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Flask Course

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Flask Course

Flask Training

Flask is a framework which is used to make web applications with the help of Python language. URL routing and page rendering are the important features of the framework. Flask extensions can also be used for authentication and form validation. Even beginners can also use the framework easily. Flask has been developed due to some of the shortcomings found in Django which is also a Python framework. The Flask course online will let you know about the features of the framework so that you can make different types of applications easily.

Course Overview

Flask course will let you know how to render the web pages. Many experts have started preferring Flask rather than Django. It is so because is light in weight and has a large number of features in comparison to Django. The Flask certification will be taught by our industry expert trainers and you will be able to develop simply as well as complex applications after completing the course. Our experts have developed the course curriculum according to the current trend in the industry.

Flask Certification Course Key Features

  • Our demo classes will tell you the quality of education that we provide
  • Our tutorial will give you in-depth knowledge about flask
  • Our interview questions with answers will help you prepare for the interview
  • Our mock test sessions will help you to prepare for the exam
  • Our support team will be available for your service 24/7
  • Our team will also help in resume preparation and  job placement

Who should learn Flask Course?

The course can be pursued by Python developers to increase the efficiency application development. People who have the know ledge of other programming language can also do this course if they want to switch to Python.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction The From Zero approach
  • What is back end development?
  • Why use Python?
Setting up the Cloud9 Environment:
  • Introduction to Cloud9
  • A Closer Look at the C9 IDE
  • Shell Command
Python Basics
  • The Python Shell
  • Arithmetic Functions
  • Variables in Python
  • Checking Types
  • Variable Format and PEP8
  • Strings concept in Python
  • Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries
  • Date and Time
  • Conditionals and Control Flow
  • Working with Loops
  • Working with Functions
  • Classes and Objects
  • Concept of Modules
  • Concept of Parameters
Introduction to Flask
  • Flask Workspace
  • Introduction to Virtualenv
  • Installing Flask
  • Specifying Python Path on Cloud9's Editor
  • A Minimal Application
  • Starting with Git
  • What is Debugging?
  • What is Routing?
  • Using url_for
  • The GET method
  • The POST method
  • Introduction to Templates
  • The Login Template
  • The Login Function
  • Redirect After Post
  • Flash Messages
  • Better HTML
  • Template Inheritance
  • Calling Block Super
  • Introduction to Cookies
  • The Static Folder
  • Introduction to Sessions
  • What is Logging?
  • Introduction to MySQL
  • Our First Table
Our First Flask application
  • Flask Blog Important: Use This Requirements.txt File!
  • Introduction to the application
  • The Basic Structure
  • Setting up the ORM
  • The Author Model
  • Interacting with the ORM
  • The Base Template and Bootstrap
  • Introduction to WTForms
  • Handling Form Errors
  • Template Macros
  • The Blog Model and Form
  • Blog Admin and Setup Templates
  • Blog Creation Database
  • Author Login
  • Our First Decorator
  • Introduction to Migrations
  • More Secure Passwords
  • Checking Is Author
  • The Post and Category Models
  • Post Migration and Testing
  • Introduction to Markdown
  • Blog Post Form
  • Saving the Post to the Database
  • The Article View
  • List Articles View
  • Creating a Footer
  • What is Pagination?
  • Setting up Flask-Uploads
  • Adding Images to Blog Posts
  • Displaying the Image in the Article
  • Deleting an Article
  • Editing an Article
Unit Testing
  • Introduction to Unit Testing
  • Create Blog Test
  • User Tests

Flask Course FAQ’s:

1.Why take a Flask course?

Web development is one of the most sought-after professions, and talented and certified web developers are in high demand. Flask is a framework for web applications written in Python, known for its elegant and lightweight syntax. Mastering Flask through flask training is a must-have for professional developers and beginners who want to create their own applications.

2.What project should I work on?

At the end of the flask training online, all participants will be required to complete a project to explore the concepts they have learned. You will apply the concepts you have learned and, with the support of the lecturers, create a powerful, database-driven Flask application with a full authentication system. This project, which can also be an industrial project, will be reviewed by our lecturers and industry experts. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate.

3.What happens if I miss the classes of Flask online course?

Don't worry, you can always access the course recording of the missed sessions.

4.What about job placement?

Yes, once you pass the exam you can contact us and we will help you find a job.

5.Will resume development facility be provided?

Yes! We will provide the facility of resume development.

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