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What is the use of CCNA certification?

What is the use of CCNA certification?

Today, Cisco certifications are parameters and references for selecting new employees in IT companies around the world, regardless of company size. These certifications are useful for both employees and employers (companies). Many candidates have experienced tremendous career growth after obtaining Cisco's CCNA certification. This certification is the gateway to Cisco's comprehensive training modules and certification programs, such as CCNA and CCNP. Employees in many IT companies who do not have a CCNA certification say they feel the need to obtain one to catch up.

Types of CCNA certifications

There are three types of CCNA certifications.

CCNA Security

CCNA Security includes troubleshooting and monitoring network devices to ensure data and network availability, integrity, and confidentiality CCNA Security is designed to prepare individuals to become information security administrators, network security specialists, and network support engineers. CCNA Security is designed to prepare you to become a security administrator, network security specialist, or network support engineer.

CCNA Voice

CCNA Voice course will let the candidates know about VoIP, IP PBX, IP telephony, voicemail, and many other technologies. CCNA Voice technicians can act as Voice Managers, Voice Administrators, Voice CCNA Voice technicians can act in roles such as Voice Manager, Voice Administrator, and Voice Engineer.

CCNA Wireless

CCNA Wireless uses Cisco equipment to configure, deploy and support wireless local area networks. CCNA Wireless technicians can also work as WLAN project managers and wireless network support specialists.


Whether you're looking for a new job or want to move up the ranks in your current company, Cisco can help with additional training. Cisco training and certifications are the most reliable way to prove your computer skills. If you've landed a new job, you can earn extra points by earning a CCNA certification. Most interviews are assessed against the minimum requirements on your CV. Earning a Cisco certification will certainly give you a competitive edge.

Benefits of CCNA certification

CCNA certification has many benefits, here are a few examples.

Improved learning curve

CCNA certification will enhance your knowledge and give you a solid method to understand the key concepts of Cisco networking. You have years of experience in networking, but you need to improve your skills to stay ahead of the competition.

Networking skills

With CCNA certification, you'll increase your knowledge of Cisco networking and learn the basic concepts of networking. It will help create many job opportunities in the networking field. Companies are more likely to hire recent graduates with CCNA certification than average IT professionals without certification.

Prove that you are a qualified applicant

A recent study conducted by Cisco in conjunction with Forrester Consultants found that training and certification programs play an important role in recruiting and hiring for network-focused positions. The study also found that professional certifications are second only to a four-year college degree as a prerequisite for employment. With 49 percent of respondents reporting that they have a certificate and 51 percent reporting that they have a degree, CCNA qualifications are one of the most crucial factors for recruiters when looking for the best talent.

Career development

If you are an experienced candidate, the CCNA certification will increase your opportunities for promotion. Whether you are looking to change careers or are just starting out, the networking industry offers a wide range of career development opportunities. Technology is evolving rapidly, so public authorities and other companies are looking for qualified network engineers to manage their network operations.


Once you've earned your CCNA certification, you'll have great credentials and recognition to add to your CV when applying for job opportunities in Cisco's networking industry. The certification is valid for three years, which means you can use your CCNA certification for many years to come.

Benefits for employers

Most employers want to hire certified professionals because they can work effectively in the highly competitive field of information technology. The CCNA certificate is real proof that you have the skills and knowledge to become a network technician.

Using social platforms for learning

The Cisco Learning Network is the first learning network to use social networks as a learning platform, which has been the subject of extensive research. It is a Web 2.0 community with wikis, blogs, collaboration, file sharing, and more. The network offers a wide range of services for anyone looking for training and certification, simulation workshops, guides, company internships, job postings, job placement, and orientation, mentoring, and much more. The Cisco Learning Network is designed for people of all skills and experience levels who want to work in the network.

Better pay and benefits

If you're looking for a senior role and are planning to take an assessment soon, this could be your chance to find the right job. Timing is also important for CCNA certification. If you choose it now, you'll get a better position, great pay, and other benefits. The CCNA is a great achievement for your CV. Employers should not forget these important facts. Get certified and prepare yourself for better career opportunities in the industry.

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