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Active MQ Online Training

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Active MQ Online Training

Active MQ Online Course

ActiveMQ online course from QTS provides developers and administrators with the skills and knowledge needed to develop and manage ActiveMQ in a production environment effectively. Apache ActiveMQ is a powerful messaging provider that supports multiple clients and multilingual protocols. In today's environments, ActiveMQ provides the ability to reliably transfer messages between different systems using multiple message brokers and message queues. This ActiveMQ training will our learners master all the critical techniques on how to deploy, scale, and optimize performance in ActiveMQ. This course is an effective way to clear ActiveMQ certification and land high-paying ActiveMQ jobs.

Course Overview

The Apache ActiveMQ course provides a solid introduction to ActiveMQ (AMQ) theory and reliable message broker messaging practices. Detailed hands-on exercises demonstrate how to install, configure, monitor, and control AMQ brokers. JMS features include publishing/subscriber-based messaging, queue-based messaging, persistence, and transaction-based messaging. Various AMQ implementation and topology options are also discussed. Our ActiveMQ tutorial covers all the aspects from beginners to advance levels. Expert trainers help you with real-world case scenarios for practice. Our live instructor-led classes are designed to give you the best virtual learning environment along with flexible timings. By the end of the course, you will become proficient in ActiveMQ principles and efficient enough to handle all the real-time issues in the organization.

Active MQ Certification Key Features

  • Installation and Configuration of ActiveMQ
  • Understanding architecture of ActiveMQ
  • Provide you with ActiveMQ interview questions
  • Guidance in building ActiveMQ resume
  • Mock tests, Mock Interviews
  • 24*7 online support
  • One on One sessions

Who should take Active MQ course?

This ActiveMQ course is designed for developers, engineers, and IT professionals who want to improve their practical knowledge and understanding of ActiveMQ, covering everything from the basics of messaging and JMS to installing, extending, and optimizing ActiveMQ. Freshers who want to pursue their career in ActiveMQ.

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Course curriculum / Syllabus

Introduction to Apache ActiveMQ
  • ActiveMQ features
  • Using ActiveMQ: why and when?
  • Loose coupling and ActiveMQ
  • When to use ActiveMQ
  • Getting started with ActiveMQ
  • Downloading and installing the Java SE
  • Downloading ActiveMQ
  • Examining the ActiveMQ directory
  • Starting up ActiveMQ
  • Running your first examples with ActiveMQ
  • Summary
  • Understanding message-oriented middleware and JMS
  • The ActiveMQ in Action examples
Configuring standard ActiveMQ components
  • Connecting to ActiveMQ
  • ActiveMQ message storage
  • Securing ActiveMQ
Using ActiveMQ to build messaging applications
  • Creating Java applications with ActiveMQfree
  • Integrating ActiveMQ with application servers
  • ActiveMQ messaging for other languages
Advanced features in ActiveMQ
  • Deploying ActiveMQ in the enterprise
  • ActiveMQ broker features in action
  • Advanced client options
  • Tuning ActiveMQ for performance
  • Administering and monitoring ActiveMQ

Active MQ Online Training FAQ’s:

1.What is ActiveMQ?

ActiveMQ is an open-source protocol developed by Apache that implements message-oriented middleware (MOM). Its main function is to transfer messages between different applications.

2.How do I get ActiveMQ certification?

We provide an ActiveMQ certificate upon completion of the course. Our certificate is accredited with many leading organizations and helps you gain credibility among the companies hiring.

3.What is the average salary for ActiveMQ developers?

The ActiveMQ developer's average salary is $88k/yr.

4.What are the different ActiveMQ job roles?

The different ActiveMQ job roles we can apply for are.

  • Application Developer
  • Senior software engineer
  • Program analyst
  • IT consultant

5.What if I miss the class?

We would reschedule or provide you with the recording of the session, along with eLearning material for self-study.

6.Can I attend the demo?

Yes, you can attend the demo and clarify your concerns with the team.

7.Do you provide job placement services?

Yes, we provide job placement services.

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