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laravel course

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laravel course

Laravel Online Training

Laravel is a PHP framework that you can use to develop different types of programs using PHP. The design pattern of Laravel is a Model-View-Controller design. Another feature of Laravel is that it has the ability to reuse the components that exist in different frameworks. QTSInfo is providing Laravel training in which you will learn about the concepts of PHP and how to use Laravel tools to make PHP programs. The course is comprehensive and interactive and you will understand all the concepts. The jobs that you can do after this course are Laravel developer, full-stack developer, web developer, and many more.

Course Overview

Learn Laravel from our instructors as it will help you to make PHP programs easily and efficiently. The course will let you know how to install Laravel and then configure it so that the required work can be done easily. Laravel will help you in developing flexible and user-friendly applications. Our trainers have created the course curriculum of the course. The course will include PHP concepts and features of Laravel.

Laravel Certification Course Key Features

  • Get Laravel tutorial
  • Get Laravel interview questions
  • Learn PHP along with Laravel framework
  • Get different types of jobs
  • A mock test facility is available
  • Get the answer of your questions 24/7

Who should learn laravel training course ?

The course can be done by freshers if they have basic knowledge of PHP. People who have knowledge of Laravel but want to learn the latest version can also pursue the course. The latest version of Laravel is Laravel 6.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

PHP Basics
  • Introduction to web Technology
  • Introduction to HTML5 and CSS
  • PHP introduction
  • PHP syntax
  • PHP Data Types
  • PHP Variables ,Constants and Array
  • PHP Operators and Control Statements
  • if else statement
  • else if statement
  • switch case
  • Loops
  • while
  • do while
  • for
  • foreach
PHP Form
  • HTML Form
  • Form elements
  • HTTP verbs and methods
  • File Upload
  • Form handling with file upload
  • Super global Variables
    •  $_SERVER,
    • $_REQUEST,
    • $_POST,
    • $_GET,
    • $_FILES,
    • $_SESSION,
    • $_COOKIE
  • Session and Cookie
  • Implementation of session and cookie in code
PHP Functions
  • Introduction
  • Types:
  • Pre-defined /In-built
  • User defined/ Custom
  • Function parameters
  • Arguments by value and reference
  • Returning values from a function
  • Working with Some useful functions
  • Date and time
  • include and require
  • Templating using include and require
  • Introduction To Database
  • What is RDBMS technology?
  • Understanding Database, Tables, Fields
  • Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Using Database Management tools
  • Creating and managing database
  • Selecting Database
  • Creating Tables
  • Indexing and Auto Increment columns in tables
  • Use query to  insert data in a table
  • Updating Data and Table Structure
  • Selecting from table in different ways
  • Deleting tables and drop database
Installing Laravel
  • Introduction
  • Installing Laravel as a git submodule
  • Configuring Laravel
  • Using Laravel with Sublime Text 2
  • Setting up IDE
  • Autoloader to map a class name
Using Forms Input
  • Introduction
  • Creating a simple form
  • form input to display on another page
  • Validating user input
  • Creating a file uploader
  • Validating a file uploader
  • Creating a custom error message
  • Adding a honey pot to a form
  • Uploading an image using Redactor
  • Cropping an image using Jcrop
  • Creating an autocomplete text input
  • Making a CAPTCH-style spam catcher
Authentication With Application
  • Introduction
  • Setting up configuring the Auth library
  • Creating an authentication system
  • Data updating and retrieval
  • Restricting access to certain pages
  • Setting up OAuth with the HybridAuth package
  • Logging in using Facebook credentials
  • Logging in using Twitter credentials
  • Logging in using LinkedIn
Storing & Using Data
  • Introduction
  • Creating data tables using migrations and schemas
  • Querying using raw SQL statement
  • Querying using Fluent
  • Querying using Eloquent ORM
  • Using automatic validation in models
  • Using Advanced Eloquent & Relationships
  • Creating a CRUD system
  • Importing a CSV using Eloquent
  • Using RSS as a data source
  • Using RSS as a data source
  • Using attributes() to change table columns names
  • Using a non-Eloquent ORM in Laravel
Controllers and Routes usage For APIS and URLs
  • Introduction
  • Creating a basic controller
  • Creating a route using a closure
  • Making the controller RESTful
  • Using advanced routing
  • Using a filter on the route
  • Using route groups
  • Building a RESTful API with routes
  • Using named routes
Displaying Views
  • Introduction
  • Creating and using a basic views
  • Passing data into a view
  • Loading a view into another view/nested views
  • Adding assets
  • Creating a view using Blade
  • Using TWIG templates
  • Utilizing advanced Blade usage
  • Creating localization of content
  • Creating menus in Laravel
  • Integrating with Bootstrap
  • Using named views and view composers
Creating & Using Composer Packages
  • Introduction
  • Downloading and installing packages
  • How to use the Generators package for setting up an app
  • Creating a Composer package in Laravel
  • Adding your Composer package to Packagist
  • Adding a non-Packagist package to Composer
  • Creating a custom artisan command
Use Of Ajax & Jquery
  • Introduction
  • Getting data from another page
  • Return JSON data by setting up a controller
  • Creating an AJAX search function
  • Creating and validating a user using AJAX
  • Filtering data based on checkbox selection
  • Making an Ajax newsletter sign-up box
  • Sending an e-mail using Laravel and jQuery
  • Use jQuery and Laravelto make a sortable table
Using Security & Sessions Effective
  • Introduction
  • Encrypting and decrypting data
  • Using Redis to save sessions
  • Using basic sessions and cookies
Testing & Debugging Your App
  • Introduction
  • Setting up and configuring PHPUnit
  • Writing and running a test case
Deploying & Integrating Third-Party Services Application
  • Introduction
  • Queue creation and running it using Artisan
  • Deploying a Laravel app to Pagoda Box

laravel course FAQ’s:

1.What happens if I miss a lesson?

If you miss one or more classes, you will receive a video for each missed classes.

2.Is there a refund policy?

Yes, your registration fee will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the demo classes.

3.What is the experience of the instructor teaching the course?

The instructor has seven years of experience.

4.How long is job support offered?

Job support is provided at a large company with a high salary package.

5.What do I learn in the course?

You will gain an in-depth understanding of PHP programming. You will be able to develop web applications using PHP on Laravel framework.

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