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ASP.Net MVC Framework

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ASP.Net MVC Framework

ASP.Net MVC Framework Training

ASP.Net MVC Framework course from QTSInfo will let you know about the MVC framework which you can use to develop web applications. Server side and client side form validation can be easily done with this framework. You can also use JQuery plugins to add more functionality to the applications. RESTful services can also be used to make the applications. The jobs that you can get include web developer, dot net developer, software developer, and many more.

Course Overview

ASP.Net MVC Framework Course will let you know about the MVC framework used in ASP.Net.  Mastering the ASP MVC framework will help you to boost your career as you will be able to make dynamic web applications. You will be taught the latest version and that is ASP.Net MVC 5. We will provide all the facilities so that you can do practicals along with theory classes. We will provide job placement and resume development facilities. Mock tests and mock interviews will also be conducted.

ASP.Net Certification Key features

  • Basic and advanced concepts of the MVC framework will be taught
  • Learn the process of developing dynamic applications
  • Boost your career with this course
  • Get the facility of demo classes
  • The support staff will always answer your questions
  • Mock tests will be conducted for your practice

Who should learn ASP.Net MVC Framework?

Freshers and experienced professionals can take up the course. There is no need to have any knowledge of ASP before joining the course.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

  • ASP.NET MVC-Introduction
First MVC Application
  • First MVC Application
Exploring Controllers
  • Controller Viewdata & Tempdata
  • Controller Action Methods
  • Controller Action Method Parameter
  • Controller Action Filters
  • Controller Action Custom Filters
Exploring Razor Views
  • View Razor Syntax
  • View Layouts
  • View Partialviews
  • View Tighly Coupled Model
Digging into HTMLHelper Methods
  • Html Helpers
  • Html Helper Model Binding
  • Html Helper Display and Editors Methods
  • Html Helper Viewdata Binding
  • Html Helper Custom Templates
  • Html Helper Reusing Helpers
Understanding Model Binders
  • Default Model Binder
  • Custom Model Binder
Validation and Annotations
  • Model Validation
  • Unobtrusive Client Validations
  • Metadata Validation
Using Entity Framework
  • MVC and EF Crud Operations
  • Use BO Class  to perform MVC and EF Crud Operation
  • Use Generic BO Class  to pergotmMVC and EF Crud Operations
Authentication and Authorization
  • Windows Authentication
  • Forms Authentication
  • Role Based Authentication
  • Anti Forgery Token
URL Routing
  • URL Routing
Working with Areas
  • Working with Areas
JQuery and Ajax
  • Ajax Helper Methods Controller
  • Jquery UI
  • Jquery Template
Bundling and Minification
  • Bundling and Minification
Mobile Compatibility
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Web API First Example
  • Performing Crud Using Web API

ASP.Net MVC Framework FAQ’s:

1.How does the training work?

The training is online and the trainer delivers the training in person. You will also receive video recordings of each lecture.

2.Will you provide job placement facility?

Yes, we will provide job placement facility.

3.What will I learn during the interviews?

You will learn what areas you need to prepare for during the mock interviews. These interviews will help you to better cope with the real interview.

4.Do I need previous experience to participate in the course?

No! Previous experience is not required.

5.What are the trainers' qualifications?

The trainers are well qualified and have a thorough knowledge of the subject. You can ask them any questions about the course.

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