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SAS CDM Online Training

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SAS CDM Online Training

SAS CDM Online Training

This SAS CDM Online Training and Certification has been crafted by industry experts from healthcare. CDM is one of the key phases of clinical trials and the drug development process. This CDM Training Program will provide you with the best practices of the industry. At the end of the SAS certification course, you will be proficient enough to solve all the critical issues that may arise when in the field. This clinical data management course is prepared to keep in line with the industry standards as you will learn about clinical data processing.

Course Overview

SAS CDM is the most widely used technology during clinical trials or in medical research. The clinical data management system is a tool that collects, verifies, and manages the data required for clinical trials. To manage this data efficiently and according to the industry standards SAS comes into the picture. SAS programming in clinical data management services are used in clinical research to handle data effectively. SAS CDM is used to reduce the possible human errors that may occur during data entry of the clinical trials. Data management using SAS provides the automation and accuracy needed to manage the clinical research data. This SAS CDM online training masters you in all the concepts and deal with real-time situations.

SAS CDM Online Training  Key Features

  • Introduction to Clinical trials.
  • Learning about CDM and its implementation.
  • Core concepts of SAS CDM.
  • Installation and configuration of SAS
  • A different concept of SAS course.
  • Get CDM certification.
  • Mock SAS CDM projects

Who Should Take This SAS Certification Course ?

This course primarily benefits professionals like pharmacists, medical researchers, and professionals working healthcare sector. Additionally, this clinical data management course is useful for beginners who do want to pursue their careers in healthcare. Individuals with a statistics background can also go for this program.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Clinical Trails and Clinical Data Management :
  • Phase trails: preclinical1,2,3 and 4
  • Drug discovery and development
  • Describe ICH GCP
  • Computer system validation
  • What is 21 CFR 11?
  • How to perform designing of CRF?
  • Concept of Pharmacokinetics
  • Exploring the concept of Pharmacovigilance
  • Process of Clinical data management
  • Introduction of CDISC
  • What are CTM systems?
  • How to make Data management plan?
Sub Chapter
  • Knowledge of General abbreviated terms
  • Clinical trails introduction
  • What are the Responsibilities of CRA (Clinical Research Associate?
  • What are the Activities of CRA in house?
  • What is CRA monitoring?
  • How to perform Clinical trail monitoring?
  • Description of Responsibilities of PI
  • What is IRB (Institutional Review Board)?
  • Concept of Informed consent form
  • Describe ICH history
  • Define GPC guidelines
  • Explore FDA history
  • Explain FDA guidelines
  • What are IND,NDA reviews?
  • Clinical research study document
  • CRF (Case Report Form) reviews and sample CRF's
  • How to perform CRF data submission?
  • What is CRF receiving?
  • Introduction to SAS in CDM
Components of SAS Different data types
  • What is Base/SAS?
  • What is SAS/STAT?
  • What is SAS/Graph?
  • What is SAS/ACCESS?
  • What are SAS procedures?
  • What is SAS Procedures?
  • What is SAS Macros?
  • What is SAS (working with SQL)?
Open clinical
  • Explain Database design
  • Explore Protocol planning
  • How to perform CRF Data entry?
  • What is Data management?
  • Know about Study planning
  • Concept of Study design
  • Oracle clinical (overview)

SAS CDM Online Training FAQ’s:

1.What is CDM in Healthcare?

CDM is the key phase in clinical research. It is a collection of quality and reliable data.

2.What does CDM stand for?

CDM means Clinical Data Management.

3.What does SAS stand for?

SAS stands for Statistical analysis system.

4.What is CDM in SAS?

CDM integrates, organizes, and manages the clinical research data. This is done by SAS which is used to avoid human error while entering the data. SAS increases the speed by automating repeatable tasks.

5.How do I Get CDM certification?

We provide CDM certification upon completing the course successfully. Our certification has a standing in the market which makes it easier for you to get hired.

6.How much time to learn CDM SAS?

It may take around 2 months to learn the concepts of SAS CDM.

7.Do you assist in job placement after the training?

Yes, we do assist.

8.Is SAS CDM a good career option?

Yes, SAS CDM is a good option particularly when there is a need for SAS programmers. Post corona medical research sector is on the rise.

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