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PyTorch Online Training

PyTorch is a technology developed by Facebook. It is a deep learning library which has now become very popular. PyTorch Training is a course in which you will be able to perform coding exercises and you will also get a chance of implementation of AI. PyTorch online training will help the profession to test new ideas in the field of AI. You can become a programming specialist or a data scientist. Besides this, you will get many other PyTorch jobs.

Course Overview

PyTorch online course has been designed for those students who can learn the concepts at a fast pace. We will provide in-depth knowledge with the help of different PyTorch examples. We will also provide PyTorch tutorial in which you will learn different concepts like how to install PyTorch.

You will also learn the process of configuring PyTorch. First the instructors will tell you about what is PyTorch and then they will gradually move towards basic and then to advanced topics.

PyTorch Certification Key features

  • Learn the concept of PyTorch GitHub
  • Get a certificate after completing PyTorch certification
  • Know the details of the PyTorch data loader
  • Learn how to Install PyTorch
  • Understand the concept of PyTorch lightning
  • Use mock test sessions to know about the types of questions that you will face in the real exam
  • Demo classes will also be provided before starting the course

Who should take PyTorch Online Course?

People who will be benefitted from this course can be experienced professionals. Freshers can also join the course. The candidates should have basic knowledge of Python and they should also know about using NumPy, Matplotlib, along with other libraries.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

  • How to define Softmax Regression?
  • How to use Softmax in PyTorch Regression?
  • Training Softmax in PyTorch Regression
Neural Networks
  • Networks overview
  • Network Shape Depth vs Width
  • Concept of Back Propagation
  • Concept of Activation functions
Deep Networks
  • Understand the concept of Dropout
  • What is Initialization?
  • Batch normalization concepts
  • Other optimization methods
Computer Vision Networks
  • Understand the concept of Convolution
  • Define Max Polling
  • Know about Convolutional Networks
  • What are Pre-trained Networks?
Dimensionality reduction and autoencoders
  • Principle component analysis
  • Concept of Linear autoencoders
  • Concept of Autoencoders
  • Concept of Transfer learning
  • Concept of Deep Autoencoders
Independent Project
  • Independent Project

pytorch FAQ’s:

1.Will you teach the concept of deep learning?

Yes! Deep learning concepts will be included in the course.

2.Will we get any exercises regarding coding?

Yes! We will teach you the concept of coding and you will also be given practical exercises.

3.Which Python libraries will be included in the course?

The Python libraries that will be included in the course are

  • NumPy
  • PyTorch
  • Matplotlib

These are a few libraries. Besides these, other libraries will also be taught top you.

4.How will practical classes be arranged?

We will provide you the required software and access to server so that you can perform your practicals easily.

5.What can I do in the case of missed classes?

A video recording for each lecture will be available with us. We will provide you all those videos so that you can learn the concepts taught during missed classes.

6.Why QTSInfo?

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