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DB2 Training

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DB2 Training

DB2 Online Course

IBM DB2 Training is a course from QTSInfo in which you will be given the information about IBM DB2 functions. DB2 is a databasemanager which is supported by all the operating systems. The course will help you to enhance your career as you will be able to learn about various tghings like creation of databases, tables, and other components related to the database. You will also be able rto learn the ways of probiding swcurity to the dfatabase. Different types of dummy projects will also be included in the course. The jobs that you van get after pursuing the course are database administrator, database developer, software engineer, and many more.

Course Overview

Our expert instructors will provide you with training on DB2. They are experts in the field of databases and they will let you know about all the aspects of databases so t5hat you can handle all the roles mentioned in the job description. The course curriculum has been designed by our experts according to the industry trends. The course will include a mock test mock interview, DB2 tutorial, and many other things.

DB2 Certification Key features

  • Learn about DB2  with the help of our experienced instructors
  • The queries will be answered 24/7 by our support team
  • Know about creating and managing databases
  • Learn about different components of DB2
  • Know the procedure of configuring databases
  • Get the facility of mock test and mock interview sessions

Who should learn DB2 Course Online?

The audience of this course include freshers as well as experienced professionals. Anybody who wants to make a career in the field of database can pursue the course

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Overview of DB2 9.7 on Windows
  • Contrast the DB2 Family of products
  • Identify the DB2 Tools
  • Functions of DB2 components
  • Explore installation and parameters
Command Line Processor (CLP) & GUI Usage
  • Use the Command Line Processor
  • Explore the GUI environment
  • Describe the DAS role with GUI tools
The DB2 Environment
  • Key features of an Instance
  • Create and drop an Instance
  • Use db2start and db2stop
  • Distinguish b/w types of Config.
  • Describe and modify the Database Manager Configuration
Creating Databases and Data Placement
  • Creating a Database.
  • Explore system Catalog tables, views
  • Compare DMS Vs SMS table Spaces.
  • Database with Automatic Storage.
  • Concept of containers, table spaces, extents, and pages
  • Define table spaces
  • Get snapshot for table spaces
  • Explore Database Config. Parameter.
Creating Database Objects
  • DB2 object hierarchy, physical directories and files
  • Creating objects: Table, Schema, Alias, View, and Index
  • Explore the use of table partitioning
  • Review the use of Temporary Tables
  • Exploring the use of Large Objects
Moving Data
  • INSERT statement and its limitations
  • Explain the differences between IMPORT and LOAD
  • Explain the EXPORT, IMPORT, and LOAD syntax
  • Create and use Exception Tables and Dump-Files
  • Distinguish and Resolve Table States
  • Use the SET INTEGRITY command
  • Discuss the db2move and db2look commands
Backup And Recovery
  • Backup and recovery principles
  • Types of recovery in DB2
  • Logging for backup and recovery
  • About circular & archival logging
  • Use the BACKUP, RESTORE, and ROLLFORWARD commands
  • Perform a table space backup and recovery
  • Database restore
  • Backup and recovery scenarios
Locking And Concurrency
  • Explain why locking is needed
  • List objects that can be locked
  • Various lock modes and compatibility of each lock mode
  • Explain four different levels of data protection
  • Set lock time out and isolation level for current activity
  • Explain lock conversion & escalation
  • Describe causes of Deadlocks
Problem Determination
  • Collect information for problem analysis and resolution
  • Use error logs for basic problem analysis
  • Describe four types of monitors
  • Basic commands for connections and Sessions
  • Statistics and information retrieval from a running DB2 instance
Application Issues and Performance
  • Applications development by accessing DB2 data for execution
  • Application alternatives to access DB2 data
  • Clustering and cluster sequence
  • Use REORGCHK, RUNSTATS, and REORG for improving application performance
  • Work with the EXPLAIN facility
  • Implement database security through Access Control Mechanisms
  • Create a control hierarchy through group IDs
  • Describe Label Based Access Control
  • Describe privileges within a database
  • Privileges for binding and executing a package
  • Difference between privileges : explicit and implicit
  • Describe the different level of authorization

DB2 Training FAQ’s:

1.Can we get the facility of mock interview sessions?

Yes, you will be offered the sessions of mock interview. You will also be get DB2 interview questions after the course.

2.When will we receive our certificate?

If you successfully complete the course, you will receive a certificate.

3.Will we receive a practical environment?

Yes. You will receive a hands-on environment, including lab time, installation, set-up, etc.

4.Is there a demonstration session prior to the course?

Yes. Demonstration sessions are available prior to the start of the course.

5.How soon will I receive the course materials?

You will receive the course materials after you have paid the course fee.

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