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Xamarin Online Training

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Xamarin Online Training

Xamarin Online Training and Certification

This Xamarin Online Training and Certification Course have been conceptualized by our leading experts in Xamarin technology. Mobile applications are ruling the roost now, to make the development of applications easy Xamarin is used. Xamarin is an open-source cross-platform framework where it allows us to develop apps across multiple platforms be it Android, iOS, and windows. This Xamarin training provides you with all the concepts necessary to master mobile application development and other UIs. Xamarin certification will earn you trust and credibility among the companies looking for hire. Therefore this Xamaran training will make you industry-ready.

Course Overview

Xamarin’s success attributes to its open-source multiplatform framework. Xamarin architecture is the most popular for developing mobile applications. It enables us to develop native and multi-platform applications. Xamarin uses C# to develop applications. It is also compatible with JS libraries and other frameworks and software. You will learn about how the Xamarin cross-platform works. This course is designed in line with the best industry practices for Xamarin developers. You will learn how to integrate Xamarin with various frameworks. This training program will make you proficient in all the concepts of Xamarin so that you can deal with any real-time scenarios.

Key Features

  • Introduction of Xamarin
  • Installation and configuration of Xamarin
  • In-depth knowledge of Xamarin essentials
  • Learn about Xamarin architecture
  • Learn Xamarin listview 
  • Get Xamarin certification
  • Live Xamarin Projects for practical training
  • Provide you with some important Xamarin interview questions
  • Concepts on how to use Xamarin test cloud


Who Should Learn Xamarin Certification Training?

This Xamarin course benefits professionals with a programming background especially ‘C’ it will boost their career as mobile application development is one of the most popular fields. This program also benefits individuals who are looking to pursue a career in Mobile application development. And professionals who want Xamarin certification.


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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Getting Started
  • What is Xamarin Forms?
  • Creating a Xamarin Forms App through Visual Studio for Mac
  • Your First Xamarin Forms App
  • How Xamarin Works?
XAML Essentials
  • XAML vs Code
  • Explain Content Property
  • Accessing Elements in Code-behind
  • Understand Data Binding
  • Explain Binding Context
  • Property Element Syntax
  • What is XAML Compilation?
  • Stack Layout in XAML
  • Stack Layout in Code
  • Grid in XAML
  • Grid in Code
  • Absolute Layout in XAML
  • Absolute Layout in Code
  • Relative Layout in XAML
  • Relative Layout in Code
  • How to find Image Sources?
  • Working with Downloaded Images
  • What are Aspects?
  • Working with Activity Indicator
  • What are Embedded Images?
  • How to use Embedded Images in XAML?
  • Using Platform-specific Images
  • Using Application Icons
  • Dealing with Sizes
  • Populating a Basic List
  • Working with Cell Appearance
  • Making Custom Cells
  • Concept of Grouping Items
  • Process of Handling Selections
  • What are Context Actions?
  • Pull to Refresh
  • Search Bar
  1. What is Hierarchical Navigation?
  2. What are Modal Pages?
  3. Working with A Simple Master Detail
  4. Understanding Master Detail Page
  5. Explore Tabbed Page
  6. Explain Carousel Page
  7. How to Display Popups
  8. Working with Toolbar Items
Forms and Setting Pages
  • How to use Switch?
  • How to use Slider?
  • How to use Stepper?
  • How to use Entry and Editor?
  • How to use Picker?
  • How to use Date and Time Picker?
  • How to use Table View?
  • How to use Custom Cells?
  • How to use Bindable Properties?
  • How to use Picker with Navigation?
Model-View-ViewModel Architectural Pattern
  • What is MVVM?
  • Code-behind and Testability
  • Extracting a View Model
  • BaseViewModel
  • Domain vs View Model
  • Dealing with Xamarin Dependencies
  • Understand ICommand Interface
  • Command with a Parameter

Xamarin Online Training FAQ’s:

1.What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile development application. Xamarin is used to build a mobile application or any other UI. It is written in C#.

2.How do I get Xamarin certification?

We will provide you with Xamarin certification upon the completion of the course successfully. You will have to clear the online examination after which the certificate will be provided. Our certification is accredited with some of the top organizations. It will be a value add to your Xamarin resume.

3.Are there any prerequisites to this course?

If you want to get the most out of this course then some basics of C# programming will be an advantage.

4.What is Xamarin profiler?

To enhance the end-user experience of the app Xamarin profiler plays an important role. It provides developers a way to profile information about the app by collecting and displaying it. This useful for the developer to analyze the application workings.

5.What is the Xamarin app?

Xamarin is a cross-platform software that enables to build of mobile applications for different platforms like Android, IOS, windows, and many more.

6.What are Xamarin iOS?

Xamarin iOS is used to develop native iOS applications using the same UI controls available in objective C and Xcode.

7.What is Xamarin listview?

View of presenting lists of data that are long and require scrolling. It controls the display of the data.

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