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DHTML Training

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DHTML Training

DHTML Course

DHTML is a combination of features of different web technologies that will help you in making dynamic websites and web pages. QTSInfo is providing a DHTML course in which you will learn about various features of dynamic HTML. You can get different types of jobs after pursuing the course. And these include frontend web development, web designers, and many more.

Course Overview

DHTML course will let you know how to make dynamic HTML pages. These pages will be interactive and will help the owner of th4e website to get more traffic. Google also gives priority to dynamic websites and these websites can be developed with the help of DHTML. Various web development technologies like CSS< JavaScript, VBScript, etc. can be combined to make the page interactive. Our instructors will let you know about all these things and you will become an expert in developing dynamic websites.

DHTML Certification Key features

  • Learn to make dynamic websites
  • Learn to use different technologies in a single website to make it interactive
  • Get various types of jobs after doing a DHTML course
  • Demo classes will be arranged for your satisfaction
  • Get interview questions for interview preparation
  • Get DHTML tutorial for further reference

Who should learn DHTML Online Training?

The course can be done by web developers and web designers. People who want to make their career in web designing can also do the course.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Learning DHTML Basics
  • Introducing DHTML
  • Reviewing HTML and JavaScript used in DHTML
  • Creating a simple DHTML example
  • What is DOM?
  • Creating positionable elements (layers)
  • Responding to events
  • Finding and critiquing online DHTML resources
Working with Style Sheets
  • Introducing style sheets
  • Using style sheet properties
  • Controlling styles with JavaScript
  • Employing consistent styles
  • Responding to accessibility issues and requirements
Setting Dynamic DHTML into Action
  • Creating drop-down menus
  • Designing a menu tree
  • Exploring DHTML text effects
  • Animating graphics with DHTML
  • Analyzing and creating DHTML examples
Employing Advanced Techniques in the Real World
  • Dealing with browser differences
  • Enhancing forms with DHTML
  • Displaying dynamic fonts
  • Troubleshooting DHTML
  • Complex animations and interactive games development through with DHTML
  • DHTML tips and tricks
  • Investigating online Web page analysis and debugging resources

DHTML Training FAQ’s:

1.Will there be support for students in finding employment?

Yes, students will be supported to find a job.

2.Is the training directly related to my job?

Yes, the training is directly linked to work and work is guaranteed at the end of the course.

3.Are the salaries high?

Yes, depending on your qualifications you will receive a higher salary. Depending on your qualifications you will be promoted and your salary will increase.

4.Can you give me interview questions for DHTML certification?

Yes, we can provide DHTML interview questions.

5.Will the certification affect my resume?

Yes, the certification will impact your resume and open you up to many career opportunities.

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