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Neo4J Certification

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Neo4J Certification

Neo4J Online Course

Neo4J training from QTSInfo is a course in which you will learn the ways of visualizing and maintaining graph data. You will earn about query execution data integrity, and data consistency. Learn about graph databases and understand the need of such a database. The instructors will let you know about the ways in which Neo4J will help in handling graph data. The jobs that you can get include Neo4J architect, customer sources manager, and many more.

Course Overview

Neo4J is a graph management system that can be implemented with the help of Java. Edges and nodes are used to store data in a Neo4J. The searches in the Nero4J database can be improved if separate names are given to the nodes and edges. Our team of instructors has a good experience of the subject and they will teach you basic and advanced topics related to the subject. They have developed the course curriculum according to the industry trends. So you will get the knowledge about the latest things. We will also provide different facilities like a mock test, mock interviews, resume development, job placement, etc.

Neo4J Certification Key features

  • Get the facility of Neo4J interview questions
  • Get the Neo4J tutorial to do revision. The tutorial will be available even after the completion of the course
  • Get different types of Neo4J jobs in big companies
  • Neo4J training will provide jobs with high salary
  • Get your queries answered 24/7 by our support team
  • Learn Neo4J at your scheduled time

Who should learn Neo4J Training?

This course has been designed for beginners as well as experienced professionals. People who want to make a career in database industry and want to make graphs with the help of data in a database can pursue the training. Freshers who want to become database administrators can also do the course.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction To Graph Databases And Neo4j
  • What is a Graph? Current Graph Processing Space
  • Graph Databases
  • Graph Processing Engines
  • Advantages of Graph Databases
  • Fallacy of RDBMS For connected Data
  • Graph Database Natural Playground
  • Graph Database Use Cases
  • Why Neo4j? Graph Data Neo4j Vs RDBMS
  • Neo4j in NoSQL World
  • Neo4j Data Modelling
High Level Neo4j Architecture
  • Hard disks
  • Store Files
  • Caches in Neo4j
  • Fault Tolerance
  • APIs
  • Sizing Indicators
Starting Development in Neo4j
  • Setting up Development Environment
  • Graph Data structures Modelling
Interacting with Neo4j
  • Embedded Mode
  • Interaction with Neo4j through Core API
Exploring Neo4j using Cypher
  • Create Nodes and Relationships
  • Invoking Cypher from Java
  • Parameterize the Queries
  • Filtering
  • Regex search
  • Escaping characters
  • Comparisons
  • Sorting
  • Boolean operators
  • Working with Collections
Paging of Results
  • SKIP and LIMIT
  • Aggregation of Results
Importing Data from CSV in Neo4j
  • REST API imports and Java Batch Insert
Using Neo4J Browser
  • Modifying Existing Data
  • Deleting Data
  • Loops
  • Best Practices
  • Profiling Queries
  • Indexes and Constraints
  • Transactions in Neo4J
  • Traversals and Indexing in Java
Neo4j In Production
  • Traversals in Neo4J
  • DFS Vs BFS Traversals
  • Relationship Expanders
  • Unidirectional and Bi-directional Traversals
  • Managing Traversal Uniqueness in Neo4J
  • Embedded Mode
  • JVM Based Integrations
  • Server Mode and Embedded Vs Server Mode Considerations

Neo4J Certification FAQ’s:

1.Can I do practical exercises?

Yes! You can practical by installing one of the programs offered.

2.What will happen if I miss a class?

A video lecture will be provided for the classes that you have missed

3.How can I register for the course?

You need to visit the course page. You must then enter your email address and phone number. A form will open where you can enter the required information and submit it. We will arrange the courses accordingly.

4.What should I do if I have problems registering?

You can contact our staff 24/7 to resolve your problems

5.Can I get self-study materials?

Yes! We provide materials for self-study.

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