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Testcomplete Online Training

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Testcomplete Online Training

Testcomplete Online Training

Testcomplete Online Training from Qtsinfo is a course that can be used to test different types of software applications. If you are already a tester, then you can get rid of manual testing as the Testcomplete technology will automate it. After completing this course, you can get the designation of senior automation lead, software testing executive, software testing administrator, and many more. So join the course to learn testing automation and boost your career.

Course Overview

Testcomplete training is a course in which you will learn testing automation. A Testcomplete tutorial will be provided to you for free in which complete information about the technology is available. We will teach the Testcomplete latest version and will keep upgrading the course according to the new upcoming versions. The different types of things that you will learn in this course are as follows.

  • Testcomplete web testing
  • Testcomplete mobile testing
  • Testcomplete distributed testing
  • Testcomplete testing tool
  • Testcomplete support

Key Features

  • Get Testcomplete jobs after completing the course
  • Get the support of expert instructors for 24/7
  • Use your Testcomplete resume to get a high profile job
  • Get Testcomplete interview questions to practice the interview
  • Attend mock test and mock interview sessions
  • Get a course completion certificate after completing Testcomplete certification

Who Should Learn Testcomplete Online Training?

The Testcomplete training course can be done by freshers who want to make their career in automation testing. These freshers can be graduates from different colleges and have no experience in automation. People who are already doing manual testing of software applications should do the course to learn automated testing. Business analysts and developers can also do the course to learn new ways of testing.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introducing Automated Testing and Test Complete
  • Introduction to Automated Testing
  • About Test Types
  • TestComplete Projects and Project Items
  • TestComplete User Interface
  • TestComplete Test Object Model
  • Checkpoints and Stores
Creating Your First Test
  • Creating a Test Project
  • Defining Applications to Test
  • Completing the Project Creation
  • Creating a Test
  • Analyzing the Recorded Test
  • Running the Recorded Test
  • Analyzing Test Results Where to Go Next
Using TestComplete User Interface, Projects and Settings
  • TestComplete User Interface
  • TestComplete Panels
  • TestComplete Menus
  • TestComplete Toolbars
  • Customizing TestComplete
Managing Projects, Project Suites and Project Items
  • Projects in TestComplete
  • About Project Items
  • List of Available Project Items
  • Project Suites in TestComplete
  • Tests and Test Items
  • Creating Projects and Project Suites
  • Project Items and Their Child Elements Addition and Removal
  • Editing Project Items and Their Child Elements
  • Renaming Projects, Project Suites and Project Items
  • Organizing Items Into Folders
  • Methods of Deleting Projects
  • Methods of Cloning Projects
  • Project and Project Suite Files
  • About Project Editor
  • About Project Suite Editor
TestComplete Options and Settings
  • TestComplete Options and Settings
Settings Required to Use TestComplete
  • Settings Required to Use TestComplete
Creating, Recording and Running Tests
  • Creating, Recording and Running Tests
Test Results
  • Checking Test Results
Enhancing Tests
  • Enhancing Tests
Teamwork and Integration Into QA Process
  • Teamwork and Integration Into QA Process
Extending TestComplete
  • Extending TestComplete
Automating TestComplete
  • Automating TestComplete
Testing Types
  • Functional Testing
  • About Unit Testing
  • About Data-Driven Testing
  • About Regression Testing
  • About Distributed Testing
  • About Parallel Testing
  • About Coverage Testing
  • About Object-Driven Testing
  • About Manual Testing
  • About Load Testing
  • Running Tests on Multiple Operating Systems
Applications Testing
  • What is Applications Testing?

Testcomplete Online Training FAQ’s:

1.Compare Testcomplete Vs Selenium.

Testcomplete is a tool that is used to test all the applications which include desktop, mobile and web- based. It has been developed for Windows operating system only. Selenium can also be used as a test tool but it can test only client-side web applications. It has been developed for Windows, Mac, LINUX, and UNIX operating systems.

2.Which Version Of Testcomplete Will Be Taught In The Course?

Testcomplete latest version will be taught in the course. The course will keep upgrading when new versions will arrive.

3.Why Testcomplete Resume Is Important?

Testcomplete resume is important because the employers will know that you are aware of the latest technologies related to testing. You will get Testcomplete jobs easily through such a resume.

4.What Type Of Testcomplete Interview Questions Will Be Available?

The Testcomplete interview questions will include questions regarding testing tools, method of testing, usage of Testcomplete, and many more things. You will be prepared in such a way that you can answer all the questions in the real interview.

5.What Is Testcomplete Mobile Testing?

Testcomplete mobile testing is used to test various applications on Android and iOS mobiles. Testcomplete will let the tester access all the objects of an application in a hierarchy.

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