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REST API Testing

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REST API Testing

REST API Testing

This REST API testing is tailored by our expert faculty for you to master all the concepts of REST API for effective automation testing. REST stands for Representational state transfer it is standard-based architecture and uses HTTP protocol. REST API testing is the testing of application programming interfaces as part of integrating testing to determine functionality, reliability, performance, and security. This training program will provide you with all the critical tasks and techniques necessary for running effective automation tests. The REST API certification helps you gain trust and credibility among the organizations hiring.

Course Overview

The next level of automation testing is API testing on RESTful web services. API Stands for an application programming interface. RESTful web services allow the requesting systems to access and manipulate test representation of web resources. In simple words, REST is communication between client and server through the standard set of rules. REST API testing is an open-source web automation testing used for testing RESTful APIs for web applications. It focuses on the response of REST API by sending various HTTP requests to check if the REST API is working error-free. In this course, you will learn how to write effective and efficient test scripts to check the APIs. You will learn all the REST API methods in detail. 

Key Features

  • Fundamentals of REST API testing Framework
  • Core concepts of REST API architecture
  • Brief on the REST API benefits
  • REST API testing Examples
  • Live REST API testing projects for Practice
  • Get REST API certification
  • Guidance in building good REST API testing resume
  • REST API testing Job Assistance
  • Assist you with important REST API testing interview questions

Who Should Learn REST API Testing Online?

This course primarily benefits web service testers, Architects, IT professionals looking to shift their domain or any kind of growth in testing career. And also, individuals who want to pursue a career in API automation testing. Additionally, it benefits people looking for REST API certification.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

  • Course Outcome
  • Introduction to Rest API Testing
  • How to reach me anytime and ask questions?
Overview and Install Java
  • Java Environment Setup - Mac
  • Java Environment Setup - Windows
  • Install Eclipse - Windows
  • Eclipse Installation - Mac
RestAPI Introductiona
  • Rest API Architecture
  • What Are Endpoints?
  • Get-POST-PUT-DELETE Requests
  • Understanding Headers
  • Twitter API Documentation
  • Exploring Rest API Information Text File
Rest Client Setup
  • Postman REST Client Installation
  • Advanced Rest Client Setup
  • Rest Easy Client - Setup
RestAPI Testing Using Postman Client
  • Things To Verify In RestAPI Testing
  • Understanding Google Maps API Documentation
  • Procedure of getting Google API Key
  • About GET Request Postman Client - Practical Example
  • POST Request Postman Client - Practical Example
  • Delete Request Postman Client - Practical Example
  • POST-GET-DELETE Complete Workflow - Practical Example
  • Understanding WADL Documentation
RestAssured Setup
  • Build Path Clean Up
RestAPI Automation
  • About Get Request - Practical Example
  • Method of getting response body
  • About JSON Hierarchy
  • How To Validate Response Body
  • POST Request - Practical Example
  • POST Request with Java Object Serialization
  • Query Parameters Vs Path Parameters
  • RestAPI Automation Overview - Documents
Real World Twitter APIs Example
  • Understanding Twitter APIs OAuth
  • How To Generate Twitter Access Tokens
  • Twitter GET-POST Request Using Postman
  • OAuth Environment Setup
  • Twitter POST Request - Practical Example
Validating JSON Response
  • Extracting JSON response - Part 1
  • Extracting JSON response - Part 2
  • Validating JSON Response documents
Twitter End-To-End Workflow
  • Twitter GET Request
  • Twitter End-To-End Workflow
  • Path Parameter Usage In Twitter Workflow
  • Twitter End-To-End Workflow Documents
Validating XML Response
  • Extracting XML response - Part 1
  • Extracting XML response - Part 2
  • Validating XML Response Documents
Request And Response Logging
  • Request And Response Logging Introduction
  • Rest API Request Logging
  • Rest API Response Logging
  • Request And Response Logging - Documents
Rest Assured Assertions
  • Things to validate in Rest Assured
  • Hard Asserts Using RestAssured
  • Soft Asserts Using Rest Assured
  • Rest Assured Assertions Documents
Useful Tricks
  • RootPath - Practical Example
  • How To Check Response Time?
  • Useful Tricks Documents
Rest Assured Specifications
  • Rest Assured Specifications Advantages
  • Request Specification
  • Response Specification
  • Clubbing Request And Response Specification
  • Rest Assured Specifications Documents
Automation Framework - Part 1
  • Advantages Of Automation Framework
  • Maven Project Setup
  • Organizing Framework Constants
  • Project Dependencies Setup
Automation Framework - Part 2
  • Building Rest Utilities - Part 1
  • Building Rest Utilities - Part 2
  • Building Rest Utilities - Part 3
  • Building Rest Utilities - Part 4
Automation Framework - Part 3
  • User Timeline Framework Test - Part 1
  • User Timeline Framework Test - Part 2
  • User Timeline Framework Test - Part 3
  • Automation Framework - Documents 3
Practice Exercise
  • Practice Exercise Question
  • Practice Exercise Solution
  • Practice Exercise Documents
End To End Framework Execution
  • Running End-To-End Framework Using TestNG
  • End-To-End Framework Execution Using Maven
  • End To End Framework Execution documents
Build Management With Maven
  • Introduction to Maven
  • Maven Features and Advantages
  • Maven Setup And Installation
  • Creating And Importing Maven Project
  • Maven Local And Central Repositories
  • Pom Explanation
  • Build Lifecycle And Maven Commands
  • Build Management With Maven Documents

REST API Testing FAQ’s:

1.What is REST API testing?

REST API Testing is an automation testing technique for testing RESTful APIs for the web application. It records and checks the response of REST APIs by sending HTTP requests.

2.How REST API works?

REST API is the communication between client and server through a set of standard rules. If you are searching for something you get the list of results back from the service you're requesting from. The developer creates the API and the REST determines the look of the API.

3.What does REST stand for?

REST stands for representational state transfer. It means the server will transfer to the client a representation of the state of the requested resource

4.What does API stand for?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

5.How I get REST API certification?

We provide you with certification upon completing the course and clearing an online exam. Our certification is accredited by many leading organizations. And it would be an added advantage for your hiring.

6.What are the REST API methods?

The various REST API methods are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

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