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Jira Online Training

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Jira Online Training

Jira Online Training and Certification

This Jira online training program is designed in line with industry needs and standards. Jira is a popular work management tool used by organizations to streamline workflow, bug tracking, and increase productivity. It is an Agile work management tool used by companies for issue management during the process of software development. It helps in the improvement of team performance by planning, tracking, and managing issues. Therefore this Jira training program makes you proficient in handling Jira. Jira certification helps you build trust and credibility with the companies hiring.

Course Overview

Jira is an effective tool for planning and its robust reporting capabilities help the team with an insight into their performances. Jira can streamline the workflow process optimizes the team's capabilities. Jira portfolio tool provides agile portfolio management it helps the team with planning, making decisions, and keeping the team updated. Jira is compatible with all the OS. In this course, you will learn all the concepts of Jira and how to use them effectively.

Key Features

  • Installation and configuration of JIRA.
  • Concepts of Jira workflow administration
  • In-depth knowledge of Jira Architecture
  • Jira Addons and integration
  • Get Jira certification
  • Jira workflow examples
  • Live Jira Projects
  • Provide you with important Jira interview questions


Who Should Learn Jira Online Training?

This Jira course primarily helps the professionals who are working in organizations in the management domain and are looking for a boost in their careers. It is also suitable for individuals who want to learn Jira basics and its role in the workflow. It would be an added advantage for team leaders, project managers, product owners.


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Course curriculum / Syllabus

JIRA Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Jira
  • Installation and System Requirements
  • Applications, uses and examples
  • JIRA core concepts
  • JIRA Interface walkthrough
    • Dashboard
    • Admin interface
      • Working on Projects
      • Using Add-ons in a projects
      • Describe User Management
      • What is Issue?
      • What is System?
      • What is Audit Log
  • Project setup
    • Create Project Categories
    • Create Project
    • Project Configuration Walkthrough
    • Components and versions
  • Issues in JIRA
    • Issue Links
    • Sub Tasks
  • Filters and subscriptions
  • JIRA Workflow Introduction
  • Setting up dashboards
  • Using JIRA effectively and Best Practices
    • Add Announcement Banner
    • Add Introduction
    • Use Shortcuts
    • Perform Indexing from time to time
  • Common JIRA addons
JIRA Reporting & JQL
  • Issue Navigator
  • Introduction to JQL
  • Basic JQL syntax
  • Browser shortcuts for JQL searching
  • JQL querying by example
  • Project Reports
  • Interpreting reports
  • Using charts to visualize data
  • Gadgets for reporting
  • Excel analysis
  • Discussion with instructor
JIRA Administration
  • Advanced user and group  management
  • Working with project roles
  • Security model
    • Creating a role for Third party and add in specific project
  • Types of administrators
    • JIRA System Administrator
    • JIRA Administrator
  • Issue level security
  • Email integration with JIRA
    • Configure with Gmail
  • Managing your installation and upgrading JIRA
  • Startup/Shut down scripts, Logs, Files and Directories
    • Show directories
    • Application Data, export, import, attachments
    • Log files
  • Authentication Mechanism in JIRA
  • General administration (links, attachments, etc)
  • Issue Attributes   Statuses, Resolutions and Priorities
  • Enhancing the user experience
  • Usage of JIRA Plugins
JIRA Schemes and Configurations
  • Workflows and workflow schemes
  • Issue Types and Issue Type Schemes
  • Screens and Screen Schemes
  • Fields and Field Configuration Schemes
  • Permissions and Permission Schemes
  • Security level and Security Schemes
  • Events, Notification and Notification Schemes
  • Versions and Components
JIRA Workflows
  • Basic workflow concepts
  • Example workflows in real life
  • JIRA default workflow
  • Issue resolution
  • Capturing and presenting your Data
  • Custom fields
  • Mandatory fields
  • Common workflow configuration mistakes
    • None of the transitions will come out of the state
    • States may or may not contain incoming and outgoing transitions
  • Configuring workflows
    • Add additional states
  • Transitions, conditions and post functions
  • Step by step workflow configuration example
  • What are JIRA extensions?
    • JIRA Suite Utilities – Make description mandatory
Tools Integration and Application Links
  • JIRA - Crowd
  • JIRA – Confluence
    • Show how to create Application Links
    • Add Confluence Gadget URL
    • JIRA - Fisheye/Crucible
    • JIRA – GIT/Subversion (using GIT add-on / Subversion or Fisheye)
Import and Export
  • What is Backup system?
  • What is Restore system?
  • How to perform Project Import?
  • What is External System Import?
Overview of some Use Cases
  • Setup JIRA for HelpDesk/Support Tickets
  • Setup JIRA for Test Case Management
  • Setup JIRA for Project Management
  • Setup JIRA for Bug Tracking

Jira Online Training FAQ’s:

1.What is Jira used for?

Jira is an agile management tool that helps in planning and tracking the team’s work, managing releases and reporting the team's performance. It is also a bug and issues tracking system during software development.

2.What are the Jira admin’s job responsibilities?

Jira administrator is responsible for planning, creating, configuring layout, design, and workflow. Jira admin's job is to efficiently manage all the team members effectively ensure the information flows down to the last member of the team about the project.

3.How do I get Jira Certification?

We provide Jira certification upon completing the course. We conduct an online exam to get Jira certification.

4.Do you assist in getting Atlassian Certified Professional Jira Administrator certification?

Yes, we do, this course is designed in line with industry standards and clearing Jira administrator certification provided by Atlassian. We also assist you in taking various Jira certification exams on your requirement.

5.What does the Jira certification cost?

The various Jira certification costs range from $50-$400

6.How long is Atlassian certified Jira administrator certificate valid?

The Jira administrator certificate is valid for 24 months and afterward, you have to renew.

7.Do you help in building Jira Resume?

Yes, we help in building you a good Jira resume, which can get a job opportunity.

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