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Articulate Storyline Training

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Articulate Storyline Training

Articulate Storyline Online Course

Articulate Storyline Training is a course from QTSInfo in which you will the usage of tool in making different types of e-learning courses. The tool comes with many features. The tool has the ability to design the course in such a way that it can run easily in the screen of any size. There is no need to tweak the course and make settings so that it can run on different devices with screens of different sizes. Sidebar menu is hidden and Chrome browser is also eliminated. The course will help you in getting the job of instructional designer.

Course Overview

There are many people who want to develop different types of courses easily. Articulate Storyline training is a course in which you will learn about the features of the tool and the method of using it. You can add text, video, audio, and other elements to make the course attractive for your students. You can also add quizzes that will help the students to practice them and use the knowledge in the real exam.

Articulate Storyline Certification Key features

  • Learn the process of developing e-learning courses
  • Articulate Storyline Training tutorial will be provided which will include all the concepts of the tool.
  • Articulate Storyline Training interview questions will prepare you to give the real interview
  • You can contact our support team for your queries
  • You will be able to handle all the responsibilities mentioned in the job description
  • Learn about Articulate Storyline architecture

Who Should take Articulate Storyline Course?

The course can be taken up by those people who want to make a career in developing e-learning courses. Such students can become instructional designers after doing the course. The course can be pursued by fresh graduates and experienced professionals.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Exploring Storyline
  • Explore a Finished Storyline Project
  • Explore Slides and Panels
  • Zoom and Magnify
  • Explore Panels
  • Preview the Entire Project
Creating Projects
  • Create a New Project
  • Apply a Theme
  • Apply a Content Master Slide
  • Insert New Slides
  • Create a New Content Master Slide
  • Process of applying a Different Master Slide Layout to a simple Slide
  • Import Content from PowerPoint
Add Content
  • Create and Format a Text Box
  • Work with a List
  • Add an Image to a Slide
  • Add a Shape to a Slide
  • Customize a Shape
  • Insert a Character
  • Insert a Caption
  • Add Content from the Content Library
  • Add Buttons to Slides
  • Change Button States
  • Create Layers
  • Insert a Text Entry Field
Triggers and Hotspots
  • Delete Default Triggers
  • Add a Trigger to a Button
  • Hide Player Buttons
  • Add Triggers to Layers
  • Add a Hide Layer Trigger
  • Add a Slide Trigger
  • Add a Conditional Trigger
  • Edit a Trigger
  • Add a Hotspot and Lightbox Trigger
  • Manage a Variable
  • Reference a Variable
  • Create a Variable
  • Manipulate a Variable with a Trigger
  • Create a True/False Variable
  • Change a True/False Variable by creating a Trigger
  • Add a Condition to an Existing Trigger
  • Play Audio with a Conditional Trigger
  • Add a Condition to a Button
Audio, Animation, and Video
  • Add Voiceover Audio to a Slide
  • Change Slide Audio
  • Edit Slide Audio
  • Add Silence
  • Record Voiceover Audio
  • Control Object Timing
  • Animate an Object
  • Control Animation Options
  • Insert Video
  • Delay Object Start Times
  • Trim Video
  • Animate a Video
  • Add a Slide Transition
  • Insert a Multiple Choice Slide
  • Insert a Matching Drag-and-Drop Slide
  • Quiz Slide insertion through Freeform Drag and Drop
  • Insert a Quiz Result Slide
Recording and Publishing
  • Rehearse a Script
  • Record a Video
  • Edit Player Properties
  • Reorder Slides and Edit Triggers
  • Publish Course Content

Articulate Storyline Training FAQ’s:

1.What are the qualifications of the trainers?

We have appointed qualified trainers for Articulate Storyline training having long years of experience.

2.Do I have to search for Articulate Storyline courses in my area?

There is no need, as these courses are online. You must take the theory and practical classes online.

3.Can I get online training for Articulate Storyline?

Yes. We will provide you with online training on Articulate Storyline.

4.Is the training available on the latest version?

Yes. We will provide you with training on the latest version. We will also update the course as new versions come out.

5.Will I be prepared for the interview?

Yes! We will provide you with Articulate Storyline interview questions and organize mock interviews for you to practice.

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