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Backbone JS Training

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Backbone JS Training

Backbone JS Online Course

Everybody in the current scenario wants to make interactive websites and web pages. Most of the businesses think that interactive website has become a necessity today. One of the technologies that can help in making such websites is Backbone Js. QTSInfo is providing Backbone Js Training in which students will be able to learn about the language and the ways of developing frontend of a website. Backbone Js has been developed on JavaScript platform. The course is comprehensive and you will learn all the concepts of the Backbone Js through this course. The jobs that you can get after pursuing the course are front end developer, web developer, software engineer, and many more.

Course Overview

Backbone Js Training will help you to make your JavaScript code neat and clean. In spite of the fact that Backbone Js also has server-side capabilities but still it is mostly used to make the front end of a website. The course will tell the people about using collections to manage data. The course will be taught by our expert trainers who have long years of experience in this technology.

Backbone JS Certification Key features

  • Learn the concepts of Backbone Js.
  • Get Backbone Js interview questions
  • Backbone Js tutorial will be provided to you for future reference
  • Get Backbone Js after the completion of this certification
  • The support team will provide help 24/7
  • Learn various techniques of using Backbone Js.

Who should Learn Backbone JS Course?

The course can be taken up by those professionals who want to make a career in frontend development. The course has been designed for both beginners as well as experienced professionals. The course is also beneficial for web developer.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

RIA Architecture Overview
  • Traditional web application vs. RIA architectures
  • Role of JavaScript & related frameworks
  • Overview of REST
Introduction to Node.js
  • The need for server-side JavaScript
  • The Single Threaded Event Loop
  • Creating modules in Node
  • Installing Node packages using npm
Building RIA using Backbone.js
  • Introduction to Backbone.js
  • Need to organize UI code
  • Backbone Fundamentals
  • View
  • Model
  • Collection
  • Router
Model Basics
  • Implement a simple Model
  • Modify Model attributes
  • Use a Model in the Console
Common Model Methods
  • get(key)
  • set({key:value})
  • isNew()
  • toJSON()
View Basics
  • Implement a simple View
  • Understanding template rendering
  • Using View in the console
  • Using HandleBar View Engine
Using Templates
  • String concatenation avoidance for dynamic generation of UI
  • Template syntax
  • Exploring Handlebar.js
  • Binding data to templates
  • Using pre-compiled templates
Model Binding
  • Model Binding Techniques
  • Using Knockback for data binding
  • Using Backbone.ModelBinder
Collections Basics
  • Implement a collection
  • Manipulate a collection using underscore methods
  • Collection Events concepts
  • Perform pagination through Backbone.Paginator
Combining Models Views and Collections
  • Extend an existing View
  • Writing a template
  • Render Models in a Collection
  • Using jQuery sub-search in a View
  • Adding Content to the DOM
  • Render on the Collection’s reset event
  • Constructor Route
  • Router Redirection
  • Evented Routes
Unit Testing
  • Testing Models using Jasmine
Development workflow tools
  • Bower
    • Use Bower.js to create and maintain client side dependencies
    • Bower configuration file
    • Installing dependencies
  • Grunt
    • Need for a JavaScript task executor
    • Setting up Grunt.js
    • Commonly used Grunt Tasks

Backbone JS Training FAQ’s:

1.How will the practical exercises be organized?

You will be given access to a server on which you will be able to conduct practical training and exercises.

2.Can I ask questions about Backbone Js concepts and other topics after the course?

Yes! You can ask any question and contact our technical team for this purpose.

3.What happens if I miss the class?

In this case, a video recording of the lecture will be provided to you.

4.What job can I do after I finish the course?

You will find a job as a front-end developer, web developer, etc.

5.Will there be a demo session before I start the course?

Yes! You can attend a demo session before you decide to enroll in the course.

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