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React Native

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 React Native

React Native Training

React Native Training is a course which will tell the students how to make different types of mobile apps. Facebook created the language in order to develop cross platform apps. A student will develop this skill through react native online training. Many students may have the question about how to learn react native training. They can join react native online courses to learn the language and use it for developing various apps.

Course Overview

Many react-native online courses and certifications are available for the students which will help them to learn the language through a proper react-native training plan. React native training programs will include the full syllabus. After the completion of the course, students will be able to get react-native training jobs. A candidate does not have to search for react-native training near me as the course will be available online and an instructor will lead it.

Key features: standard set of course features

  • Instructor-led react-native training courses
  • Availability of react-native training material
  • React native short courses are also available
  • Get react-native training for beginners
  • Guaranteed react-native training and job placement
  • Get a certificate after the completion of react native training certification

who should take the course?

The react native courses should be done by web developers and UI developers.  The web and UI developers should do react native certification courses online to create cross-platform apps. The course will include JavaScript and React programming languages. They can create many things like widgets, spinners, data listing, etc., and upload them on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction to React Native
  • Who is developing it, What it is, and why you should use it
Getting Started with React Native
  • Setting up your development and testing environment.
React Native Tools
  • Know about Console and Editor
Javascript ES6 Overview
  • The tricky bits of ES6 from native mobile divs perspective
Create your first React Native app
  • How to fire up the simulators on iOS and Android
  • Exploring Project Structure
Developing your UI with JSX
  • Adding controls to your UI
  • Buttons & Text Labels
  • Styling - in JavaScript
  • Interactive Design
  • Creating custom Components
  • Properties (props)
  • Managing State
  • Populating & Manipulating Lists
How to use open source (NPM) Going deeper with React Native
  • Dynamic properties of NPM (Node Package Manager)
  • Dynamic styles of NPM
  • How State affects the rendering pipeline?
  • Explain Network requests
  • Explain Navigation
  • Storing data - Realm for React Native
  • Integrating with Map APIs
  • Creating native React components
  • Ways of sharing code effectively between iOS & Android

React Native FAQ’s:

1.What is the need of doing react native certification courses?

By doing react native certification courses a student will learn to make components for user interface. These components will be reusable and can be used repeatedly. The react native certificate course will also help the students to make cross platform apps which can run on iOS and Android operating systems.

2.What things are included on the react native certifications near me?

The student will learn everything related to React Native language. He will learn these things through examples and projects. This will help him in getting react native training present jobs.

3.What will be included in react native training pdf?

The full course curriculum along with projects will be included in the react native training pdf. Before starting the course, the student has to go through the react native training pdf and see if it is valuable for him or not.

4.What is react native organisation?

Students should learn react native organisation so that they can organize the files properly. It is useful for the beginners. Experts have the knowledge of how to arrange and manage react native project files.

5.Is there a guarantee of react native training and placement?

Yes! There is a guarantee of react native training and placement

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