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Django Training

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Django Training

Django Course

Django is a library which will help you to develop different types of applications using Python language. The course from QTSInfo will let you know how to implement Python code with the help of Django library. The library is open source and can be downloaded and used without paying any money. The training will be given by top industry experts and you can get good job opportunities by doingthe course. You can get jobs like Python developer, web developer, and many more.

Course Overview

Django is a popular course and you will learn the ways of using this library in Python language to develop different types of web applications. We will teach you all the basic and advanced concepts of the course and you can handle your job responsibilities easily. Our instructors have developed the course curriculum in such a way that it meets the industry standards. You will also get the facility of lab sessions.

Django Certification Key features

  • We will arrange demo sessions for you to give you the knowledge about the quality of education that we provide.
  • We will provide the facility of resume development
  • Mock test will contain the similar types of questions that come in the exam
  • The mock interview will contain similar questions which the interviewer will ask in the real interview
  • Django tutorial will be provided to you
  • Django interview questions with answers will be provided to you

Who should take Django Online Training?

The people who can take up this course are listed here.

  • Web Developers
  • UI Developers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • QA Architects
  • Project Managers
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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Basics of Python-
  • Basics of Python
  • Working with packages
  • OOPS in Python
  • Basics of Github
Django Model Layer
  • What is MVC?
  • Introduction to Django
  • Working with Interactive Shell
  • Model Layer
  • Query Set – Execution of Queries, Queryset Method Reference
  • Migrations - Introduction to Migrations, Writing Migrations
View Layer
  • View Layer
  • Request / Response objects
  • Class Based Views
  • Understanding File Uploads
  • What is a Template Layer?
  • About Built in tags and filters
  • About Custom tags and filters
  • Working on Forms
  • Built in fields and widgets
  • Making Forms for models
  • Customizing validation
Generics, Code Organization
  • Django Generic package
  • Working with generic Views
  • Working with CRUD View
  • Using Mixins
Advanced Django Concepts
  • Authentication and Security
  • Authentication via 3rd party applications
  • Concept of Performance Optimization
  • Deploying your Application
  • Basics of VCS
  • Deploying a simple application
  • Managing Static Files
  • Miscellaneous
  • Working with Django Rest Framework
  • Tips and Tricks with Django

Django Training FAQ’s:

1.Are students offered support for placement assistance?

Yes! Students are offered support for placement assistance.

2.Will we be assigned projects?

Yes! You will work on simulated projects that will be completed by a supervisor.

3.Who participates in our courses?

We have appointed expert teachers who have extensive experience in this technology. They will help you learn all the concepts and help you complete your project.

4.How will the course affect my career?

Many companies have started using the Django library in Python. Since Python is easy to use and brings great profits to companies, the demand for certified Python experts has increased. If you take a course, you can also get a good job.

5.Will we get interview questions about Django?

Yes! We will give you interview questions about Django.

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