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Captiva Dispatcher Training

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Captiva Dispatcher Training

Captiva Dispatcher Training Online

EMC Captiva Dispatcher is a tool that has the ability to a large amount of paper data automatically. The tool can also capture the data and then the information is delivered to the correct systems automatically. The tool consists of recognition technologies that help businesses to identify hand-written and printed documents. Qtsinfo is providing Captiva Dispatcher training and you can get various Captiva Dispatcher jobs one of them is Documentum Developer.

Course Overview

EMC Captiva Dispatcher is a course in which you will learn about various features of the tool. The tool is very useful for businesses as they can check all kinds of data whether printed or handwritten. Our instructors have designed the course curriculum in which all the concepts will be covered that you need to do your job. The course will be conducted through live classes and you will also get the recording of each lecture for further access. We will also provide tutorial and int5erview questions for the preparation for the real exam and interview.

Captiva Dispatcher Certification Key features

  • Get Captiva Dispatcher tutorial to understand the concept
  • Get Captiva Dispatcher interview questions to know the types of questions that you will face in the real interview.
  • Get answers to all your queries any time as our support team will be available 24/7
  • Get the facility of mock test sessions
  • Mock interviews will be conducted for practicing the way of giving an interview
  • The facility of demo classes will also be available. No charges will be taken for these classes.

Who should learn Captiva Dispatcher Course?

The course can be taken up by managers, reporters and the authorities who have to submit different types of reports to the management.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Captiva Dispatcher Functionality
  • Overview
  • Forms identification
  • Document Identification
  • Document Groups
  • Identification and Extraction Technologies
  • Dispatcher Project & InputAccel
  • Dispatcher level Tree structure
  • Dispatcher Modules
    • Administration Development
    • Modules and Flow chart
    • Dispatcher API Files
    • Dispatcher for InputAccel Infra structure
    • Identifying Handwritten and Machine printed data
    • Use Webservice to provide extracted info
      • Controlling Image Formats
      • Running a dispatcher Product
      • Sample Process
      • Monitoring performance
      • Exception report generation
Barcode reading -2D/3D format data
  • Reading barcode data 2D/3D format
  • Validating on barcode data from database
  • Direct Proceeding for OCR functionality
Captiva 7/7.1 Upgradation.
  • Install Database
  • Input Accel Components
  • Configuration and Process deployments with existing code
  • Sanity testing process

Captiva Dispatcher Training FAQ’s:

1.What happens if I miss a lesson?

You will receive a video recording for each lesson, so you don't have to worry about missing a lesson.

2.Are there any demo classes?

Yes, there will be demo classes before the starting of the course.

3.Why do I need to be certified as well as attend the training?

Organizations with employees, contractors, and consultants can rely on Captiva Dispatcher certification for recruitment, appointment, promotion, and other management decisions. Individuals who earn these certifications also receive formal, impartial, and validated recognition of their skills and knowledge.

4.How do I register?

Once you purchase your exam, you will have access to the exam schedule and can book your exam at a testing center or remote location. You can also exchange your remote test for a test at one of our centers.

5.What are the qualifications of the tutors?

Our tutors have more than 10 years of experience and are ready to help you with your problems.

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