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Pytest Online Training

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Pytest Online Training

Pytest Online Training and Certification

This Pytest online training and certification program is designed and conceived by our expert faculty who substantial experience in working with leading organizations. Pytest is one of the most popular libraries of python to write and run test codes for testing API and UIs. Pytest Framework has many advantages over the traditional test for API and software testing. This Pytest training program helps you master all the critical concepts and techniques for writing effective test scripts. This Pytest certification is in sync with industry standards and practices and helps you gain trust and credibility among the companies hiring

Course Overview

Pytest is one of the popular open-source python-based test automation frameworks. It is a powerful testing framework, we can even test Databases, UI, and especially APIs for which it is popular. This Pytest tutorial is prepared according to industry standards and expectations of the changing market. This course will teach you the concepts of writing test scripts for simple unit tests to complex functional tests. You will learn all the nuances of testing Python applications through Pytest. This instructor-led live training will be nothing less than classroom training and become a master tester from the comforts of your home.

Key Features

  • Installation and configuration of Pytest
  • Core Concepts of Pytest architecture
  • In-depth knowledge of Pytest fixtures, Pytest Conftest, Pytest Patch, and Pytest assert
  • Get Pytest Certification
  • Real-time Pytest examples for Practice
  • Providing important Pytest interview questions
  • Choose your schedule according to your convenience

Who Should Learn Pytest Online Training Course?

This course primarily benefits python developers, testers, QA engineers, and developers interested in writing effective test scripts. And it also useful for beginners who want to pursue a career in the automation testing domain. Additionally, it benefits individuals who are interested in getting Pytest certification.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Getting Started
  • Installation of Pytest
  • What is Testing?
  • Need for Testing
  • Types of Testing
  • Writing Test cases
  • Types of Testing Techniques
Introduction to Unit Test
  • Unit Testing in Python
  • Simple Unit test examples
  • About Test discovery
  • About Test Runner
  • About Assert methods
Skipping tests and expected failures in unites
  • Using the skip() decorator
  • How Decorators can be used to implement test skipping and expected failures
Fixtures in unites
  • What are fixtures?
  • setUpClass and tearDownClass
  • setUpModule and tearDownModule
  • Why Pytest?
  • Assertion rewriting with Pytest
  • Running unit tests from Pytest
Parameterizing and Fixtures in Pytest
  • What is Parameterizing?
  • Parameterizing in Pytest
  • About Pytest Fixtures
  • Benefits of Pytest fixtures
  • Built-in Fixtures
Pytest Plugins
  • Installing and Using plugins
  • Pytest-cov
  • Pytest-xdist
  • Pytest-catchlog
  • Pytest-timeout
  • Pytest-sugar

Pytest Online Training FAQ’s:

1.What is Pytest?

Pytest is an open-source python-based test automation software used for testing APIs, UIs, and even databases. It is a popular python library. It makes tests easy, simple, and scalable.

2.How to run Pytest?

We can run a specific test file by giving its name as an argument. It can be run by providing its name after characters. Markers can be used for group tests.

3.What is the difference between Pytest vs unittest?

Pytest is a fully-featured python testing tool that makes it easy to write small tests, and also complex functional testing.

Unittest is a Unit style framework for Unit testing. It performs Unit tests for various programming languages. It is the same as the other styles of Xunit.

4.What is Pytest verbose?

Verbose increases the verbosity level. It is a specific command to run tests to see the hidden lines to debug the test failures.

5.What is Pytest raises?

It is a module that tests the exception raised during the test. It shows that a block of code raises specific exceptions.

6.What are Pytest fixtures?

Fixtures are functions that run before each test function. Fixtures are provided with data to do the tests such as database connections.

7.How do I get Pytest Certification?

We provide you with certification upon the completion of the course successfully. Our certification helps you gain credibility and trust among the companies hiring. Our certification is accredited with many leading organizations and makes your hiring that much easier. This certification is in sync with company standards and practices.

8.What is Pytest conftest?

It is an external plugin loading system. It is used to import external plugins or modules.

9.What is Pytest assert?

This Pytest assert function allows you to use standard python assert for verifying expectations and values in Python tests.

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