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Advanced CSS and SASS Online Training

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Advanced CSS and SASS Online Training

Advanced CSS and SASS

The Advanced CSS and SASS training is designed by our industry experts to make you proficient in building classic and responsive websites. Advanced CSS and sass are used to style and enhance the content of the web pages. It plays an important role in building a website. This advanced CSS and sass will help you master all the advanced CSS concepts and make you industry-ready. This training program will provide you with all the tools and techniques used to build a responsive and user-friendly website.

Course Overview

CSS is language used to style HTML document. It describes how HTML elements should be displayed. CSS is the reason for the website’s layout, colors, font, and style. SASS is a styling language that enhances the capabilities of CSS. It reduces the repeated statements and writes much more efficient reusable styles. It makes styling sheets faster and more flexible. In this course, you will learn about all the advanced CSS concepts and how SASS is used to enhance CSS. This course is also packed with advanced CSS and sass where you will learn from scratch. By the end of this course, you will be in a commanding position in writing efficient code and styling sheets for big web development projects.

Advanced CSS and sass Key Features

  • In-depth knowledge of CSS and SASS properties and techniques
  • How to use nesting, variables, mixins, placeholders, and functions
  • Concepts on CSS to SASS converter
  • Get your CSS and SASS certification
  • Choose your schedule according to your convenience
  • 24*7 Online Assistance
  • One to One Training
  • Provide you with
  • Assist you with SASS CSS interview questions

Who should take this Advanced CSS and SASS Online Training?

This course primarily benefits web developers, programmers, and other professionals who want to upskill their knowledge. And also beginners who want to pursue their career in web development using CSS and SASS. Additionally, it benefits individuals who want CSS & SASS certification to boost their careers.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Install, set-up and get started
  • Understand what SASS does for you
  • Relationship to Compass, Bourbon, Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.
  • Install SASS with the Scout GUI
  • Installing and testing SASS (CLI)
  • Installing and testing Compass (CLI)
  • Understanding the Compass project folder
  • Install and test Bourbon (CLI)
  • Exercises
Basic SASS
  • Understand the SASS process
  • Modularising and re-using CSS
  • Working with SCSS syntax, nesting, etc.
  • Working with partial files
  • Basic SASS usage and SCSS syntax
  • Commenting SASS code
  • Scoping with nested rules
  • Using SASS Variables
  • Using SASS Functions
  • Using SASS Mixins
  • Formatting CSS output
  • Exercises
Mixin Libraries for SASS
  • The Compass library
  • Strengths & weakness
  • The Bourbon library
  • Strengths & weakness
  • Vendor prefix mixins
  • Shorthand property mixins
  • Function mixins
  • Other mixin types
  • Exercise
Advanced SASS
  • About Extend rules
  • SASS Mixins instead of HTML classes
  • Extend basic mixins with SASS variables
  • Advanced SASS functions
  • Debugging SCSS and CSS
  • Exercises
Bootstrap & SASS
  • The Bootstrap SASS distribution
  • Bootstrap without class name clutter
  • Overriding Bootstrap defaults
  • Enhancing Bootstrap with SASS mixins

Advanced CSS and SASS Online Training FAQ’s:

1.What is CSS SASS?

SASS stands for “Syntactically awesome style sheet” and CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets”. These booths are used to style, enhance and build responsive web pages for the website. SASS is an extension of CSS. It enhances the capabilities of CSS it makes the styling sheets faster, easier and flexible.

2.How do I get CSS & SASS certification?

We provide you with the CSS and SASS certification upon completing the course successfully and clearing an online exam. Our certification has a standing in the market and is accredited with leading organizations. This certificate would be an added advantage while hiring.

3.Is SASS CSS worth it?

Yes, SASS is a CSS preprocessor that enhances and adds special features like variables, nested rules, and mixin. 96.6% of the websites are build using SASS and CSS. It is an important task while building the website.

4.Do you assist by providing advanced CSS interview questions?

Yes, we do assist you with placement and mock interview questions, our course is job-oriented and is in line with market requirements.

5.What is SASS for CSS?

SASS is the extension language of CSS. SASS works by writing styles in SCSS which is then compiled into the regular CSS file. This new compiled CSS file gets loaded in the browser to style the web application.

6.How does SCSS vs CSS fare?

SCSS contains all the features of CSS. SCSS uses the fewer amount of lines in its code than CSS and has proper nesting rules. CSS does not support nesting

7.How is the Job market for SASS CSS?

There are a lot of job opportunities in SASS CSS as 96.6% of websites are build using them. With several front-end apps and websites coming up the role of SASS and CSS is very important in building a classic and responsive website or app.

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