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WebLogic Server Training

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WebLogic Server Training

WebLogic Server Training

WebLogic server training program is conceptualized by our industry experts. WebLogic server is used to launch various web applications. WebLogic web server handles HTTP protocol. This WebLogic training will make you professional in WebLogic webserver. Our experts will provide you the best WebLogic online training.

Course Overview


WebLogic server is an e-commerce platform for deploying and running distributed enterprise applications. WebLogic Server is also a fully functional webserver. WebLogic web services are used for Java-based applications. WebLogic server architecture operates in the middle tier of multitier architecture. In simple terms WebLogic server, we can deploy, run and distribute the java based applications. Therefore this WebLogic tutorial covers all the aspects of WebLogic server administration.

WebLogic Online Training Key features

  1. Introduction to WebLogic server and its uses.
  2. Implementation of WebLogic webserver.
  3. Access to WebLogic server administration console
  4. Configuration of WebLogic server console.
  5. Implementation of WebLogic server architecture.
  6. Concepts of WebLogic server administration.
  7. Get WebLogic certification.

Who Should Learn WebLogic Server Certification Training?

Who should take this course?

This course can be taken by any individual who wants to learn WebLogic. This course would be ideal for professionals in the IT sector like developers and administrators as it would be a boost their careers. 

This program would make you stand out and get noticed WebLogic Web Services market.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

WebLogic Products Overview
  • About WebLogic Platform
  • Concept of WebLogic Server
  • Learn WebLogic Workshop
  • Know about WebLogic Portal
  • WebLogic Server Overview & Administration
  • Knowing the WebLogic server and its administration.
  • What is WebLogic Server?
  • Concepts of Domains
  • Know about Domain Configuration Wizard in WebLogic
  • What is Domain Template Builder?
  • What is Domain Upgrade Wizard?
  • Working of Node Manager
WebLogic Administration Server and Managed Servers
  • About Server Administration Console
  • Server Administration using Console
  • WebLogic Scripting Tool
WebLogic Portal
  • What is a Portal?
  • About Portal Terminology
  • WebLogic Portals Components
  • Portal Development Environment in WebLogic Workshop
  • Enterprise Portal Applications
  • WebLogic Shared Libraries
  • WebLogic Portal EAR Project Facets
  • About WebLogic Portal
  • What is Portal Admin Console?
  • Concept of Admin Framework
  • Portal Customizations Framework
  • Portal Application Services
  • Portal Visitor Tools
  • About Propagation Service
WebLogic Portals Management
  • About Administration Console
  • Admin console Library of Resources
  • Know about Library Administration
  • WebLogic Portal Administration
  • WebLogic Portal Management
  • WebLogic Portal Desktop Management
Portal Life Cycle
  • Portal Architecture
  • Domain in Portal Life Cycle
  • WebLogic Portal Enterprise Application
  • Portal Web Application
  • Performing Portal Design
  • About Portal Development
  • What is WebLogic Portal Staging?
  • What is WebLogic Portal Production Phase?

WebLogic Server Training FAQ’s:

1.What is WebLogic certification?

WebLogic certification gives individuals the edge and makes them get noticed in the marketplace. Certification gives credibility and trust which makes you preferred among others.

2.How do I get certified?

We provide you the certification after the completion of the WebLogic server training. You can take this online.

3.Does WebLogic grow your career?

There are numerous job opportunities in the USA. The average salary of a WebLogic administrator is $95,000 per anum.

4.What are the prerequisites for the WebLogic course?

There are no prerequisites. But it would be an advantage if you possess basic knowledge of web development and application servers.

5.What are WebLogic server logs?

WebLogic server maintains a server log, where it records all messages from each of the subsystems as well as the applications deployed on that server.

6.Is the WebLogic interview easy?

This course will provide you the best practices the industry needs. We will assist you with WebLogic interview questions and answers that companies might ask. And also guide you in preparing WebLogic resume.

7.What is the WebLogic version?

WebLogic version is the updates given than the previous one used. The current WebLogic server used is 14.1.1 adding support for the Java platform.

8.What are the roles of WebLogic admin?

The roles are WebLogic administration, monitoring and troubleshooting using WebLogic admin console, and Upgradation of WebLogic servers etc.

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