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Mobile Automation Testing Using Appium

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Mobile Automation Testing Using Appium

Mobile Automation Testing Using Appium

This mobile automation testing using the Appium training program is crafted by our leading expert faculty having substantial experience in Appium mobile testing. Appium is the most popular mobile automation framework testing mobile applications on various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Mobile automation testing is an up-trending career option. This course will help you master all the critical tasks and techniques in building an efficient and effective automation test. You will learn everything about mobile automation testing and be industry-ready for solving all the challenges that may arise in real-time.

Course Overview

Appium is an open-source test automation framework for testing native, hybrid, and mobile web. It offers cross-platform application testing like ios, android, and windows mobile applications. Appium is specially used for mobile application testing. It determines the mobile applications for usability, security, and functionality. In this course, you will learn in detail how Appium mobile automation works. Our subject matter experts will impart their valuable experience gained from so many years of working with various leading organizations that is why this course is in sync with industry standards and practices. You will learn all the concepts using Appium latest version.

Key Features

  • Fundamentals of Mobile automation framework
  • Installation and configuration of Appium
  • Understanding Appium testing framework
  • Learn about Appium Architecture and Appium capabilities
  • How to run Appium performance testing
  • Guidance in building Appium testing resume
  • Providing important mobile automation interview questions
  • Live Appium test examples to practice
  • Choose your schedule according to your convenience       
  • One to one training

Who Should Learn Mobile Automation Testing Using Appium?

This course primarily benefits manual testers, web automation testers, testers with selenium, and software developers who want to shift their domain. Individuals who want to pursue a career in the mobile automation testing domain can also opt for it. Additionally, it benefits professionals who want Appium certification.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Automation Testing Introduction, Environment Setup and Tools
  • Introduction to Testing
  • Introduction to Automation Testing
  • Types of Automation Tools
  • Functionality Testing Tools
  • Performance Testing Tools
  • Test Management Tools
Introduction to Appium & Mobile automation Testing
  • Introduction to Mobile automation testing
  • Selenium 3.0 and APIs
  • Automation for IOS and Android devices
  • Running the scripts on Emulators
  • Running the scripts on Real devices
  • Various tools available for Mobile automation testing
  • Understanding the API Levels and Appium Concepts
  • Client/Server Architecture, Session, Appium Server Desired Capabilities, and Appium Clients
Installing JDK, Maven and Android SDK
  • Pre-requisite for starting with Appium
  • Supported Java versions
  • Configuring environment variables
  • Downloading and Installing JDK
  • Downloading and installing Maven on Windows
  • Downloading Android SDK
  • Types of Android Virtual Devices
Basic installation for Appium on Windows
  • Visiting Appium.exe
  • Downloading Appium for Windows
  • Downloading Appium jars and other dependencies
  • Configuring SDK Manager
  • Downloading different Android API levels
  • Setting up Android environment variables
  • Downloading Appium GUI Tool
  • Understanding Application path, Package & Launch Activity
  • Starting Appium Server
  • Run a sample test for making sure that everything is working fine
Downloading Appium Dependencies
  • Understanding Desiredcapabilities class
  • Extracting Activities information and Packages of pre and post installed apps
  • Downloading Appium Maven Dependencies
  • Adding Device Name
  • How to connect a real device to USB and run ADB commands
Starting the Appium server programmatically Windows OS
  • How to start the Appium server through code on Windows?
  • Downloading Appium Maven Dependencies
  • Stopping the Appium server
  • Kill all nodes
UI Automator Viewer
  • Opening UIAutomator Viewer through SDK tools kit
  • Understanding different locator strategies
  • Taking the Device screenshot
  • Device screenshot with Compressed hierarchy
  • Understanding the different locator tags
Appium Inspector
  • What is Appium Inspector?
  • How and when to run it?
  • Record and Play using Appium Inspector
  • How to locate elements through Appium Inspector
  • Inspector will only run with active session
Object Repository
  • What is object repository?
  • How to use object repository in framework
  • Why maintaining Object repository is necessary?
  • Types of creating object repository
Additional Framework Features
  • Execution with ANT
  • Execution with Maven
  • Execution with Continuous Integration tool i.e., Jenkins
Object Locators and Techniques
  • Locating Elements on the App
  • What all can be locatable
  • Locating elements within elements
  • Locating multiple elements
  • Find Element By Android UIAutomator
  • Exploring UIAutomator API
  • Finding Elements by ClassName
  • Finding Elements by ids
  • Finding Elements by Xpaths
  • Using different functions inside UIAutomator class
  • Exercises
Android Native, Hybrid & Web Apps on Windows Test
  • Native App Test – How to make a call with Internal Dialer Application
  • Native App Test – How to add a new contact to Phonebook
  • Native App Test – How to send SMS from a real device
  • Native App Test – How to Automate a standard App
  • TouchActions and Events – Handling user gestures
  • WebApp Test – How to automate Web based testing on Chrome Browser
  • Hybrid App Test – How to automate the mobile messaging app
Unit Test Framework
  • JUnit Introduction
  • JUnit Annotations
  • Implementation of JUnit in Selenium RC/ Web Driver Scripts
  • TestNG Introduction
  • TestNG Annotations
  • How to implement TestNG in Selenium RC/ Web Driver Scripts
  • Difference between JUnit and TestNG
  • Setting up Java Environment in windows platform
  • Object – Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Classes and Objects, Encapsulation, Access and Non-Access Modifiers, Interfaces
  • Variables , Methods and Arrays
  • Inheritance, Abstraction and Polymorphism
  • Collections , loop concepts and if-else statements
  • File I/O,  Code Debugging, Exception Handling, and Java API Understanding
  • Practice Programs in the Java Concepts
  • JDBC – Database Testing Introduction
  • Handling SQL Server database using JDBC scripts
  • Resume Preparation
  • Job Assistance
  • Help of Interview Questions and Answers by Real-Time Faculty
Appium Training Services
  • Appium Training in Hyderabad and Bangalore
  • Appium Online Training
  • Appium Corporate Training
  • Appium Mobile App Testing Live Project Training
  • Appium  Mobile App Testing Training with Placement Assistance

Mobile Automation Testing Using Appium FAQ’s:

1.What is Appium testing?

Appium is an open-source test automation framework for testing native, hybrid, and mobile web applications. It drives iOS, Android, and Windows apps using web driver protocol.

2.What is Performance testing?

Appium testing evaluates the performance of iOS, Android, and windows applications while running them on real devices and checks for bugs and performance. It generates a report of performance metrics and bugs. To improve the application performance.

3.What are Appium capabilities?

The desired capabilities help us to modify the behavior of the server while automation. Desired capabilities are keys and values encoded in the JSON object.

4.How do I get Appium certification?

We provide you with Appium certification upon completing the course successfully. Our certification is accredited by many leading organizations. It is known for its stringent guidelines in sync with industry and market standards. This certification will be an added advantage for your hiring.

5.What are the different mobile automation testing tools?

The different mobile automation testing tools are

  • Appium
  • Ranorex
  • Katalon Studio
  • Test Studio
  • Microfocus

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