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Ansible Training

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Ansible Training

Ansible Online Training

Ansible is a configuration and automation management technology that can be used in deploying, managing, and provisioning computing infrastructure across virtual, physical, and cloud environments. During the ansible training, freshers or graduates will learn the basic concept of Ansible. The ansible certification online is beneficial for you in improving business outcomes and increasing team productivity. The ansible course online helps in starting with the installation of Ansible 2.0 which slowly guides you to manage a whole cloud region, configure network devices, and create your own playbooks across Windows or Linux operating systems.

Course Overview

Ansible is open source configuration management software that allows you to automatically deploy and manage network devices on Linux and Windows operating systems. In this Ansible training, you will learn how to use Ansible effectively and professionally. The course covers the full range of Ansible modules. This course is designed to meet the requirements of the Red Hat Ansible certification exam. Ansible Automation certification will help you gain the trust of the companies that hire you. Our live instructor-led classes are engaging, and our expert trainers follow an interactive learning process to make the training effective. This Ansible certification training is for you if you want to make it big in the automation industry.

Ansible Certification Key Features

  • Installation and Configuration of Ansible
  • Core concepts of Ansible Architecture
  • Get Ansible certification
  • Provide you Ansible interview questions
  • Guidance in building Ansible resume
  • Mock tests, Mock interviews
  • 24* seven support
  • Flexible timings
  • One on One sessions

Who should learn Ansible Course?

This course is designed for both beginners and experienced professionals. It is also suitable for network engineers, software developers, and system administrators. Also, professionals need Ansible certification for their career advancement.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction of Ansible
  • Ansible Basics
  • Ansible vs. Other Tools
  • Reason for development of Ansible
  • Comparison with Saltstack and others
  • Benefits and limitations of using Ansible
  • Introduction of YAML
  • YAML Examples
The Essentials of Installation, Configuration, and Deployment
  • What we can do with Ansible
  • Our goals before, and our goals now
How to Set Up
  • Configuration of Ansible
  • How to run Inventory?
Working with Playbooks:
  • What are Ansible Playbooks?
  • Configuring Your 'Ansible' Account
  • What is Ansible Command Line
  • How to use Ansible System Facts
  • System Facts: Common Values for Playbooks
  • How to create First ansible Playbook
Quick Examples of Ansible
  • Deploying, configuration of Apache server
  • Managing changes in the configuration
Outlining Your Playbook
  • Create a Playbook from Our Outline
  • Optimizing Your Playbook
  • Taking Our Playbook for a Dry Run
  • Asychronous Polling
  • Simple Variable Substitution
  • How to use Lookups plugin
  • What is Run_Once and how does it work?
  • How does Local_Action work?
  • How to Include tasks in Ansible
  • How to create Ansible Filters and usage of them
  • What is Loop?
  • How to set up Accelerated Mode
  • What is Asynchronous Polling?
  • What is Ansible Dry Run?
  • What is Local Actions , Delegation, and Rolling Updates in Ansible
  • What is Ansible Prompt?
  • What are Tags in Ansible
  • How to use Ansible Vault feature?
  • Running playbooks interactively
  • How to use Ansible Until
  • What is Notify in Ansible?
  • What are Tags in Ansible?
  • What is Error Handling in Playbooks
  • Include Statements - Breaking Your Playbook Into Discrete Plays
  • Start and Step statements in Ansible
  • How to Pass Variables Into Playbooks
  • Using Jinja2 Templates
  • What is Delegate_To Ansible
Dealing with Modules
  • Installing Modules
  • Overview of commonly used modules
  • Ansible Documentation: Modules
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Test Environment Setup
  • Download and Installation
  • Ansible Configuration File
  • Ansible Python Dependencies
  • What is Ansible Tower and its working?
  • What is Ansible Galaxy?
  • What are the Testing module?
  • What is YAML Syntax?
The HOSTS File
  • Overriding the Default HOSTS File
  • Overriding the Default System Ansible.Cfg File
  • Overriding the Default Roles Path
Ansible Roles
  • The Directory Structure
  • Role Based Tasks
  • Task Order - Pre and Post Tasks
  • Conditional Execution
  • Variable Substitution
  • What is Handlers and how to use them
  • Using Notification
  • Configuring Alternate Roles Paths
  • Conditional Include Statements
  • Waiting For Events
  • Executing a Task Until
  • Using Tags
  • Breaking a Playbook Into a Role
  • Passing Variables from Command Line
  • Using Jinja2
Variables: Inclusion Types
  • Target Section
  • Variable Section
  • Task Section
  • Handler Section

Ansible Training FAQ’s:

1.What is Ansible?

Ansible is an open-source configuration management automation tool. It is used to manage and deploy applications.

2.What is Ansible Docker?

Docker is an application that manages the application process in containers.

3.How do I get Ansible certification?

Ansible certification is provided by Red hat. Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation is the name of the certificate. The code for the certificate is Ansible 407 It is a proctored exam. Our course is designed in line with certification and clearing it. We provide you with all kinds of assistance.

4.What are the prerequisites to learn Ansible?

Individual with basic knowledge of Linux administrator skills.

5.What if I miss the class?

We would reschedule or provide you with a recording of the missed session, along with Ansible training material for self-study.

6.Can I attend the demo?

Yes, you can attend the demo and clarify your concerns with the team.

7.Do you provide job placement services?

Yes, we provide job placement services.

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