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aws big data certification

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aws big data certification

AWS Big Data Certification

The AWS Big Data training has been tailored by our leading industry-certified experts to give our learners functional knowledge of the workings of Big Data with AWS. AWS Big data tools and technologies provide opportunities and challenges to effectively analyze data to better understand customer preferences, compete in the marketplace, and grow your business. AWS big data services make it fast and easy to build complex big data applications and AWS for big data offers a wide range of managed services that allow you to quickly, easily, securely, and effortlessly scale complex big data applications Whether your application requires data streaming or real-time packet processing. This course is in alignment with the AWS big data certification and helps you clear the certification effortlessly. The AWS certified big data professionals are in huge demand as the big data jobs have jumped by 80%, therefore, realizing your dream of landing high-paying jobs.

Course Overview

AWS provides the infrastructure and tools for your next big data project. AWS Big data analytics solutions are specifically designed to control the growing amount of data and provide insight into your businesses. Our big data experts are always eager to solve your queries and enhance your understanding of AWS Big Data processing.

In this AWS Big data training program, you will learn about data analysis, data visualization, Amazon machine language (AML), Amazon DynamoDB, kinesis, and many more key concepts. Our AWS big data tutorial covers all the aspects from basic level to advance level. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with all the skill sets required to handle real-time issues and make you a pro in AWS big data.

AWS Big Data Certification Key Features

  • Fundamentals of AWS Big Data
  • Understanding AWS Big Data architecture
  • Core concepts of AWS Big Data processing
  • Provide you with important AWS Big Data interview questions
  • Building a good AWS Big Data resume
  • Schedule your timings according to your convenience
  • One on One sessions

Overview of Big Data with AWS

This course benefits solutions architects, SysOps administrators, data scientists, and data analysts who either want to upskill or shift to the AWS Big Data domain. Freshers who want to pursue a career in the Big Data domain can also opt. And professionals seeking AWS Big Data certification to advance their career.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

The basics of AWS services
  • IAM basics
  • Using AWS Web Console
  • Understanding AWS CLI Configuration
Big Data Ecosystem in AWS
  • Using Data Collection Systems
  • Availability and durability of data collection optimises the usability characteristics of the data storage solution.
  • Data access and data discovery models
  • Appropriate data storage structure and format
S3 and data lake
  • Amazon S3 template for frequent data access
  • Amazon S3 template for infrequent data access
  • Which classes can store large amounts of data?
  • S3 data stored geographically
  • Copying S3 between regions
  • What is S3 lifecycle rules?
  • What is S3 pricing?
  • Security in S3
  • Hosting static sites on Amazon S3
  • Access Control S3
  • IAM roles for S3 access
  • Highway Policy Implementation
  • S3 Data Management
  • S3 Analysis
AWS databases: RDS and DynamoDB
  • AWS database services
  • Launching an Aurora RDS instance
  • Connecting to Aurora RDS
  • Creating and restoring a backup
  • How to use RDS security?
  • High availability with Multi-AZ
  • How to Read copies?
  • Working with DynamoDB
  • DynamoDB features and use cases
Amazon Redshift
  • Understanding Redshift architecture
  • Understanding Redshift security
  • Uploading data
  • Using Query design
  • Using Table design
  • Best practices
  • Workload management
  • Update and snapshot
  • Redshift spectrum overview
ETL with AWS Glue
  • AWS Glue IAM Editions
  • Using DNS for your VPC
  • Data storage access environment
  • What is Endpoint Deployment Environment
  • Workflow overview in the AWS Glue console
  • Using Filling the AWS Glue directory
  • Validate jobs
  • How to Run and Track in AWS?
  • What is ETL Scheduling?
  • Using AWS Glue API
Data processing using EMR and Kinesis
  • AWS Big Data Ecosystem
  • EMR deployment
  • EMR architecture
  • How EMR works
  • Using Spark on EMR
  • Using Hadoop EMR
  • Using Kinesis flows
  • Using Kinesis Agent
  • Using Kinesis producers and users
Issues with Amazon Athena
  • AWS Athena Overview and Configuration
  • Understanding Data directories
  • Integration with AWS Glue
  • What is Athena Security?
  • Working with source data
  • Data search in Amazon Athena
  • Geographic information search
  • Athena Security
  • Managing plan updates
  • Searching AWS service logs
  • Integration with Redshift
  • Best practices
All together
  • Understanding Data visualisation
  • Design and architecture of a data processing solution
  • Determining how to ensure data integrity
  • What is Data security and encryption?
  • What is Data transmission?
  • Exploring Used cases
  • Best practices in the big data industry

aws big data certification FAQ’s:

1.What is big data?

Big data is combination of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data collected from various sources by the organizations that can be mined for information and use in predictive modeling, machine learning projects, and other advanced analytics application.

2.How do I get AWS Big Data analytics certification?

The Amazon Work Spaces provides AWS certified data analytics certification for big data. Once you decide on the type of certification we can customize your training accordingly. It is proctored exam taken at testing center.

3.What is cost of AWS Big Data certification?

AWS Big data specialist exam cost is 300 USD.

4.What is format of the exam?

The format of the exam is multiple choice, multiple answers.

5.What is duration of the exam?

AWS Big Data exam duration is 170 mins.

6.What if I miss the class?

We would provide you with recording of the session, and also eLearning material for self-study.

7.Do you provide job assistance?

Yes, we do provide job assistance, and also prepare you for the interview.

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