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Qlikview Training

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Qlikview Training

Qlikview Online Training

Our expert faculty have designed the Qlikview online training . The trainers have a good experience in Qlikview and BI domain. Qlikview is one of the fastest-growing BI and data visualization tools and its concepts will be taught in qlik developer training. Manipulation of large data sets can be done using memory manipulations. This qlikview training will make you an expert with graphic designs, dashboard, charts methods. This qlikview course will help you with best practices for building better experiences and guided analytics. By the end of this course, you will become a pro and efficient in handling the Qlikview tools and real-time issues that may arise in the organization. Our Qlikview certification is in line with market requirements and industry standards.

Course Overview

Qlikview is the end-to-end business analytics software about which you will know in QlikView designer training. Qlikview software helps in the easy performance of data discovery, visualization, and reporting. QTSInfo industry expert faculty are always proactive in solving your queries and provide you with the latest information followed in the industry. You will get the best education through our instructor-led course. . First you will get the QlikView overview and then gradually you will be led to advanced topics.

Various concepts that you will learn include object formatting, data visualization, data modeling, and many more key concepts. Our Qlikview tutorial includes all the concepts from beginners level to advance level. You will get high-paying Qlikview jobs after pursuing this course.

Qlikview Training Software Key Features

  • One to one sessions
  • Core concepts of Qlikview reporting
  • Installation and Configuration of Qlikview architecture
  • Understanding Qlikview architecture
  • Using Qlikview functions
  • Get Qlikview certification
  • Qlikview dashboard examples for practice
  • Provide you with Qlikview interview questions
  • Get Qlikview Training Certification

Who should take this Qlikview Online course?

People who will be benefitted by this course are programmers, data analysts, and IT professionals who want to either upskill or shift to the Qlikview domain. Freshers can also join this course to boost their career. The course can also be done by those IT professionals who want to make their tutorial through Qlikview certification.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

  • What is Qlikview?
  • Why Qlikview?
  • Unique Features compared to Traditional BI Tools
  • Complete Dataware Housing Basics
  • What is Desktop?
  • Installing Qlikview Server
  • How to use Qlikview Publisher?
  • What is Access Point and how to use it.
  • What does Qlikview Developer do?
  • What is Qlikview Designer
  • What is the role of Qlikview Administrator?
  • Understanding Standalone process
  • What is Server?
  • How to use Publisher?
  • Relational Databases
  • Dimensional Data Structures
  • Comparing Data Models to QlikView Data Model
  • Data Structures in QlikView
  • Data Source Files
  • The QWT Primary Data Source
  • The QWT Secondary Data Files
  • Edit Script Explanation
  • Script Generation
  • Comments in the Script
  • Script Debugging
  • Creating Tabs in the Script
  • The Table Viewer
  • The System Table
  • Explanation of Document Properties
  • Load data from multiple data sources
  • Renaming a Field
  • Script Expressions
  • Loading an XML File
  • Renaming Fields Using the Qualify Statement
  • Key Fields
  • Loading Generic Tables
  • Including Images and Media content
  • How to load field into a Table Multiple Times
  • Using a Record Count on Key Fields
  • Loading Cross Tables and Info Tables
  • Handling Null Values
  • Changing Date Formats
  • Changing Metadata
  • Complete discussion about concatenation
  • Resolving Synthetic Keys
  • Resolving Loops
  • Preparing QVD Files
  • Performing Incremental Loads
  • Optimization Techniques at Script Level

Qlikview Training FAQ’s:

1.What is Qlikview?

Qlikview is a business intelligence software solution in which memory manipulation technology has been used to allow users to make important decisions through data.

2.How do I get Qlikview certification?

We will provide a certificate after the course is successfully completed. Our certificate is accredited by many organizations. The certificate will help you to go ahead of your competitors.

3.What if I miss the class?

A recorded video for each missed lecture will be provided.

4.Do you assist with Qlikview jobs?

Yes, we will provide job assistance so that you can get a good job. Ours is a job-oriented course.

5.What is the average Qlikview developer salary?

The average Qlikview developer salary is $76,526/Yr.

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