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Protractor Online Training

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Protractor Online Training

Protractor Online Training and Certification

This Protractor online training and certification program is designed by our industry experts. This Protractor training program helps you master all the concepts of Protractor testing. Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework. It is used to run automation tests against AngularJS web-based applications. It helps the user interacting with the website by filling out forms, navigating from page to page. This Protractor testing tool is the most widely used automation tool for AngularJS websites. This course will help you learn all the Protractor testing frameworks. You will be industry-ready to deal with any real-time scenarios that may arise.

Course Overview

The protractor testing framework is specifically designed to run the test against Angular JS applications. As many websites run on angular JS the demand for Protractor testing tools has also increased. Another important use of Protractor API is we can also write automated regression tests for regular web applications. Protractor is built on top of web driver JS. It works as a wrapper over the selenium web driver API. This program is prepared in line with the industry standards so that you can deal with any scenario. You will learn in detail the implementation and usage of Protractor.

Key Features

  • Introduction to Angular JS basic elements
  • Installation and configuration of Protractor
  • Concepts of Protractor typescript
  • Learn about Jasmine concepts
  • Testing of Angular JS websites
  • Protractor Angular testing concepts
  • Learn how to test non-Angular websites
  • In-depth knowledge of Locator techniques
  • Protractor interview questions


Who Should Learn Protractor Certification Training?

This course primarily benefits testers and professionals with an automation background. This is also useful for professionals looking for promotion or any kind of advancement regarding career development like Test managers, automation testers, developers. Individuals who want to pursue a career in testing and automation.


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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Protractor introduction
  • Introduction to Protractor course
  • AngularJS Basics Elements
Installation Procedure
  • Pre-requisites of installing Protractor
  • Installing JDK and Node.JS
  • Installing Protractor on Windows
  • Running the first Protractor Test using Notepad++
  • How to Install and Run protractor using Eclipse and Turn plugin
  • Installing Visual Studio code editor
  • Protractor Snippets for VS CODE
Javascript Basics
  • Defining Variables
  • Variables and Concatenation
  • Operators – Arithmetic, Incremental & Decremental operators
  • Equality Operators
  • Comparison and Logical operator
  • Available DataTypes
  • If and Else, Switch statements
  • Working with Functions
  • Using For Loop
  • Using While and Do While loop
  • Working with Break, Continue and Labels
  • Defining and using Arrays
  • What are Var, Let and Const?
  • How to access objects and members in another JS file
Protractor Basics
  • Understanding the Conf.js file
  • How to use Describe and It blocks and how to write test cases?
  • Handling Dropdown list
  • Adding validations using Jasmine Expect
  • Handling Dropdown list – code
  • WebStorm Installation and integrating Protractor runner
  • Concept of Autosuggestions
  • How Protractor handle promises
  • Practical implementation of promises
  • Using Await/Async
Jasmine Basics
  • Introduction to Jasmine and basic features
  • BeforeEach and AfterEach
  • Expect toBe and not toBe
  • Expect toEqual, toMatch and not toEqual
  • How to create Test Suites and rung selective / all test cases
  • How to create Test Suites and run selective / all test cases – code
  • About AngularJS Locators
  • By Model, By ClassName, By ButtonText
  • By Binding, By ID
  • By Repeater
  • By addLocators
  • Select Wrapper class
Microsoft Edge Driver
  • How to configure and run a test on Edge browser
Handling Non-Angular elements
  • Automating a Login window
Handling Alerts, iframes and popups
  • Handling Tabs and pop-ups
  • Handling IFrames
  • Handling Alerts
  • Generating Logs – Winston NPM
  • Generating Allure Reports, Protractor-beautiful-reporter, HTML reporter2
  • Installing Maven and Generating HTML Reports
  • Sending Emails
  • Usage of Package.json file
Data Driven Testing
  • Reading data and locators through JSON files
  • Parameterization using Jasmine Data Providers
  • Reading Excel Files
E2E Testing AngularJS Application
  • Automating AngularJS application
Page Object Model – Framework (Live project)
  • Introduction to Page Object Model
  • Creating Architecture and Adding business pages
  • Adding More Business Page and Test Cases
  • Adding the Page Object Model design pattern
  • Adding common Json file for TestData and Locators
Android –Test Execution on a real device
  • Process of execution of Protractor test on an Android device
  • Android Test Configuration
Jenkins – CI
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Jenkins configuration
  • Understanding the Conf.js file
Protractor Docker & Selenium Grid Integration
  • Integration of Protractor with Selenium grid and docker to run parallel test
  • Docker installation and adding Selenium Grid containers
  • Usage of Docker compose through Parallel test execution on Multiple browsers
  • Resources for download from Docker section

Protractor Online Training FAQ’s:

1.What Protractor?

Protractor is an end-to-end testing tool to run the test against Angular Js web applications. We can also write regression tests for regular web applications.

2.How do I get Certified?

We provide you with Protractor certification upon completing the course successfully through an exam. Our certification has a standing and is accredited with many leading organizations which makes your hiring easy.

3.How to use Protractor Angular?

Protractor is specifically made for Angular applications. It uses locator strategies which allows us to test Angular-specific elements.

4.Protractor vs Selenium what are the important differences?

Selenium is an open-sourced testing tool used for automation testing of web applications across various browsers and platforms. It is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Protractor is also open source but it is specifically used for Angular JS applications.

And the test speed of the Protractor is faster than that of selenium.

5.Is Protractor easy to learn?

Yes, If we just concentrate on the concepts of the Protractor framework then it is easy to handle.

6.What is Protractor IDEs?

Some of the important Protractor IDEs are.

  • Visual studio code.
  • Sublime Text
  • Atom Editor

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