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Angular 11 Online Training

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Angular 11 Online Training

Angular 11 Training & Certification

This Angular 11 Online training is designed and conceived by our leading experts working with top industries. Angular 11 is an open-source JavaScript MVC framework for web applications. It is one of the most popular client-side frameworks. This training program will help you master all the concepts of how to build, deploy and test web applications. You will learn all the new Angular 11 features. This Angular 11 tutorial will help you learn all the tricks and techniques involved in building dynamic front-end web applications. This course will help you land a high-paying job in this ever-growing Angular market.

Course Overview

Angular is one of the most popular front-end frameworks for building a single-page application or web apps with Typescript, HTML, and CSS. Our expert faculty having substantial experience will share their real-time knowledge and all the best practices and information used in the industry.

You will learn with real-time Angular 11 examples. These live instructor-led classes are not less than classroom teaching. It is designed to make the classes interactive and engaging. You will learn how to build dynamic websites using Angular11's new features.

Angular 11 Online Course Key Features

  • Core concepts & Fundamentals of Angular11
  • Usage of Typescript
  • Building single page web application using Angular framework
  • Check out the Angular 11 new features
  • Mock & real-time projects for practice
  • Get Angular11 certification
  • Schedule your time according to your convenience
  • One to One sessions

Who should learn Angular 11 Online?

This course primarily benefits developers both front end and back end who want to upgrade their skills and get better opportunities. Individuals who want to pursue a career in the Angular domain. And also professionals who want Angular certification to move forward.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction to Angular
  • Introduction to Angular
  • What is Angular?
  • Architecture of Angular Apps
  • Setting up Development Environment
  • Your first Angular App
  • Structure of Angular Apps
  • Web Pack
Angular Fundamentals
  • Introduction
  • Building Blocks of Angular Apps
  • What are Components Angular with Examples?
  • Generating Components using Angular CLI
  • How to use material admin dashboard Templates in Angular 11
  • What is Angular Directives with example?
  • What are Angular Services?
  • What is Dependency Injection in Angular with example?
  • Generating Services using Angular CLI
Display Data and Handling Events
  • Introduction of Display data and handling events
  • What is Property Binding in Angular?
  • What is Attribute Binding in Angular?
  • Adding Bootstrap in Angular?
  • What is Class Binding and how do I bind in Angular 11?
  • What is Style Binding in Angular?
  • What is Event Binding in Angular?
  • What are Template Variables in Angular?
  • What is Two Way Bindings in Angular 11?
  • What are the Pipes in Angular?
  • What are Custom Pipes in Angular?
. Building Re usable Components
  • Introduction of Reusable components
  • In-depth knowledge of Component API
  • What are Input Properties?
  • Aliasing Input and Output Properties
  • What is passing event data?
  • How to use Templates in Angular 11
  • What are Styles in Angular?
  • View Encapsulation methods
  • What is ng-Content in Angular?
  • What is ng-Container in Angular?
  • Introduction of Directives
  • How do I use NgIf in Angular?
  • What is Hidden Property in Angular 11?
  • How to Ng-Switch Case in Angular 11?
  • How to use Ng-For in Angular 11 with example?
  • What is Ng-For and Change Detection?
  • How to use Ng-For and Track By in Angular 11?
  • What is The Leading Asterisk in Angular 11?
  • How to use Ng-Class in Angular?
  • What is Ng-Style?
  • What is Safe Traversal Operator and how to use it?
  • Methods of Creating Custom Directives
Template Driven forms
  • Introduction of Template driven forms
  • Building a Bootstrap Form
  • Types of Forms in Angular 11?
  • What is Ng-Model?
  • How do you Add Validation to form?
  • What is input Validation Errors?
  • How to use Style Invalid Input?
  • What is Cleaner Templates and how to use it?
  • What is Ng-Form?
  • What is Ng-Model Group?
  • What are Control Classes and Directives?
  • Disabling the submit button
  • Working with Check boxes
  • Working with Drop down lists
  • Working with Radio Buttons
  • Introduction
  • JSON Placeholder
  • How do I Get parsing Data?
  • Creating Data
  • Updating Data
  • What is OnInit Interface in Angular?
  • Separation of Concerns
  • Methods of Extracting service
  • How to Handle Errors?
  • How to handle unexpected errors?
  • How to handle Expected Errors?
  • Throwing Application Specific Errors
  • Handling Bad Request errors
  • Import Observable Operators and Factory Methods
  • Global Error Handling
  • Extracting Reusable Error Handling Method
  • Extracting Reusable, a Data Service
  • How to use The Map Operator?
  • Differences between Optimistic vs. Pessimistic updates with examples
Consuming HTTP Services
  • Introduction of HTTP services
  • JSON Placeholder
  • Getting Data
  • Creating Data
  • Updating Data
  • What is OnInit Interface?
  • Separation of Concerns
  • Extracting a service
  • Handling Errors
  • Handling unexpected errors
  • Handling Expected Errors
Routing and Navigation
  • Introduction of Routing and Navigation?
  • Routing in a Nutshell
  • How to configure routes?
  • How to use Router Outlet?
  • What is Router Link?
  • Ways to activate Router Link?
  • Getting Route Parameters
  • Why Routes parameters are observable
  • Routes with Multiple Parameters
  • How do I get Query Parameters in Angular 11?
  • Subscribing to Multiple Observable
  • The Switch Map Operator
  • What is Programmatic Navigation?
  • How to use Angular Toast notification.?

Angular 11 Online Training FAQ’s:

1.What is Angular 11?

Angular11 is one of the most popular front-end frameworks for building single-page applications or web apps. It used Typescript, HTML, and CSS front-end tools for development. It is based on MVC architecture.

2.What are the Angular 11 new features?

The main features of Angular 11

  • Cross-Platform
  • Optimum performance and High Speed
  • MVC architecture
  • Two-way data binding
  • Angular CLI (Command Line Interface)

3.How do I get Angular 11 certification?

We will provide you with certification upon completing the course successfully. Our certificate is accredited by many leading organizations. It will help you gain trust and confidence among the companies hiring. It will be a value add to your resume.

4.What if I miss the Angular Version 11 online class?

If you had missed the e-class, we would provide you with a recording of the class conducted. We also provide you with an Angular 11 tutorial for offline access.

5.What is bootstrap in Angular11?

Angular bootstrap is a functional component in the core module used for starting angular application manually. It can be used together with modern JavaScript web and mobile frameworks.

6.Do I get answers with Angular 11 Interview Questions?

Yes, registered candidates will also be provided with the Answers of Angular11 Interview questions. The solutions provided by the Expert professionals i.e., Angular developers.

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