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Pentaho Training

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Pentaho Training

Pentaho Online Training

Increase productivity by equipping your data integration team with the skills needed to integrate Pentaho data successfully. Pentaho online training provided by QTS helps you understand the concepts of business intelligence and data warehousing and gain detailed knowledge about Pentaho Data Integration. Pentaho is a suite of business analytics products that provides data integration capabilities, OLAP services, reporting, dashboards, and data mining. Pentaho is a complete solution for all your business analytics needs. In the Pentaho training course, you will learn about data integration with Pentaho. You will learn how to transfer data to various applications using a ready-made data normalization method. This Pentaho training will help you master data integration and visual reporting techniques. You will be industry ready to deal with any real-time issues and give you an edge in the demanding Pentaho jobs.

Course Overview

This Pentaho course covers the basics of the Pentaho BI suite, which includes integration with Pentaho Report Designer, Pentaho Data Integration, OLAP Cubes, ETL, and Hadoop. Our online Pentaho training is designed as a job-oriented structure and this will also help you gain real-time knowledge while working on real-world projects. You will learn about Pentaho Reporting, Dashboards, Mondrian Cubes, etc. In addition, you will receive full support from our expert instructors to get your Pentaho Data Integration certification and Pentaho interview. You will work on how to integrate with Hadoop distribution to process large data sets and create reports. This Pentaho course will give you the skills to integrate the Pentaho BI package with Hadoop.

Pentaho Certification Key Features

  • Installation and Configuration of Pentaho
  • Core concepts of Pentaho
  • Provide you with important Pentaho interview questions
  • Get Pentaho certification
  • Provide you with Pentaho Training material for self-study
  • Mock tests, Mock interviews
  • Guidance in building a good Pentaho resume
  • Schedule your timings according to your convenience

Who should take Pentaho Course ?

This course is ideal for Business analysts, business developers, data scientists, and data warehousing programmers who either want to enhance their skillset or shift to the Pentaho domain. Freshers who want to pursue a career in Pentaho can also opt for this course. Additionally, professionals seeking certification can also enroll themselves.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction to BI and Dimensional Modeling
  • Introduction to BI and Dimensional Modeling
Architecture of Pentaho and Pentaho BI Suite introduction and the workings of it’s Components.
  • What is PDI?
  • Workings of Design Studio
  • Workings of Metadata Editor and uses of it.
  • What is Report Designer?
  • What is Schema Work Bench?
Various component of PDI a.k.a kettle (Spoon/Pan/Kitchen)
  • Various component of PDI a.k.a kettle (Spoon/Pan/Kitchen)
Usage of spoon/pan/kitchen
  • Usage of spoon/pan/kitchen
Dealing with repository
  • Importance of repository and its usage
  • Creating a repository
  • Understanding types of repositories and their specific usage
  • How to take the backup of repository?
  • Explaining Restoring the repository?
Dealing with Transformations
  • How to Create simple transformations?
  • Saving the transformation to the repository
  • How to Execute the transformation?
  • Introduction to basic steps (various input, output, transformation steps)
Understanding Steps In Detail
  • Use of various input steps
  • Workings of various output steps
  • Workings of various transformation steps
  • Workings of Joins
  • Workings of Flow controls available in PDI
  • Lookup data at various sources
  • What is Data Validation?
  • What are Mappings and how to use them?
  • What is Regular Expression?
Dealing with Jobs
  • How to create jobs?
  • Executing transformation using jobs
  • Passing and retrieving data from the transformations.
  • Conditional execution of jobs
  • Pre-execution Validation with jobs.
  • File management through Jobs
Dealing with Variables
  • Creating and using variables within transformation/job
  • Creating variables and ways to use them in transformations
  • Where to use variables?
  • What is the Scope of variables?
Dealing with Parameters
  • Creating and using parameters
  • What are System parameters?
  • What are User defined parameters?
Scheduling of job/transformation
  • Scheduling of job/transformation
Running and debugging of jobs and transformation
  • Running and debugging of jobs and transformation
Storing Log Information into log tables
  • Storing Log Information into log tables
Using Pentaho kettle to deploySlowly Changing Dimension (SCD) and Change Data Capture (CDC)
  • Using Pentaho kettle to deploySlowly Changing Dimension (SCD) and Change Data Capture (CDC)
Best Practices, Performance Tuning and QA
  • Best Practices, Performance Tuning and QA
Pentaho Reazporting
  • Creating data source connection(JDBC/JNDI/XML/OLAP/PDI)
  • Workings of Report Template(Headers etc)
  • Workings of Report Formatting
  • How to create a report using different types of database connection
  • Create a report using Pentaho OLAP Cube
  • How to create and use of theCharts?
  • What is the Use of formula
  • Workings of Conditional Formatting of Row
  • What is Conditional Formatting?
  • What is Parameter Creation?
  • Use of sub-reports
  • Publish the Reports to BI Server
  • Understanding User Level Security
  • What is Hyperlinking Reports?
Pentaho Dashboards
  • Introduction to Pentaho BI Server
  • Overview of Pentaho Enterprise Server
  • Create a DATASOURCE at BI Server
  • Workings of Pentaho Dashboard Designer.
  • Create a drill down dashboard in Pentaho
  • Best Practices of Pentaho
Pentaho Cubes
  • Introduction to Pentaho BI Server
  • Introduction  Pentaho Enterprise Server
  • Create a DATASOURCE at BI Server
  • Workings of drill down dashboard
  • Best Practices in Pentaho cubes

Pentaho Training FAQ’s:

1.What is Pentaho?

Pentaho is a business analytics suite for end-to-end data integration services that enable organizations to prepare, analyze, and access data from various sources and take strategic business decisions that will help the organizations grow.

2.How do I get Pentaho certification?

Hitachi Vantara gives the Pentaho certificate. The exam format is Proctored and closed-book. Our training program will help you clear this certification effortlessly. And will guide you through the registration process.

3.How much does the Pentaho certification cost?

The Pentaho certification cost is $225.

4.What are the duration and the passing score of the Pentaho certification?

The exam duration is 90 mins and the required score to pass is 63%.

5.How long is the certificate valid?

The certification is valid for 3yrs from the date of examination.

6.What if I miss the class?

We would provide you with a recording of the session, a Pentaho tutorial guide for self-study.

7.Can I attend the demo?

Yes, you can attend the demo session and can clear your hesitations.

8.Do you provide job placement assistance?

Yes, we provide you with job placement assistance.

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