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What Are ETL Testing Tools?

What Are ETL Testing Tools?

ETL & Testing Tools.

Today, almost all IT companies rely heavily on data streams because there is so much information, and you can get everything you need. This is where the concept of ETL and ETL testing comes in. ETL can be expanded as Extract, Transform and Load. Currently, ETL testing uses SQL scripts or spreadsheets, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

ETL testing tools

There are a number of ETL & Testing Tools that companies use to their advantage. These tools are elaborated here


Right Data is a tool for data integration. It is designed for helping the business and technology teams for the automation of different processes.. RightData's intuitive interface allows users to test and compare data from different data sets, regardless of differences in data model or data source type. It is designed to work efficiently with highly complex data platforms and large data sets.


  • A powerful universal query engine that allows users to query any data source (database systems, SAP, repositories, Bigdata, dashboards, reports, API Rest, etc.), explore metadata, analyze data, discover data with data profiling, prepare data with transformation and cleaning, and capture data for data collation, business rule checking, and transformation.
  • right data allows users to compare data across fields regardless of differences in data models and structures between source and target.
  • It comes with preset validation rules and a rule builder for custom transactions.


RTTS has developed the QuerySurge ETL tool. It is specifically designed to automate testing of data warehouses and big data. It ensures that data extracted from sources remains intact even in target graphs.


  • Improved data quality and management
  • Improves data quality and data quality
  • Helps automate manual testing


Xplenty is a data integration platform for ETL and ELT. This cloud-based platform simplifies data processing. The tool has the ability of providing graphical user interface which can be used for ELT, ETL, or replication solutions.. With the Xplenty platform you can perform turnkey data transformations.


  • Xplenty Workflow helps you organize and schedule data flows.
  • You can implement complex data preprocessing operations using a rich expression language.
  • There are features for scheduling jobs, monitoring job progress, sample status and results, and ensuring accuracy and correctness.


BiG EVAL is a comprehensive software toolkit designed to harness the value of enterprise data and enhance the automation of data-driven projects. The metadata-based validation engine allows you to automatically create and execute thousands of test cases.


  • Automate metadata-based testing from a data schema or metadata repository
  • High performance scripting, validation mechanisms and in-memory rules
  • Abstraction for any type of data (RDBMS, APIs, flat files, cloud and enterprise applications)

Informatica Data Validation

Data validation in Informatica is one of the most powerful ETL & Testing Tools. It integrates repositories and integration services with Power-Center. It allows developers and business analysts to develop guidelines for validating mapped information.


  • Informatica Data Validation is a tool that provides data validation and integrity solution
  • It identifies and prevents information problems and improves business performance.
  • Informatica Data Validation also includes query design and extracts for reuse.


iCEDQ enables the Left-Shift approach, which is central to DataOps.. iCEDQ's rules-based approach allows users to automate ETL testing, cloud data migration testing, big data testing, and product data monitoring.


  • Memory engine that can evaluate billions of records at scale
  • Allows users to perform transformation testing, duplicate data testing, shape testing, type II dimensional testing, and more
  • Advanced scripts for data initialization, cleaning, running APIs, shell scripts or any external processes


QualiDi enables customers to achieve higher ROI, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market. This ETL tool automates all aspects of the test lifecycle.


  • Detection of bad and non-compliant data
  • Data integration testing
  • Multi-platform testing

Data Gaps ETL Validator

Data Gaps ETL Validator is an ETL testing tool for data warehousing. It simplifies the testing of data integration, data migration and data warehousing projects. It has a built-in ETL engine that can compare millions of documents.


  • Sets automatic data validation rules for each column of the input file
  • Assists in building and planning a test plan
  • Provides users with a scheduling option
  • Supports test integration and data quality testing


DataQ provides several tools to quickly identify data problems. The platform is very intuitive and is designed for both developers and testers. It's built from the ground up for large volumes of data, so whether you have hundreds of records or billions, we have a solution for you.


  • Automation of ETL testing and monitoring
  • Data transition testing with automatic key discovery
  • Data quality monitoring - freshness, distribution, volume, shape, completeness, accuracy

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