripting
  • Scripting overview
  • Where do we use scripting?
  • Scripting in Web browsers
    • JavaScript
    • JScript
    • ECMAScript
    • Java
  • What can JavaScript do?
  • What can JavaScript not do?
  • Browser wars and JavaScript compatibility
  • Scripting beyond this course
    • JavaScript-based languages
    • Web-based languages
Hello world
  • Writing Hello World to the screen
  • Another method to write to the screen
  • Adding JavaScript to an HTML page
    • Using JavaScript in the head tag
    • Using JavaScript with an HTML element
    • Linking to an external script
JavaScript basics
  • Understanding JavaScript
  • Writing JavaScript
  • Debugging JavaScript
  • Adding comments
  • Understanding JavaScript characteristics
    • Case-sensitivity
    • Reserved words
    • Variables
    • Variable types
    • Quotation marks
    • Escaping characters
  • JavaScript statements
  • JavaScript objects and properties
  • JavaScript methods
  • JavaScript functions
  • JavaScript operators
    • Mathematical operators
    • Assignment operators
    • Comparison operators
    • Logical operators
    • Bitwise and special operators
  • JavaScript expressions
Interacting with the user
  • Concepts: variables and conditionals
    • JavaScript variables
    • Local versus global variables
    • If /else statements
  • Dialog boxes
  • Asking for confirmation
  • Prompting
    • Using variables to store information
    • Adding variables to strings
  • Alerts
    • Debugging with alerts
JavaScript events
  • Calling JavaScript from HTML: Events
  • Concepts: parameters and the this keyword
    • Using parameters in a function
    • The this keyword
  • Page load events
    • Event: onload
    • Event: onunload
  • Form events
    • Events: onfocus, onblur
    • Event: onchange
    • Events: onsubmit, onreset
  • Mouse events
    • Event: onclick
    • Events: onmouseover, onmouseout
    • Events: onmousedown, onmouseup
  • Combining events and CSS properties
  • Common events and event handlers
Working with forms
  • Quick review of forms
  • Concepts: return, parseFloat, Arrays, and isNaN
    • Return command
    • Using parseFloat and parseInt
    • isNaN function
    • Arrays
  • Referring to forms in JavaScript
  • Form field value change
  • Creating drop-down links
  • Using checkboxes in forms
  • Using radio buttons
  • Reading values entered in a form
  • Doing form calculations
  • Form input validation
    • Why validate with JavaScript?
    • Checking user input in a form
    • Using the return command in validation
    • Form validation
    • Checking for an empty field using onblur
    • Validating an email address
Working with objects
  • Object hierarchy
  • Assigning properties to an object
  • Using methods to manipulate objects
  • Creating a new custom object
  • Concepts: eval and length
    • Length property
    • eval function
  • Window object
    • Opening a pop-up window
    • Enlarging an image
    • Creating a simple timer
  • Document object
  • String object
    • Joining strings – concatenation
    • Fetching characters
    • Finding and fetching pieces
    • Splitting a string
  • Arrays
    • Setting and getting values
    • Joining arrays
  • Date object
    • Today
    • Getters and setters
    • Message with today’s date
    • Local time, UTC
  • Math object
  • Image object
    • Image slideshow
Changing HTML with JavaScript
  • Concepts: conditions and loops
    • If/else statement
    • While loop
    • For loops
    • Do/while loop
  • Changing properties
    • Changing image properties
  • Writing HTML dynamically
  • Doing mathematical calculations
    • Doing conversions
    • Creating a simple order form
  • Creating new Web pages using JavaScript
  • Using rollovers
    • Putting events and properties together: image rollovers
    • Using image rollovers with links
  • More scenarios
Using the DOM
  • More about the DOM tree
  • Understanding the DOM
  • Accessing the DOM tree
  • Using the DOM in Web pages
    • Using styles with DOM
    • Finding elements
    • Changing attributes
    • Creating elements
    • Setting a time delay
    • Hiding and displaying text
  • Cookies
    • Cookie property
  • Remembering values between events
    • Remembering values with a global variable
    • Remembering values with a DOM property
JavaScript “recipes”
  • Identifying browsers
  • Using links to execute JavaScript
  • How to open a popup in the central area of a page?
  • Viewing a directory
  • Detecting screen resolution
  • Checking and unchecking checkboxes
  • Window status bar
  • Counting the characters in a form field

JavaScript Training FAQ’s:

1.Do you offer demo classes?

Yes, we offer three demo classes so you can decide if you want to join.

2.How qualified are the trainers?

We appoint highly qualified trainers to deliver JavaScript essential training. Your instructor will also work with you to solve any problems you may have.

3.Do I need to find a JavaScript course near me?

No, you don't have to, as our training is delivered online. You can take both theoretical and practical courses online.

4.Do you have online tutorial for JavaScript?

Yes, there are and will be online JavaScript tutorials.

5.Does the training offered support the latest versions?

Yes, we do. We offer training on the latest versions. In addition, we are constantly updating our JavaScript training courses as new versions are released.

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