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Microsoft Business Intelligence

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Microsoft  Business Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence Training

Our Microsoft Power BI training is hand-selected by our professionals to help you master Power BI training. From creating your first step to trying the latest advanced techniques, our collected resources will make it easy for you to learn Microsoft Power BI.

Course Overview

Microsoft Business Intelligence master’s program makes you proficient in tools and systems used by Business Intelligence Professionals. The course curriculum is determined by researches with which you can find a lot of job descriptions across the globe.

Key Features:

We will provide you 360 degrees career support

The program is specially designed for the working professionals to master in their careers

One-on-one with the mentors with extensive support

Who Should Take The Microsoft Business Intelligence Course?

Software Architects, ETL Developers, and data analysts. Business Intelligence professionals who wanted to upskill themselves in MSBI and students who wanted to start their career in MSBI can take this course.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

SSIS: SQL Server Integration Services
  • What Is SSIS?
  • Describe ETL procedures
  • About DTS Packages
  • About Business Intelligence Projects
  • About SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
  • Elements of a SSIS project
    • What are Data Sources?
    • How to use SSIS Packages?
  • Elements of a Package
    • What are Connection Managers?
    • What are Control Flow Items?
    • What is Dataflow?
    • What are Event handlers?
    • What is Package explorer?
  • Creating a SSIS Project using SQL Server Data Tools
  • Creating a new Package
  • Executing a package
  • Logging ETL operations
  • Handling errors (exception handling)
  • Adding an existing package to the Project
  • Planning an SSIS project
    • Understanding the tasks
    • Planning control flow operations
    • Planning data flow operations
    • Optimizing an SSIS Project
      • Running and monitoring
      • Optimizing
  • Deploying & Running SSIS Projects
    • Deployment procedure
    • Manual Execution
    • Scheduling
SSRS: SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Importance of Reporting Servers & Services
  • What is SSRS?
  • How to Install SSRS?
  • Stopping and starting SSRS services
  • Using reporting services tools
  • Logon to SSRS
  • SSRS Projects
  • Elements of SSRS projects
    • Data sources
    • Reports
    • Report designer
  • Report planning/modeling
  • Creating a SSRS project
  • Formatting reports
  • Adding/Removing data sets
  • Adding calculated values to the reports
  • Using parameters and filters
  • Using Parameter
  • Executing reports
  • Publishing reports
    • Publishing reports onto a SSRS Server
  • Report Subscriptions
    • About Report Subscriptions
    • Creating Report Subscriptions
    • Managing Report Subscriptions
SSAS: SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Importance of Analytical systems and solutions in business development
  • Introduction and About SSAS
  • Building SSAS Projects
    • Elements of SSAS Projects
    • SSAS Database (OLAP database)
    • Data sources
    • Data source views
    • Dimensions & Facts
    • Measures
    • Cubes
    • Mining structures
  • Creating a SSAS Project (Multidimensional Analysis Solution)
  • Creating a cube
  • Planning Dimensions and facts (tables/views)
  • Dimension hierarchies
  • Sorting an Grouping attributes
  • Configuring Measures & Measure groups
  • Building KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Building Actions
  • Building Partitions
  • Building Perspectives
  • Building Translations
  • MDX Queries
    • MDX Fundamentals
    • Writing MDX queries
    • Adding MDX Calculations to a Cube
  • Deploying a SSAS Package
    • Debugging a SSAS Project
    • Deploying a SSAS Database (Project)
    • Securing SSAS database services using Roles

Microsoft Business Intelligence FAQ’s:

1.What is Microsoft Business Intelligence Tool?

It is a business analytics tool used for visualization and business intelligence capabilities. This application software collects and processes large amounts of unstructured data from various sources and configure them into structured and meaningful data.

2.How do I get Microsoft Business Intelligence certification?

We would provide you with the certification upon completing the course. Our certificate is accredited with many leading businesses. It would be an added advantage to your resume.

3.What are the tools that MSBI comprises of?

These three tools that contribute to MSBI are • SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) • SASS (SQL server analysis services) • SSRS (SQL server reporting services)

4.What if I miss the class?

We would provide you with a video of the online class. We also provide MSBI study material for self-study.

5.Is Business intelligence a good career?

Yes, there is a high demand for BI analysts. With high salaries and lower barriers to entry. BI is a lucrative career.

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