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scala spark certification

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scala spark certification

Scala Spark training

This course is designed and conceived by industry experts to give you a cutting edge in Big data analysis with Scala and Spark training program. This program allows individuals to learn and master Spark with Scala one of the leading big data technology.

Course Overview

 Big data analysis with Scala and Spark is used for performing high-speed processing of financial data. Scala with Spark is one of the most popular big data analytics modules used by companies to analyze and perform large datasets processing. Spark is open source big data processing framework. Scala is an object-oriented programming language which is written for Spark 

Key features  

  • Learn how to perform operations using Scala with Spark.
  • Get familiarized with various concepts of big data analysis techniques.
  • Introduction to Apache Spark and how to perform data analysis. 
  • Learn Scala programming and its implementation.
  • Practice big data analysis with Scala and Spark assignments.
  •  Introduction to various big data courses.  
  •  Get Big data certification for Spark and Scala course.

Who Should Take Online Scala Spark Training?

  The course is suitable for individuals with programming knowledge and individuals who want to upgrade their skills in big data. This course is also ideal for beginners looking for their career in big data analytics.


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Course curriculum / Syllabus

About Scala
  • Introduction to Scala
  • Mutable and Immutable Collections
  • Functions and Higher order functions
  • Class, case class and Objects
  • Concept of Collections
  • Describe Functional Programming
About Spark
  • Introduction to Spark
  • Explore Spark Architecture
  • What are RDDs in spark?
  • Data Frames – Spark SQL
  • Define Data Sets
  • Different File Formats in spark
  • How to use Spark on Yarn
  • Spark Streaming including Kafka Integration
  • Structure Streaming including Kafka Integration
NoSQL Database
  • Introduction to Mongo DB
  • Introduction to Cassandra
  • Spark integration with MongoDB and Cassandra

scala spark certification FAQ’s:

1.What are Spark and Scala

Spark is open source big data processing engine. Where large datasets are analyzed and processed. Scala is an object-oriented programming language written in spark.

2.Where can we take big data certification in Scala and Spark?

We provide online training and certification for both.

3.What is the use of Certification?

This certification would be a value add. It makes you industry-ready and confident. It gives you a priority while hiring.

4.What are the career benefits?

Apache Spark with scala programming is one of the most in-demand and growing big data technology. Many companies are adopting Apache spark hence it would be a boost for your career.

5.How to learn Scala for Spark?

Our experienced team at Folks IT would guide you Spark and Scala training program which helps you master Spark with Scala.

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