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Basic Rational Soda Online Training

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Basic Rational Soda Online Training

Basic Rational Soda Course

Basic Rational Soda Training is a course in which you will learn everything related to the tool. The course is being provided by QTSInfo in which you will learn instructional designing with the help of this tool. The tool has the ability to provide automated document generation. You can also include code, text, images, etc. in the document. The main job that you can get after completing the course is instructional designing. You will also get the job related to e-learning.

Course Overview

If you have a plan to go into the field of instructional designing or eLearning, you can go for this course. Basic Rational Soda is a great tool to make e-learning courses. The tool comes with many features which will help you in developing interactive courses. The course curriculum includes all the topics and concepts required to learn the essential things of the tool. The course will start from basic concepts and then advanced concepts will be taught. Projects, interview questions, and tutorials will also be provided.

Basic Rational Soda Certification Key features

  • Get Basic Rational Soda Training tutorial for beginners and experienced professionals
  • Basic Rational Soda Training interview questions will prepare you for the real interview.
  • Mock test sessions will be arranged
  • Mock interview sessions will help you to know about real interview
  • Support is available 24/7
  • Get the certificate of Basic Rational Soda Training after course completion

Who should take Basic Rational Soda Course?

People whose goal is a career in the eLearning field can do this course. The course has been designed for fresh graduates and experienced professionals.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

  • Introduction
Document Processes Rational SODA
  • SoDA Terminology
  • SoDA Domains
  • Domain Terminology
SoDA for Word
  • Working with Menus
  • Working with Documentation window
  • Working with Wizards
  • Process of Document generation
  • Working with Template window
SoDA Functionality
  • What is Open Command?
  • What is Display Command?
  • What is Repeat Command?
  • What is Limit Command?
  • What is Operations?
Using SoDA
  • How to create documents?
  • How to maintain documents?
  • How to create templates?
  • How to create reports?
  • How to create tables?
SoDA Help
  • Writing Tool
  • Online
  • Forums
  • Phone Support

Basic Rational Soda Online Training FAQ’s:

1.Are projects included in the course?

Yes! The course includes simulated projects to give you the feeling that you are working on a real project. This will give you a good experience of how to deal with different situations when working on a real project.

2.Does QTSInfo offer placement support?

Yes! QTSInfo offers placement support. You will be helped to find the job you want.

3.Will we also have the opportunity to practice job interviews?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to do job interviews. After the course there will be sessions where you can practice and participate in real job interviews.

4.Will there be demonstrations during the course?

Yes! You will be offered demonstration sessions, after which you can decide if you want to continue with the course.

5.Will the organization issue a certificate?

Yes! The organization will issue a certificate for the course.

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