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GraphQL Course

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GraphQL Course

GraphQL API Training

GraphQL is a course in which you will learn about this query language. You will know the ways of creating different types of queries. The GraphQL training will let you know what type of web architectures you can use with GraphQL. You will also know about the benefits of using GraphQL with web architecture. The GraphQL API course will be good for frontend and backend developers. You will know about usage of GraphQL server on the backend and also on the client. You will get the jobs of frontend developer Java developer with GraphQL, and many more.

Course Overview

GraphQL is a query language that is used to make a common interface for clients and servers. The GraphQL API certification will help you to make different types of APIs People who have basic knowledge of JavaScript and databases can learn the course easily. The course curriculum for the tool has been developed by our expert trainers. We will also provide the facility for resume preparation and job placement.

GraphQL API Certification Key Features

  • GraphQL tutorial will be provided for further reference
  • GraphQL interview questions will be provided for the interview
  • Practice test sessions will be organized and they will contain similar questions to that of the real exam
  • Practice interview sessions will be provided
  • Learn all the basic and advanced concepts of GraphQL
  • Get different types of jobs in web development field.

Who should take GraphQL API Course?

The list of people for whom the course has been developed is as follows.

  • People whose aim is to make a career in GraphQL
  • Professionals having no knowledge of technology
  • Freshers whose aim is to start their career with a good salary
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Industry Trends
Top Hiring Companiess

Course curriculum / Syllabus

Core Concepts
  • Introduction to GraphQL
  • Fields and  Arguments
  • Aliases and Fragments
  • What is Variable in GraphQL and also its structure?
  • What is Query and Mutations in GraphQL?
Preparation before Building API
  • Introduction of API
  • Creating the project structure
  • Installing dependencies
  • Configuring Babel
  • Practice on Dummy database
Building API
  • Introduction to API building
  • Implementing  Object types
  • Implementing Queries
  • Implementing the Input Object Types
  • Implementing Mutations
  • Combining everything into a Schema
  • Testing our API
  • What is GraphiQL?
  • Installing & configuring GraphiQL
  • Using GraphiQL

GraphQL Course FAQ’s:

1.Will students receive job search assistance?

Yes, students will be provided with job search assistance.

2.Will we be assigned a project?

Yes! You will work on projects and tutors will help you to implement them.

3.Who will participate in our sessions?

We have appointed qualified tutors with extensive experience of using this technology. They will help you learn all the concepts and guide you through the projects.

4.Will we get specific questions about GraphQL?

Yes, you will receive our exam questions.

5.How do I learn GraphQL?

To gain knowledge about GraphQL, you need to enroll in a course. We offer this course at an affordable price and at a time convenient for you.

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