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Siebel Analytics Training

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Siebel Analytics Training

Siebel Certification Training

Siebel Analytics Training focuses on measuring and evaluating business performance at the customer site. Siebel is a unique tool for effective data analysis and business intelligence. Its Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) applications, also known as Siebel Systems, are designed to automate these aspects of business and enable companies to conduct and coordinate related activities online and through other channels such as retail networks or call centres. The Siebel Analytics online training is strongly focused on the value of the application, and it isn't easy to understand Siebel data. Siebel Analytics allows the organization to measure and evaluate business performance on a customer-by-customer basis. This Siebel certification training will give you a competitive edge in the demanding and high paying Siebel Analytics jobs.

Course Overview

QTS delivers industry-leading Siebel Analytics certification training to certification teams. Our course covers all important concepts such as understanding Siebel Analytics, user interfaces, deployment methods, security analysis, data modeling, cache management, data warehouse concepts, tools, etc. Throughout the course, you will receive comprehensive support and expert help in real-time. Siebel Analytics is part of Siebel Management Analytics. It allows dashboard reports to analyze past, present, and future performance and make decisions on actions to achieve business objectives. Our Siebel Analytics tutorial covers all the aspects from basic level to advance level. By the end of the course, you will be proficient in the Siebel Analytics tool and efficient enough to handle real-time issues.

Siebel Certification Key features

  • Installation and Configuration Siebel Analytics
  • Understanding Siebel Architecture
  • Provide you with important Siebel Analytics Interview Questions
  • Guidance in building Siebel Analytics resumes
  • Provide Siebel Analytics training material for self-study
  • Mock tests and Mock interviews
  • Schedule your timings according to your convenience
  • One on One sessions

Siebel Certification Key features

This course is a Business system analyst, developers, project managers, and data analysts who want to enhance their existing skills or shift to the Siebel domain. Freshers who want to pursue a career in Siebel Analytics can also opt for this course.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

  • Introducing Siebel Applications
  • Implementing Siebel Applications
  • Using the Siebel Client
  • Working with Data in the User Interface
Architecture and Installation
  • Exploring the Siebel Architecture
  • How Clients Access Seibel Data
  • Installing Siebel software
  • Introducing Server Administration
  • Server configuration and Management
  • Securing Siebel Implementations
  • Controlling Access to views
  • Controlling Access to Customer Data
  • How to create the Company Structure?
  • How to control Access to Master Data?
  • Process of Authenticating Users
Exploring Siebel Applications
  • Understanding object Definitions behind a Siebel Applications
  • Understanding Siebel Tools to Examine Object Definitions
  • Understanding the concept of Siebel Data Model
  • Understanding different types of Business Components
  • Understanding Party Business Components
  • Understanding Business Objects
  • The Configuration Process
  • How to manage Object Definitions?
  • Editing and Compiling Object Definitions
  • Understanding the Physical User Interface
  • Process of Configuring Applets
  • Configuring Applications, Screens and Views
  • Process of Configuring Drilldowns
  • Configuring Business Components and Fields
  • Creating business Components and Fields
  • Configuring Pick Lists
  • Configuring Multi-Value groups
  • Extending the Seibel Database
  • Exploring Integration Strategies
Enterprise Integration Manager
  • Exploring Integration Strategies
  • Introducing Enterpriser Integration Manager
  • How to perform Data Mapping?
  • Invoking Enterprise Integration Manager
  • Enterprise Integration Manager Consideration
Workflow manager
  • Understanding Siebel Event models
  • Using Siebel State Model
  • Introducing Siebel Workflow
  • Deploying Workflow Processes
  • Invoking Workflow Processes
  • Understanding Interactive and Long-Running Flows
  • What is Assignments manager?
  • Introducing Assignment Manager
  • Creating Sales Assignment Rules
  • Assignment Manager Configuration
  • Deploying Assignment Manager
  • Performance Considerations
  • How to migrate from Development stage to Testing stage?
  • How to use Siebel Remote to Support Mobile clients?
  • Administering Siebel Remote
Actuate Reports
  • Introduction about reports Architecture of report server
  • Simple reports
  • Master-child reports
  • Parameterized reports
  • How to develop Browser script?
  • How to develop Server script?
  • What is Applet level?
  • What is BC level?
  • Application and Business services level
eRoadmap methodology
  • Definition stage
  • Discovery stage
  • Design stage
  • Configure stage
  • Implement
  • Deploy stage
Introduction to Siebel EAI
  • Introduction to Siebel EAI
Introduction to Siebel Testing
  • Introduction to Siebel Testing
Career Guidance
  • Career Guidance

Siebel Analytics Training FAQ’s:

1.What is Siebel Analytics?

It is a business intelligence platform built on service-oriented architecture. And usually runs alongside Siebel CRM. But it is also capable of running standalone.

2.How do I get Siebel Certification?

Oracle University provides the Siebel Certification. Once you decide on the level of certification, we can customize your training program accordingly. It is a proctored exam conducted online and at testing centres.

3.How much does the Siebel certification cost?

The Siebel certification cost is $195.

4.Can I attend the demo class?

Yes, you can attend the demo class and decide on continuation with our facility.

5.What If I miss the class?

We would provide you with a recording of the session and also training material for self-study.

6.Do you provide job assistance services?

Yes, we do provide job assistance services if you are based in the US.

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