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Tableau Certification

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Tableau Certification

Tableau Online Training

The industry-certified experts have extensively designed the Tableau online training course at QTS to give our learners the unmatched experience of using Tableau software to its full potential. Tableau is a popular data visualization software used for BI and data management. It allows you to analyze data and display results in a visual format that is easy for everyone to understand. It is now used in most industries because of its ease of use, quality and direct results orientation. The software allows real-time data integration and collaboration, making it very unique. Companies, academic researchers and many public institutions use it for visual data analysis. Our Tableau online course will help you master the skills required to handle Tableau efficiently.

Course Overview

In Tableau training, you will learn how to analyze data and create tables using Tableau. Our expert instructors will teach you all the basic analysis and advanced data visualization skills through real-life use cases in this Tableau course. In the Tableau certification course, you'll learn how to create visualizations, organize data, and design dashboards that help you make better business decisions. You will learn the concepts of statistics, data mapping, and data linking and be ready to take the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam. Our Tableau tutorial covers all the aspects from beginner's level to advance level. It is also a leading platform in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics.  By the end of the course, you will be a Tableau pro and gain a competitive edge in these demanding and high-paying Tableau jobs.

Tableau Online Course Key Features

  • Installation and Configuration of Tableau
  • Learn Tableau core concepts
  • Get Tableau certification
  • Provide you with important Tableau interview questions
  • Tableau training videos for self-paced learning
  • Mock tests, Mock interviews
  • Guidance in building a good Tableau resume
  • Schedule your timings according to your convenience
  • One on One sessions

Who should Learn Tableau ?

This course is ideal for data analysts, business analysts, data scientists, and analytics managers who want to improve their skillset or shift to the Tableau domain. Freshers who want to pursue a career in Tableau can also opt for this course. Additionally, professionals seeking certification to advance their careers.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction to Dataware housing
  • What is Database evaluation?
  • Understanding Database Evaluation types
  • What is Dataware Housing?
  • Dataware Characteristics and Architecture
  • Difference between OLTP And OLAP
  • What is Dimension table?
  • When and how to use Dimension
  • Exploring types of Dimension Tables
  • What is Fact table?
  • When to use Fact table
  • Types of Fact tables
  • What is snowflake and Star schema?
Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Visual Intelligence?
  • Overview of Gartner Magic quadrant for BI
Tableau Introduction
  • Why Tableau?
  • History of Tableau
  • Characteristics of Tableau
  • Various Tableau versions
  • Differences between different versions of tableau.
  • What is Vizql?
  • Use of Vizql in Tableau.
  • Tableau Architecture and components.
Tableau Components
  • What is Tableau Desktop, Server, Prep?
  • What is Tableau Reader?
  • What is Tableau Online?
  • What is Tableau Public?
  • Tableau Extensions
  • Types of Extensions
  • When to use Tableau Extensions?
  • Differences between Twb and Twbx extensions


View Sections
  • What is Dashboard, When to use Dashboard and how to use Dashboard?
  • What is work book and When to use Workbook?
  • What is work sheet and When to use worksheets?
  • What is stories their usage?
  • Workings of Workbook, Dashboard, Worksheet, Stories
Understanding Dash Board Components
  • Understanding Dash Board Components
Data Connection in Tableau Interface
  • Types of Data Connections in Tableau
  • How to Connect to Live Data connection?
  • How to Connect to Extract Data connection in Tableau?
  • Creation of Extract file in Tableau
Data Joins in Tableau
  • What is data Join?
  • Types of data Joins
  • When to use data Joining?
  • Rules to perform the data Joins in tableau.
  • Data Blending in Tableau
  • Explaining Join vs. Data Blending
  • What are Line Graphs?
  • Understanding Single Line graphs
  • What are Dual Line Graphs?
  • What is Blended Axis?
  • Difference between Dual axis and Blended axis
  • Understanding Horizontal Bar Charts
  • Understanding Vertical Bar charts
  • What is Side-Side by bar charts?
  • What is Stacked Bar charts?
  • Understanding Pie Charts
  • Exploring Gantt Charts


  • What is Tree Maps?
  • What is Heat Maps?
  • Tree map implementation
  • What are Filed Maps?
  • What is Geo-Coding and implementation?
  • Importing External Custom Geo coding
  • Symbol Maps
Filters and Types
  • What is Filters?
  • Filters on Dimensions
  • What is Wild Card?
  • Filters on  Measures
  • Workings of Context Filters?
  • Using Global Filters
  • Using Quick Filters
  • Defining Filters at Source
  • Defining Filters at Custom SQL
Creating and Using Parameters
  • What is Parameter?
  • Creating Parameter
  • Exploring Parameter Controls
  • Work with the parameter
  • Click interaction working with parameter
  • Parameters and use with real time examples
  • Dynamically Show and Hide Sheets with Parameter
Groups and Sets
  • What is Group?
  • When to use Group?
  • Editing Existing Group
  • What is Limitation of groups?
  • What is Set?
  • When to Use Sets
  • Exploring Types of Sets


Calculated Fields
  • What is Tableau Calculation?
  • When to use INDEX (),RANK (),LAST(),FIRST() Functions
  • Using RUNNING_SUM Calculations
  • Using WINDOW_SUM Calculations
  • Using String Calculations
  • Using Boolean Calculations
  • Using DATE Calculations.
Trend Analysis
  • What is Trend Analysis?
  • Analysis of Logarithmic Model
  • Analysis of Exponential Model
  • What is Linear Model?
  • What is Polynomial Model?
Fore Casting and Reference Lines
  • What is Fore Casting and implementation?
  • What is Reference Line and types?
Annotations of Tableau
  • Annotations of Tableau
Drop Lines
  • Drop Lines
Actions in Tableau
  • What is Actions and When to use Actions?
  • Types of Actions in tableau
  • How to Trigger the Action/
Hierarchy in Tableau
  • What is a Hierarchy?
  • Relation between Drill downs, Roll ups and Hierarchies.
  • What are Automatic Hierarchies?
  • How to create Custom Hierarchy in Tableau?
  • Removing Hierarchy
Exploring Tableau Advanced Charts
  • Exploring Tableau Advanced Charts
Understanding Tableau Advanced topics
  • Understanding Tableau Advanced topics
Publishing workbook to online
  • Publishing workbook to online
Interview Preparation
  • interview Preparation

Tableau Certification FAQ’s:

1.What is Tableau?

Tableau is a data visualization software that is used for business intelligence and data science. It provides meaningful insight into the data and helps businesses to take strategic decisions to grow their businesses

2.How do I get Tableau certification?

The Tableau organization provides the certification. Once you decide on the level of examination, we can customize your course accordingly. We will guide you through the registration process and help you clear the certification effortlessly.

3.How much is the cost of Tableau certification?

The certification cost is $250. And it is a proctored exam type conducted online.

4.What is the passing score of the Tableau certification?

The certification passing score is 75%.

5.What if I miss the class?

We will provide the recording of the missed session and also Tableau training material for self-study.

6.Can I attend the demo class?

Yes, you can attend the demo class and clear your hesitations.

7.Do you provide job placement assistance?

Yes, we do provide job placement assistance.

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