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How hard is the AWS Developer Associate certification?

How hard is the AWS Developer Associate certification?

AWS Developer Associate Certification

The hottest trend in IT is cloud computing. Organizations large and small are all moving their applications, infrastructure, and legacy systems to the cloud. This is the reason that the demand for AWS professionals is increasing. Amazon Web Services represent the lion's share of the current cloud computing market. As a result, there is a lot of information being searched on the internet every day about the benefits of AWS certification.

The demand for AWS professionals is high today. So it is natural for aspiring cloud professionals to look for reasons to get Amazon AWS certification. The benefits of AWS certification can help aspiring cloud professionals see the hidden career opportunities in AWS. If you're new to cloud computing, the AWS Cloud Specialist certification is a good starting point. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is an entry-level exam for professionals who are new to the field. If you want to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam, you can apply for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam or AWS Developer Associate Certification and prepare for the certification.

Benefits of AWS Certification

AWS certification has many benefits, here we present some of them.

Preparing for the future

The first advantage of AWS certification is related to the growing popularity of cloud technologies. A recent study shows that by 2020, nearly 83% of business workloads will move to the cloud. As you know, AWS is the market leader in cloud service providers.

That's why the benefits of AWS certification can help you prepare for future trends in the job market for IT professionals. With a market share of nearly 31%, AWS is steadily increasing its revenue. Most companies will soon need AWS-certified professionals. That's why an AWS certification course can showcase your skills to potential employers and increase your attractiveness as a job candidate.

AWS certification is affordable and achievable

There are many different providers that offer cloud computing certifications, but Amazon is the only one that offers a lower certification fee. Although getting an AWS certification is not that easy, you should have the basic knowledge required to obtain it. For example, the problem with other certifications recognized by various experts is that many candidates leave their current job and pay expensive tuition fees to get certified, but that's not a problem with Amazon's AWS Developer and AWS Solutions Architect certifications - you can take the exam while continuing your current job, with the advantage of being promoted to the desired position at your current company.

New opportunities to develop your expertise

Another item on the list of benefits of AWS certification is developing expertise. As mentioned above, AWS certification requires a lot of learning, practice, and commitment to learning AWS technologies. Additionally, the recertification aspect means that candidates must keep up with the latest trends in AWS. Therefore, to get certified, you need to demonstrate your knowledge and work hard to maintain your certification.

Demonstrate your level of commitment

You can also use AWS certification to demonstrate your level of commitment. AWS certification candidates often spend a lot of time and effort to pass the exam. However, by earning the AWS certification, candidates demonstrate their commitment to the AWS platform. In this way, AWS certification demonstrates a specialist's commitment to the AWS platform.

The path to AWS certification is not an easy one. Therefore, a person who wants to get AWS certification has to work very hard. Therefore, getting certified requires a lot of patience from the certified person. Thus, getting AWS certification shows the determination and perseverance of a person.

AWS is the god of cloud computing

According to a Gartner report, AWS is growing 10 times faster than its 14 competitors combined, and its competitors are not small players; they include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace, and Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace, and Joyent (read "AWS vs. Google Cloud"). Have you noticed an increase in capacity as they compete in the software business? Yes, AWS is growing rapidly and all the major organizations are running on AWS. It's no secret that the software industry is very competitive. So it's worth taking advantage of this opportunity to become an AWS certified developer as soon as possible.

The few challenges of becoming AWS certified

The advantages of AWS certification are also evident in its simplicity compared to other certifications; having emerged in 2013, AWS certification has come a long way in making it more convenient for potential candidates. Today, you can find many resources to help you get the certification you want. Supporting documentation, technical documents, and instructor-led training make it easier for candidates to obtain an AWS certification.

Other types of training, such as digital and virtual training, allow candidates to experience key AWS features firsthand. Candidates can easily access a series of questions and practice tests to prepare for the AWS certification exams. Therefore, the flexibility of AWS certification is a benefit that many candidates seek.

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