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apache ambari training

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apache ambari training

Apache Ambari Training Online

Apache Ambari Training is a course from Qtsinfo which will let you know about Hadoop management. You will learn different concepts like Hadoop cluster provisioning, monitoring, managing, and many others. You can learn about Ambari architecture, workflow, features, benefits, etc. You will get different types of jobs like Hadoop administrator, Hadoop developer, and many more.

Course Overview

Apache Ambari Training will cover all the concepts related to Hadoop management. The expert trainers of our organization will provide theory and practical classes to make you learn these concepts. The instructors will teach through live training and you will also get videos for each lecture. The comprehensive course will be taught with the help of real-world examples. You will have to install some software applications to do the practicals. You will be given guidance to install the applications. Interview questions and tutorials will also be provided.

Apache Ambari Certification Key features

  • The course will be completed as per the course curriculum
  • Live online classes can be taken up anytime and from anywhere
  • Learn about Apache Ambari architecture
  • Apache Ambari projects will also be given to get in-depth knowledge
  • Mock test sessions will be held for practicing the way of giving the real exam.
  • Support will be available 24/7

Who should take Apache Ambari course Online?

People who can take up the course are listed below

  • Hadoop administrators
  • Database professionals
  • Database administrators
  • Database developers
  • Mainframe professionals
  • Hadoop testing professionals
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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction to Ambari
  • Features of Apache Ambari
  • Advantages of Apache Ambari
Ambari Installation & Architecture
  • Apache Ambari Architecture
  • Apache Ambari Installation
Ambari Server & Agent
  • About Ambari Server
  • What is Ambari Agent?
    • One per machine in cluster
    • Working with clusters
    • Managing clusters
    • Monitoring and administering the Hadoop cluster setup
Ambari Management
  • Process of managing Hadoop clusters through Ambari
  • Working with Ambari Install Wizard
  • Working with Ambari Web App
  • Supporting Hadoop stacks
  • Adding new components to current stack
  • Host control management
  • Monitor Hadoop Cluster through Pre-configured metrics and alerts
Ambari Advanced Concepts
  • Hadoop 2.0 and YARN configuration
  • Deploying headless installation and cluster takeover
  • How to work in physical and virtual environment?
  • What is Extreme scalability?
  • Single point of control for cluster operations
  • Automatically assigning roles to nodes
  • Ensuring best security
  • Performance and memory utilization at all times

apache ambari training FAQ’s:

1.Where can I take part in training?

You can access Apache Ambari training from anywhere. Click on the link to access the class.

2.What are the qualifications for instructors?

The instructor for this course has worked on many Apache Ambari related projects. He will teach you the Apache Ambari architecture and other concepts so that you can easily understand it.

3.Do you provide a certificate of completion?

Yes, we provide them. The organization will issue you a certificate when you have completed the Apache Ambari training.

4.What are the career benefits of completing the course?

Once you have completed the Apache Ambari course, you can work as a Hadoop administrator or Pig developer, for example.

5.Can I get an Apache Ambari project during the course?

Yes, you can get an Apache Ambari project during the course.

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