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Drupal Course

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Drupal Course

Drupal Course Introduction

Drupal is a content management system which people can use to make websites, write content and do a lot of other things. Drupal training provided by QTSInfo will include all the concepts from basic to advanced. Current the latest version of Drupal is Drupal 8 and we will teach you the latest version. You will come to know about the new features and our instructors will also let you know how to use different features to make a website. You can get the job of Drupal developer, website developer, and many others.

Course Overview

People who are looking for a Drupal job can go for a Drupal certification.  We will provide you with all the preparation materials along with interview questions so that you can prepare for the exam and interview. The interview questions will be available with answers. We will also make arrangements for mock test sessions and mock interview sessions. Besides this, job placement and resume development facilities are also available.

Key features

  • Learn the latest version of Drupal
  • Learn all the features of a content management system
  • The course will help you to get jobs in various fields
  • Exam preparation kit will be given in the form of tutorial
  • The support staff will be available 24/7
  • Mock test sessions will be arranged after course completion

Who Should Learn Drupal Course?

The course can be taken up by those people who want to make their career as a web designer and web developer. People who are already in his field can do the course to develop the websites efficiently and at a fast speed.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Installing Drupal
  • System Requirements
  • Installing Drupal 8
  • Troubleshooting Your Installation
Basic Concepts of Drupal
  • Modules
  • Entities, Nodes and Fields
  • Views, Themes, and Taxonomy
  • User Permissions and Roles
Overview of Drupal 8 UI
  • User Interface  of Drupal 8
  • Handling Responsive Projects through Drupal
  • Configuration, Structure, and Appearance
  • People, Reports and Extend
Creating Basic Content
  • Site Building overview
  • Creation and Enhancement of Page Content
  • How to create articles?
Drupal 8 Structure
  • Drupal 8 Site Organization
  • Creating and Managing Menus
  • Managing Taxonomy
  • View Modules and Blocks Concept
Working with Advanced Content
  • Forms and Fields
  • New Content Types Creation
  • Use queries to add Interaction
System and Site Configuration
  • Account Settings
  • System Configuration and Settings
  • Working with the User Interface
  • Managing Media
  • Indexing, Metadata and Locale Configuration
User and Access Control
  • Users and Roles
  • User Permissions
Extending Drupal
  • Working with Reports
  • Working with Modules
  • Working with Plugins
Themes used in Drupal 8
  • Base Themes
  • Working with the Admin in Themes
  • Finding and Installing Themes
  • Working with Custom Themes

Drupal Course FAQ’s:

1.Is Drupal training available?

Yes! There is a Drupal training test option available for all certifications provided by AWS.

2.What is the reason for this certification?

The candidate is familiar with Drupal and its features and can apply this knowledge as a Drupal developer.

3.Is there a high demand for this course in the market?

Yes! There is a high demand for this course as most companies are moving to cloud technology and this course will help them create a new architecture.

4.Can I find Drupal certification courses near me?

You don't need to go anywhere as Drupal training is available online.

5.How will the course affect my career?

The demand for Drupal jobs has increased and offers great opportunities for both new and experienced users. The increase in the number of jobs shows that there are good opportunities for Drupal developers.

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