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Why Pega Certification?

Why Pega Certification?

Pegasystems BPM has been the leader in Gartner Quadrants and Forrester Waves for several years. The Pegasystems BPM product provides an essential software framework from which you can build intelligent, business process-aware applications. Among all the BPM tools in the market, Pega BPM is the leading and No-1 tool according to market standards far beyond its competitors, paving the way for Pega's popularity and many students and professionals opting for Pega certification and Pega online courses. In this article, we will walk through the following topics.

  • What is Pega?
  • Advantages of Pega
  • Key Features of Pega
  • Careers
  • Conclusion

What is Pega?

Pega BPM is a Java-based business process management tool that is used to build enterprise applications. Pega enables in creating and managing web-based applications with less effort. All the components involved in a web-based application are inbuilt in Pega, like integrating Oracle Databases and other external systems. Pega even has the best software Configuration Management system built in it. It has been proved that application development in Pega takes only one-third of an effort compared to Java.

Key Features and Advantages of Pega Programming

There are several distinct advantages that this BPM product offers:

Business-friendly Suite

Unlike traditional BPM tools, process modeling does not require significantly more complex technical syntax and involves little hard-coded programming. A well-trained business user can create a business application from the Pegasystems BPM framework if needed.

Case lifecycle management

The BPM package includes "case lifecycle management" that allows any business user to capture and process all their activities, including document processing, approval, decision making, etc. All these tasks are integrated into the process flow to automate them as much as possible.

Deploy once and Deploy anywhere

Another exciting feature of the Pega BPM solution is the user interface, which can be designed once and deployed anywhere. You will appreciate it when you realize how much work it saves you. For example, I could create an intuitive interface for a desktop computer, but the Pega programming can replicate it on other channels, such as tablets and cell phones. You can also aggregate business data and use Big Data to improve decision-making for any process flow.

Create dynamic commercial portals and user interfaces.

Pega makes interface creation fast and efficient through its standards-based web development model. Standards-based development is nothing new to Pega, but Pega 7 offers several enhancements, particularly in the user interface.

In Pega 7, authoring is more efficient thanks to HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility. The result is more responsive websites that provide a better user experience.

When developers create user interfaces, they specify the appearance of the forms and the formatting of Pega's fields to create the HTML to display the interface. The interface that Pega creates separates the form content (HTML) from the layout and style (CSS), allowing the interface to adapt to different screen sizes and mobile devices. This flexible user interface approach means that the user interface only needs to be designed once. The system will automatically appear and function on either a desktop or mobile device.

Pega's Next Best Action feature can also consider the user's device to determine the following best action for the user.

Pega separates content and design from the screen and defines the style and branding elements of the app on the skin. Developers have the freedom to define the content on the screen and control the content on the screen.

Prediction analysis

Pega 7 has developed a predictive analytics feature that leverages Big Data to provide configurable, user-friendly decision management. Pega 7 provides easy access to the available data and the ability to create advanced rules that processes and events can trigger.

One of the most crucial predictive analytics applications is to proactively understand and predict the needs of today's socially connected consumers across all channels and service areas. Pega Predictive Analytics (Nofollow) achieves this through the use of intelligent cross-selling capabilities. The rules-based dashboard dynamically creates relevant and contextual offers for customers based on age, marital status and gender.

It easily implemented by defining parameters, modeling the decision strategy, assigning weights to the parameters, and creating an output used to determine which products to offer and display. Unlike other solutions, predictive analytics functions can be easily customized and maintained by the business user.

Performance of mobile devices

Creating a mobile-friendly app was easy thanks to Pega's "Design once, use anywhere" approach. Once a developer creates an interface, they can use it on any device because Pega renders interfaces dynamically with the help of its "Pega Mobile Ruleset."

The insurance company's case management portal is an example of this concept. On a desktop computer, the case management portal displays information about cases and customers in the middle of the screen. On the left, details such as "Recent Items," "Dashboard," and "Favorites" are displayed, while on the right, Pega Pulse social collaboration tools and other features are displayed.

When you open the app from your tablet, the screen resizes dynamically to display only the most crucial information and minimize the less important. When the screen is opened from a mobile device, it shrinks to show only the information relevant to the case and certain essential features. In addition, the user can use the geo location function to search for routes. The result is a seamless mobile experience that resembles a native mobile app. Pega dynamically renders the screen and reacts to the environment.


Pega's revenue grew up by 25%, which increased its market cap to USD 11.3b. With many industries and companies adopting Pega, the demand for the Pega developer has been increasing significantly. 

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Pega is an excellent tool in today's software ecosystem. The RPA version of Pega opens the door to new technologies for automation processes. Based on software robots or artificial intelligence, it is ideal for today's businesses.

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