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Datastage Developer Training

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Datastage Developer Training

Datastage Developer

Datastage Training given by us is one of the scalable courses available which provides complete and in-depth training to consultants. We provide the best Datastage Developer Training with highly professional real-time trainers. Datastage training from us will make you be positioned in the competitive market as an expert.

Course Overview

Our course includes from basic to advanced level and our Datastage developer course is designed to get Datastage Developer jobs in top MNC companies. We also provide Datastage certification for our consultants so that it will add more desirability to their skills.

Key Features:

  • Real-time case studies. Our experts will teach you based on real-time projects
  • We provide job assistance to the consultants
  • We have 24/7 online support team to resolve all your queries
  • Experts will assign some assignments soon after the completion of each and every topic which leads you to become an expert

Software Developers, Architects, Data Analysts, ETL Developers and freshly graduated students who are looking forward to start their career as a Datastage Developer and who are willing to start their career as a Business Intelligence can take this course.


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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Infosphere DataStage Introduction
  • Introduction about Information Stage
  • Difference between Server Employments and Equal Jobs
  • Difference between Pipeline Parallelisms
  • Partition strategies (Cooperative effort, Arbitrary, Hash, Whole, Same, Modules,Range,DB2,Auto)
  • What is a Configuration File?
  • Difference between SMP/MPD architecture
  • Data Stage Parts (Server segments/Customer Components)
  • How to work with Package Installer
Data Stage Administrator
  • Creating venture, Altering undertaking and Erasing project
  • Permissions to user
  • .Apt Config file
  • Environment variable creation, permission
Data organize director
  • Introduction to Information organize Director
  • Job status View
  • How to View logs
  • What is Scheduling?
  • Batches Creation
  • Introduction about Designer
  • What is Repository?
  • Define and discuss Palette
  • Types of Links
  • What are File Stages?
  • Describe Sequential File
  • How to work on Data set File?
  • Lookup document set
  • Difference between Consecutive record/Dataset/Document set
  • What are different Database stages
  • What is Dynamic RDBMS?
  • Discuss Oracle Enterprise
  • Discuss ODBC Enterprise
  • How to create and run a Stored Procedure?
Processing stages
  • Change Catch (Caption)
  • Compare stage
  • Difference Stage
  • Aggregate Stage
  • Transformer Stage
  • Surrogate Generator Stage
  • Join Generator Stage
  • Merge Generator Stage
  • Lookup Generator Stage
  • Difference between join/Query/Merge
  • Difference between join/Lookup
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Usage of Switch
  • Usage of Pivot
  • Modify different stages
  • What is Funnel?
Debugging stage
  • Head
  • Tail
  • Pea
  • Row Generator
  • Column Generator
  • Sample
  • Job Parameters
  • Introduction About Information arrange Manager
  • Importing the Job
  • Exporting the Job
  • Importing Table Definition
  • Importing Level Document Definition
  • Working on Routines
  • Difference between Nearby Holder and Shared Container
  • Local Container
  • Shared Container

Datastage Developer Training FAQ’s:

1.Can I request for a support session if I need to clear my doubts about the topics?

QTS INFO is offering you 24/7 query resolution, you can raise doubts and our dedicated team will support you anytime. You can also avail the e-mail support for all your queries. If you query is not resolved through the e-mail then we can also arrange one-on-one sessions with our experts. There is no need of putting a limit on the number of tickets you can raise for doubt clearance session and query resolution.

2.Does QTS INFO provide job assistance?

QTS INFO provides placement assistance to the consultants who have successfully completed the course. We also assist you with job interview and resume preparation as well.

3.Does the job assistance program guarantee me a job?

Seemingly no. Our job assistance program is intended for helping you to land in your dream jobs. We guide with a potential opportunity to explore various competitive openings in this corporate and find you a well-paid matching job profile.

4.How will I execute the practical?

Our experts will provide the consultants with the server access to make sure the real-time practical training along with all the utilities required for the deep understanding of the course.

5.Can we schedule the Datastage developer training based upon our availability?

Yes, you can plan your training according to your time zone. We offer training classes in weekdays as well as weekends in the respective technology.

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