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What is SAS Business Intelligence?

What is SAS Business Intelligence?

Understanding SAS Business Intelligence.

There are two components in SAS Business Intelligence. These components include Business Visualization and Enterprise Business Intelligence. Enterprise Business Intelligence (SAS Viya) can be used for data analysis and insights generation about the present and the future. Business Visualization has an amazing visualization studio that allows customers to explore their data dynamically and intuitively. To understand more about SAS business intelligence, you can join SAS Business Intelligence Training which will help you in getting good jobs in the field.

SAS Business Intelligence software, which combines the capabilities of SAS Analytics and SAS Data Management, provides customers with a unique ability to make better decisions. It also helps you maintain data consistency and simplify operations and decision-making.

SAS Business Intelligence Capabilities

SAS Business Intelligence has a variety of capabilities, which are described in detail below.

Data Visualization

Regardless of your industry, data visualization can help you deliver information in the most effective way possible. Data visualization is one of the fundamental steps in any business intelligence tool, as it allows you to model and present raw data for decision making. In modern analytics, data analysts use machine learning and artificial algorithms to prepare the underlying data into visualizations that are easier to understand. SAS Business Intelligence creates real-time reports, charts, and visualizations based on the data it analyzes, enabling you to gain deeper insight into complex data, identify new patterns, uncover new opportunities and analyze trends. enabling trend analysis.

Generate meaningful insights

Insights help you move from knowledge to inspiration for decision-making in business processes and verticals such as marketing, design, sales, and management. SAS Business Intelligence helps you identify correlations, detect anomalies, visualize trends, predict performance and future trends, and generate meaningful insights.

Real-time dashboards and reports

SAS Business Intelligence includes tools that will help you to create ad hoc reports of high quality with minimal technical expertise. The reports generated are easy to understand and can be created by managers themselves. It also supports integrated data access, filtering, and transformation.

Mobile BI applications

SAS Business Intelligence offers a mobile BI app for iOS and Android. With the mobile app, you can easily monitor your business anytime, anywhere. The mobile app allows you to set up simple gestures and controls to access and manipulate dashboards, charts, and reports.


Collaboration in SAS Business Intelligence lets all the people in your organization share knowledge, insights, and analysis to create a response to a situation. Collaboration allows you to share observations and opinions, customer data, financial and industry information (e.g., profits, sales), and psychological information (e.g., interests, attitudes, opinions).

Benefits of SAS Business Intelligence

SAS Business Intelligence has many advantages, which are explained in detail here.

Simplifies business information

Get insights quickly and draw actionable conclusions by exploring all relevant channels and data sources. The tool allows users to identify anomalies, detect correlations, track trends, plan performance and generally look for opportunities that offer a commercial advantage over competitors. Analytical and descriptive views allow users to better understand the data. The app's tools can also take the guesswork out of coding with an automated mapping function. The app also supports sending analytical data to smartphones. Finally, users can use the useful information in the app to improve their daily business documents.

Easy collaboration

SAS Office Analytics enables seamless collaboration by transferring analytics results and findings to MS Office applications such as Outlook and Excel. This makes it easy for teams and workflows to collaborate on ideas, with data to support discussions. This application focuses primarily on report generation and quick and easy access to data. SAS Mobile BI is also available as an app for Android and iOS smartphones, so users can access collected data, results, and discussions on the go.

Access to key features and tools

The app includes a visual exploration option that allows users to create useful visual tools to illustrate and identify patterns, relationships, and trends. The SAS Visual Analytics module can simplify complex analyses. This helps the users to use the analytics easily and predict trends and outcomes.  Interactive dashboard and reporting tools provide a self-service solution that allows users to create custom reports without IT assistance. The Visual SAS Statistics module also features a drag-and-drop interface that uses in-memory distributed processing to allow users to create descriptive and predictive data models.

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