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SAS Clinical Online Training

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SAS Clinical Online Training

SAS Clinical Online Training

The SAS Clinical Course provides comprehensive training in data analysis and reporting for the pharmaceutical industry. Participants learn essential skills in data management, statistical analysis, and clinical trial reporting using SAS software. Gain expertise in data validation, clinical data integration, and regulatory compliance. Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to excel in the field of clinical research and make an impact in drug development.

Course Overview

Online SAS training is a course that will open a huge amount of job opportunities. Our organization has hired the best instructors who have a lot of knowledge of the subject. They will provide you with SAS training and make you an expert so that you can handle different positions easily. Theory and practical classes will be arranged for you during the Clinical SAS course and you can get the job of Clinical SAS programmer. A SAS Clinical tutorial will be provided to you during SAS clinical online training to understand the concepts and revising them before taking up the exam.

 SAS Clinical Online Training Key features

  • Instructors will be available 24/7
  • Learn SAS programming in this course
  • Get a SAS Clinical tutorial for reference
  • Complete clinical SAS certification and get a certificate
  • SAS Clinical interview questions will be provided
  • Learn analysis of Clinical trials using SAS
  • Learn about clinical SAS

Who Should Take SAS Clinical Programming Course?

The course can be taken up by those people who have basic or intermediate knowledge of SAS clinical programming.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Clinical Trials Process
  • What is clinical research process (phases, key roles, key organizations)?
  • Interpret a Statistical Analysis Plan.
  • Derive programming requirements from an annotated Case Report Form and a SAP.
  • Describe regulatory requirements (International Conference on Harmonization, principles of 21 CFR Part 11, Good Clinical Practices).
Clinical Trials Data Structures
  • Identifying the classes of clinical trials data (demographic, concomitant medication, baseline, lab, etc.).
  • Identify key CDISC principals and terms.
  • Describe the purpose and structure of the CDISC SDTM data model.
  • Describe the purpose and structure of the CDISC ADaM data model.
  • Describe the contents and purpose of define.xml.
Import and Export Clinical Trials Data
  • How regulatory requirements are applied to the exported SAS data sets (SAS V5 requirements)?
Manage Clinical Trials Data
  • Access DICTIONARY Tables using the SQL procedure
  • Examine and explore clinical trials input data (missing vs. zero values, find outliers, etc).
Transform Clinical Trials Data
  • How windowing techniques and categorization are applied to clinical trials data?
  • Transpose SAS data sets.
  • Apply ‘observation carry forward’ techniques to clinical trials data (BOCF, LOCF, WOCF).
  • Calculate ‘change from baseline’ results.
  • Obtain counts of events in clinical trials.
Apply Statistical Procedures for Clinical Trials
  • Using SAS procedures for obtaining descriptive statistics for clinical trials data (FREQ, SUMMARY, MEANS, UNIVARIATE).
  • How to obtain p-values through for categorical data (2×2 and NxP test for association).
  • Use PROC TTEST for obtaining p-values for continuous data (one-sample, paired and two-sample t-tests).
  • Create output data sets from statistical procedures.
Macro Programming for Clinical Trials
  • Creation and usage of user-defined and automatic macro variables.
  • Automate programs by defining and calling macros.
  • Usage of system options for debugging macros and display values of macro variables in the SAS log (MPRINT, MLOGIC, SYMBOLGEN, MACROGEN).
Report Clinical Trials Results
  • Use PROC REPORT to produce listings and tables for clinical trials reports.
  • Use global statements and ODS to produce and augment clinical trials reports.
Validate Clinical Trial Data Reporting
  • Explanation of the principles of programming validation in the clinical trial industry.
  • Utilizing the log file for the validation of clinical trial data reporting.
  • Usage of programming techniques to validate clinical trial data reporting (MSGLEVEL, PROC COMPARE).
  • Identify and Resolve data, syntax and logic errors.

SAS Clinical Online Training FAQ’s:

1.Why we should do this course?

There is a huge demand or a certified SAS clinical programmer and this course will open a wide variety of opportunities for you.

2.Are the instructors expert in the field?

Yes! They are expert in the field. We hire an instructor after testing them fully. We check their knowledge and then finalize them.

3.Will we get video recording for each lecture?

Yes! You will get a video recording for each lecture.

4.What will be included in mock test sessions?

We will arrange tests and you will feel that you are giving the real exam. These tests will include such type of questions that may be asked in the real exam.

5.Will mock interviews be also conducted?

Yes! Mock interviews will also be conducted.

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