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Angular and NodeJS Mean Stack

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Angular and NodeJS Mean Stack

Angular and NodeJS Mean Stack Training

Angular and NodeJS Mean Stack Training from Folksit will let you learn about four different technologies and their combination. These technologies include MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS. After completing the angular and nodejs online training, you can get the job of MEAN Stack Developer. The course will include the curriculum of all the four technologies and the ways to combine them to develop advanced applications.

Course Overview


The angular and node js certification is a journey that will take you to a path of developing advanced applications with the help of the mean stack. The latest version of MEAN is MEAN 2.0 which includes Angular JS 2+. You will be taught all four technologies and develop applications with them in the angular and node js courses.

Key features: standard set of course features

  • 24/7 help desk
  • Details of training in angular and node js training pdf
  • Job oriented angular nodej s training programs
  • Flexible stack angular training plan
  • Provision of angular and node js training material
  • Learn organizing project files through angular nodejs training organization
  • Full guarantee of stack training and placement

who should take the course?

The stack training certification can be done by those people who already have knowledge of Angular and Node JS. The angular nodejs certificate course will help them to learn the ways of connecting frontend with backend. The stack training online courses can also be taken by beginners who want to have full knowledge of the stack 


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Course curriculum / Syllabus

  • Introduction to Nodejs
    • What is nodejs?
    • A word on eventloop
    • Event driven architecture
    • Blocking vs non-blocking code
    • How to Setup nodejs?
    • What is Node REPL (Read Eval Print Loop)?
    • HelloWorld program
    • Debugging nodejs app
  • Modules in JS
    • Understanding exports and require
    • How to create modules?
    • How to import modules?
    • Quick tour on NPM (Node Package Manager)
    • Installing 3rd party modules
  • Events & streams
    • Significance of Events
    • What is EventEmitter class?
    • Emitting and listening to events
    • Types of streams
    • Working with streams
    • Composing streams using pipe
  • Working with Process and File System
    • Process object
    • Handling exceptions at process level
    • Listening to process events
    • Working with file system using fs module
    • Creating, Copying, Deleting files
    • Creating, Copying, Deleting directories
    • Watching for file changes
Express Js
  • Expressjs Introduction & Setup
    • Installing ExpressJS
    • First App with express - Demo
    • Little about routes
    • Little about Express middleware
    • Serving static files with express
    • Express application generator
    • What is expressjs?
  • Routing in Depth
    • Route Methods
    • Route Paths
    • Parameterized Routes
    • Route Handlers
    • Express Router
  • Middleware
    • Types of middleware
      • What is an Application?
      • Explain Router
      • Explore Error
      • Understand Built-in
      • A word on Third party
    • Error middleware
    • Body parser, cookie parser, session management
  • Template Engines
    • What are template engines?
    • Working with EJS (Embedded JavaScript Templating
    • Concept of Jade
    • Explain Handlebars
  • Expressjs security
    • What is Authentication?
    • Working with JWT
    • Process of securing routes
  • Debugging in Express
  • Realtime programming with Socket.io
  • Scaling nodejs applications
    • The Child process model
    • exec, spawn, and fork functions
    • Using the Cluster module
Mongo DB
  • Introduction to MongoDB
    • Installing MongoDB
    • The current SQL/NoSQL landscape
    • Document-oriented vs. other types of storage
    • Mongo's feature set
    • Common use-cases
    • MongoDB databases
    • MongoDB Collections
    • MongoDB Documents
  • CRUD Operations in Mongodb
    • Creating documents
      • Using insert()
      • Using update()
      • Using save()
    • Querying documents
      • Using find()
      • Working with equality
      • Explain Query operators
      • Building complex queries
    • Updating documents
    • Deleting documents
  • Introduction to Mongoose
    • Word on ORM/ODM
    • Installing mongoose
    • Connecting to MongoDB from mongoose
  • Core concepts of Mongoose
    • Understanding mongoose schemas and datatypes
    • Working with Models
    • Using modifiers in schema
    • Using virtual fields
    • Optimizing query performance by enabling indexes
  • Extending Models
    • Working with hooks
    • Validation of model data
    • Creating custom static methods
    • Creating custom instance methods
    • CRUD operations with Mongoose
  • Typescript & ES6
    • Introduction  to Angular JS
    • What is Typescript?
    • Why Typescript?
    • Setup and installation
    • IDE support
  • Scoping through Let and Const Keywords ( ES6 )
  • Template Literals  ( ES6 )
  • Rest Parameters  and Spread Syntax ( ES6 )
  • Destructuring ( ES6 )
  • Power of Types
    • Introduction to Types
    • Type inference
    • Type Annotations
    • Using Number
    • Using Boolean
    • Using String
    • Using Array
    • Using Tuple
    • Using Enum
    • Using Any
    • Using Void
    • Using Null and Undefined
    • Using Never ( Typescript 2)
  • Explore Functions
    • Introduction to Functions
    • Using types in functions
    • Function as types
    • Optional and default parameters
    • Arrow functions
    • Function overloading
  • Classes
  • Introduction

Angular and NodeJS Mean Stack FAQ’s:

1.Will I Get Any Course Completion Certificate After Completing Angular And Nodejs Certification?

Yes! You will get the course completion certificate after completing angular and nodejs certification.

2.How Will I Get Angular And Nodejs Training Material?

We will provide you angular and nodejs training material which you can use for self-learning besides attending the classes.

3.Which Topics Are Included In The Stack Training Certification?

In the stack training certification, all the topics related to MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS are included and you be given theoretical as well as practical training.

4.Is The Course Available Online Or I Have To Attend Offline Classes?

We provide both online and offline teaching for angular and nodejs courses. You have the choice of attending any of them as per your convenience?

5.How to learn nodejs mean stack training?

You just need to register online and select the angular nodejs certificate course. After making the payment, you can attend the classes.

6.Does Stack Angular Training Programs Include Flexible Timings?

Yes! Stack angular training programs include flexible timings. You can select the time and day as per your convenience and training will be provided to you accordingly.

7.Is There Any Angular Nodejs Training Plan?

Yes! We have a proper angular nodejs training plan and your course will be completed on time without any delay.

8.Shall I Know Something About Angular Nodejs Training And Placement?

Yes! After completion of the course, we will also arrange interviews for you for job placement.

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