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Ajax Training

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Ajax Training

Ajax Online Course

Ajax Training from QTSInfo is a course in which you will learn about using JSON data while making different types of web applications. Ajax Online training courses will help you to learn the ways of developing interactive applications. It is a course which can be learn by fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals. They will also get the opportunity of learning JSON. The Ajax Certification course will help the professionals in getting the job of web designer along with other jobs related to Ajax.

Course Overview

Ajax is a technology that can be used to update the content of a page. The big advantage is that there is no need to change the URL of the page. There are many other advantages of using Ajax and that is the reason people are going for the course. The course will be taught according to the curriculum designed by the professionals. The course will be completed as per the schedule chosen by a student. Our experienced instructors will explain all the basic and advanced concepts.

Ajax  Certification Key features

  • The course will help in enhancing the career of  a web designer
  • The candidates will get high salary jobs after pursuing this job oriented course
  • You will get an Ajax tutorial during the course
  • Ajax interview questions with answers will also be provided
  • Get the support of our staff for your queries. The support staff will be available 24/7
  • Ge4t the facility of mock test and mock interview

Who should learn Ajax Course Online?

People who want to have more knowledge about API can pursue the course. Other people who will be benefited from the course are

  • Web developers
  • Web application developers
  • Learners of JSON and AJAX
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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Ajax Basics
  • The Purpose of Ajax
  • Traditional Web Application
  • An Ajax Web Application
  • The XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Using an XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Handling the Response
  • The Callback Function
Passing Data
  • Working with XML
  • Creating an addChild() Function
  • Working with Dynamic Tables
  • Working with JSON
  • Review of Object Literals
  • Working with Arrays
  • Working with Objects
  • Arrays in Objects
  • Objects in Arrays
  • Back to JSON
  • Working with JSON Syntax
  • Working with JSON Parsers
  • JSON Advantages and Disadvantages
Ajax Applications
  • Login Form
  • Quick Lookup Form
  • Preloaded Data
  • Ajax Slideshow
  • Navigable Tables
XSLT Transformations with JavaScript
  • What is XSLT?
  • Basic XSLT
  • XSLT in the Browser
  • The Mozilla Method
  • The IE Method
  • XSLT in Ajax Applications Pros and Cons
Ajax/JavaScript Frameworks
  • The Purpose of Frameworks
  • Choosing a Framework
  • What is Dojo?
  • Downloading Dojo
  • Using Dojo for Ajax
  • What is Prototype?
  • Downloading Prototype
  • Using Prototype for Ajax
  • Other Frameworks
More Ajax Applications
  • Inline Editing
  • The contenteditable Attribute
  • Detailed Information on Demand
  • Working with Autologout
  • Working with Autocompletion

Ajax Training FAQ’s:

1.Is the training job oriented?

Yes, the Ajax training Online is job oriented and there is a guarantee of employment after the course.

2.What certificate will I receive?

You will receive a certificate of completion.

3.Will I receive a high salary?

Yes, you will receive a high salary depending on the position you have been assigned. Based on your skills, you will be promoted and your salary will increase.

4.Will certification affect my resume?

Yes, Ajax Certification Course will impact your resume and open up different career opportunities.

5.Is it possible to participate in mock tests and mock interviews?

Yes, the company offers mock test and interviews.

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